Best Baby Pack n Play 2017 (June) — Complete Buyers Guide

best baby pack n play

Purchasing the right supplies for a baby is a major process. There are hundreds of pack n plays available on the market varying in size, shape, color and amenities.

We have put together a list of popular products based on the best pack and play reviews to help sort through to find the best option for your family. They are listed from the lowest rated on our scale to the highest.

Do You Really Need a Baby Pack n Play?

You don’t really need a pack n play for your baby. This is mostly true if you already brought home some child fortress like a baby swing or bouncer.

However, the wide-ranging benefits of a baby pack and play seems to always entice many parents. Which is why they often buy one for their baby. A pack n play can effectively be used for many things.

Do you know you can use it as a bassinet, portable crib, diaper changing station, and as a freestyle play spot. It is not even that easy to get so much application in a single baby product.

Going on a night vacation? Then your child can stay in this item without wandering around at night. Want your baby to spend the weekend with your grandma? This product will contain your child and prevent him or her from reaching delicate items.

When Do You Need a Pack and Play for Your Baby?

Most baby products are clear about from when you can start to use a baby product and when you need to stop using it. Generally, you can use a pack n play for your newborn baby. But you have to stop when your little one is above three years of age or reaches 35 pounds.

You can also consider the product not safe anymore when your little one can climb out of it.

What Is the Baby Best Pack n Play?

We can’t tell you in ‘absolute terms’ that, “Hey, look this is the best pack and play for you. However, we can point you to the best pack and play for your newborn as determined by other users. However, your preferences and tastes as well as your child’s will always get in the way in a positive way.

For instance, if you intend to travel a lot with the playard, you will want to look for something lightweight and easy to fold. While some models don’t necessarily combine these two features, you will definitely find a lot that will easily press this down.

Since you have your criteria, your final decision can only be based off that. From the wide selections we have here, you can easily compare one model to the others.

You can easily rate each one according to how close they match your preferences. And you can come to a particular model as the best after determining that it has all you are looking for.

1. Graco Pack N Play Playard

best baby pack n playThe Graco Pack N Play Playard with full sized bassinet features a toy bar, sounds, and vibration.

The multiple storage containers are perfect for staying organized.

The push button fold and automatic folding feet design provide for ease of travel. The wheels help to easily move around the house.

The 25 pound weight limit is lower than most similar designs but the 15 pound bassinet weight limit is right in line with other bassinets.

We noted the changing pad slants slightly to one side especially with lighter babies.

We rated this Playard at the bottom of our list because of the lower weight limit and slanted changing pad.


2. Cosco Funsport Play Yard

best baby pack n playThe Cosco Funsport Play Yard features some of the best pack and play reviews we found in our search.

This Play Yard sports a no nonsense set up which can be completed in less than one minute making it perfect for the on the go mom.

The wheels on one side provide for easy mobility in moving from room to room around the house.

The sides are tall enough to protect against injury from falling over the side.

The 30 pound weight limit is not as restrictive as many other designs.

The only downfall we found is the very thin mattress included with the Play Yard.

An aftermarket mattress might be preferred if the baby is also using it to nap. Since this Play Yard does not offer any extras such as changing pad, bassinet, or storage, we rated it low on our list of choices.


3. Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center 

best baby pack n playThe Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center features sounds, vibrations, and a night light to keep baby entertained.

The 30 pound weight limit puts it right in line with similar products.

The manufacturer does recommend a minimum weight limit of 5 pounds for safety reasons. We found this product may be shorter than most designs.

The included instructions are somewhat confusing making assembly time consuming.

Batteries are required for the added entertainment features but are not included in the package. The mattress also seems to be very thin and may require extra padding for a sleeping baby.

We rated this nursery center in the lower middle of our list due to the shorter length and need for extra padding.


4. Safety 1st Sweet Wonder Playard

best baby pack n playThe Safety 1st Sweet Wonder Playard is a unisex Playard with manufacturer specific setup indicators.

This pack and play features a sturdy open mesh sided newborn bassinet as well as a changing table.

The deluxe storage compartment is perfect for keeping supplies all in one place. The changing table is removable and simply wipes clean.

The toy bar will help to keep baby entertained during changes and playtime. This Playard weighs in about 22 pounds with a 30 pound weight limit.

The wheels and carrying bag provide for easy mobility but the setup is quite time consuming. The pack n play reviews suggest setup taking up to 15 minutes.

The manufacturer does not recommend adding a mattress pad or sheets and states the instructions are located on the bottom of the mattress pad. We rated this Playard lower to middle range due to the lengthy setup time but plentiful amenities.


5. Dream On Me Portable Playard 

best baby pack n playThe Dream On Me Portable Playard is a basic model pack n play without extras.

We included this Playard in our best baby pack and play list because it is so compact and portable.

Weighing in at only 16 pounds and folds quickly with a carry handle for traveling.

The featured wheels makes moving around the house quick and easy as well. We found setup difficult with the easiest way to latch the sides to turn the main section upside down while keeping the center pulled up.

There is not a manufacturer’s weight limit but it is not recommended for children over 36” tall. The mattress pad is very thin but the manufacturer does offer a 3” foam mattress add-on (found on at $32.98).

We noted poor customer service due insufficient response to customer queries. We rated this Playard in the middle of our list because it is so much lighter than all the others with reviewed.


6. 4Moms Breeze Playard 

best baby pack n playThe 4Moms Breeze Playard features a one step open and close design for quick setup.

The bassinet is recommended for up to 18 pounds which is well above all the other products we reviewed.

This pack and play is recommended up to 30 pounds. The study frame, travel bag and wipe clean surface makes it perfect for traveling.

The manufacturer offers product specific sheets which are not included in the purchase. The Playard and the mattress are both covered in a soft fabric to ensure a comfortable area for your baby.

If you are looking for a quick set-up, the 4Moms Breeze is probably not for you. The one step design is great but the mattress requires threading multiple straps which can be very time consuming.

It is also noteworthy there are no storage compartments and the manufacturer does not recommend use with multiple children such as twins.

We rated this Playard in the upper middle of our list because of the higher bassinet weight limit made up for the extra setup time.


7. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

best baby pack n playThe Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard is more than just a pack and play.

The front mesh features a zipper for side access to a crying baby.

The zipper goes all the way down on both sides so it is perfect for a crawling baby’s play area.

The entire setup takes about fifteen seconds to complete thanks to the quick and easy design.

This Playard does not come with a bassinet but the manufacturer does sell a product specific bassinet separately. The included mattress is thick enough to be comfortable without being a suffocation hazard for a sleeping baby.

Since the bottom is supported by the floor, there is not a recommended weight limit but it is only recommended for babies under 35 inches tall.

The front zipper may not be the best way to reach a sleeping baby since the zipper is particularly loud and only accessible from one side.

The Lotus Travel Crib is Green-guard Gold certified making it one of our top chooses because the certification means that it is chemical free. The Green-guard certification rates the Lotus Travel Crib higher on our list.


8. Evenflo Portable Baby-suite Deluxe Playard

best baby pack n playThe Evenflo Portable Baby-suite Deluxe Playardis one of the best baby pack n play designs on our list.

The bassinet is the full size of the Playard featuring a 15 pound weight limit with the main section at a 30 pound weight limit.

The no lock hinges make setup quick and easy. The mattress converts to a play mat with toys to allow the baby freedom to move around when appropriate.

There is a small storage compartment which attaches to the side featuring two pockets.

Some pack n play reviews suggest people may have trouble locating the instructions which are located on the bottom side of the included mattress.

The storage compartment should be attached to the end which is most secure instead of following the picture from the instructions.

We rated the Evenflo Portable Baby-suite close to the top of our list because of the add-on features and no lock hinges.


9. Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard

best baby pack n playThe Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard is loaded with extras making this one of the best baby pack and play we found to review.

The safety lock indicators provide for added security against folding up with your baby inside.

The bassinet insert is perfect for newborns and up to 15 pound babies.

The changing station is safe up to 25 pounds and the large storage compartment makes diaper changes quick and easy.

The two wheels make moving from room to room quick and easy.

The carry bag and light 28 pound design make this Play Yard perfect for traveling. Be sure the tray compartment is properly secured to prevent falling.

We found the top rails are difficult to latch and bassinet bar may too short to be secure. Overall we rated the Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard in our top chooses because of the extra security, add-on, and top reviews.


10. The Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

best pack n playThe Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard is the best baby pack n play in our review.

It features a bassinet specially designed with an incline to prevent and relieve colic with built-in safety strap.

The sleek design weighs only 15 pounds making it lighter than similarly designed Play Yards.

The changing station features a machine washable changing pad and also includes bonus clutch changing pad for on the go.

This was the only Play Yard we found with an included headrest which is also machine washable. The built in wipes container helps to keep diaper changing supplies close at hand.

The manufacturer does not recommend a weight limit since the bottom goes all the way to the floor however a 35” height limit is recommended to prevent falling over the side.

The downside is some mothers find it difficult to remove a sleeping baby from this the bottom because it goes all the way to the floor.

We rated the Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite at the very top of our list because of the inclining bassinet with safety strap and the washable headrest.


Our final decision for the best baby pack n play on the market is the Fisher-Price Ultra Lite Day and Night Playard. The inclined bassinet for colic relief puts this pack n play above all the rest.

Colic is common in newborns because of their inability to release gas without assistance. The incline helps to relieve the gas buildup so your baby will sleep better and longer.

All the other amenities are great but nothing beats a happy, sleeping baby and all for under $100.

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