Best Baby Swing for Older Babies of 2017

best baby swing for older babies

One of the questions that we often see asked in the forums by moms — especially from expectant moms — is whether there are best baby swing for older babies. These questions goes like along the line of:

  • Do manufacturers make swing for older baby?
  • Are there baby swings for bigger/heavy babies?
  • Are there baby swings up to 50 pounds?
  • And many more

In the following paragraphs, we will answer some of these questions for you.

As a mother, you probably understand that babies don’t grow at the same rate. Some babies have little weight and a small figure at birth but can easily spurt and grow bigger and larger as time goes on.These questions are usually asked about concerned mothers who have babies that weighs 25 pounds or more.

While this is not a bad thing, it can eventually lead to outgrowing swings, bouncers, jumpers, and cloths. If you are one of the parents that experience this, you need understand the situation and also how to buy the best baby swing for older babies.

Since most children at this stage are plus size and fast growing, you need to select only the baby swing that can accommodate them. As a result of this, we have come up with some of the units you can purchase for your heavy baby right now.

The table below shows the top 3 best baby swing  for colic 2017 on the market. Each model is handpicked and carefully selected based on its capacity to function well in a small space. These baby swings have been tried by several moms and are confirmed to be a good starting point for those who want to relieve their baby of colic

ModelRangeWeightPricePrice and Review
Graco DuetConnect
Swing and Bouncer
5.5 to 30 Pounds22 Pounds$$$Price and Review
Fisher Price
Papasan Swing
Up to 25 Pounds22.4 Pounds$$$Price and Review
Graco DuetSoothe
Swing and Rocker
5.5 to 30 Pounds22.4 Pounds$$$Price and Review
Ingenuity Inlighten
2-in-1 Swing
5.5 to 30 Pounds28.2 Pounds$$$Price and Review

1. Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer

best baby swing for older babies

The Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer is one of the best baby swing for older babies on the market now. Unlike other baby swings, this model has fully adjustable volume for the soothing music and nature sound. Instead of just tinkering with high/low option on the swing, you can easily set the volume to a level that suits you and your baby.

Because the seat in the swing is soft and deep, you baby will be secure and comfortable in it. And when you combine that with the 5-point harness system, you can expect your little one to be in a very safe environment.

One of the advantages of buying a Graco baby swing is that you have higher weight recommendation than counterparts from other brands. The Graco DuetConnect LX has a weight recommendation from 5.5 pounds to 30 pounds.

Most babies usually outgrow their swing when they are around 7 months. However, with the specification on this swing, you should expect your child to be accommodated even when going up to 8 months.


You only need to stop using it when your infant attempts to climb out of the seat or attains 30 pounds. The Graco DuetConnect Swing and Bouncer also comes with both battery and wall outlet option so that you can use it both at home and while you are on vacations or holidays. Not only will you find this unit suitable for your infant, but you will also find it easy to use it too.

  • Assembly is fairly easy
  • Combines bouncer and swing in one place
  • Easy to put together
  • Aesthetically pleasing and durable
  • Operates underground with little noise
  • Detach and latch bouncer with ease
  • Sturdy stand/base
  • Maybe difficult to move from room to room because of bulky base
  • No multiple swing options — only side by side is available
  • Hard to put together because of unclear instructions

swing for older baby

2. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

best baby swing for older babies

This is another baby swing for older baby. Unlike the Grace DuetConnect LX, the Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing offers a two swinging options — head to toe swing motion and side to side cradle to soothe your baby. This makes the Papasan Cradle Swing one of the sought after baby swing for heavy babies.

The product comes with six different swing speeds so that you can choose the right speed that matches your baby’s preferences and the nature sounds will keep your baby entertained and calm while you are busy. With three adjustable seat positions, easing your baby’s tension just become easy.

You can easily choose from center, left-facing, and right-facing position to accommodate your little one and keep him/her comfortable. The option to choose from swinging side-by-side or front-to-toe is a nice option to have in a swing since your kid will be able to choose one that suits him best and not be stuck to one.

Thus, you will be saved from the problem many mothers face after they buy a swing with only one option — a situation where the child don’t accept the option available and so might hate the swing even though you love it yourself.


The seat and the headrest are both made from soft and comfortable materials. They create a safe, comfortable, and calming environment for your tot and are easily washed and remove stains from. Although the swing is quite bulky, it is nonetheless easy to store. You can easily fold hold the leg of the stand when you are ready to store it up.

  • Choose from 6 different speeds according to how heavy your baby is
  • Super bright star-light keeps your baby focused and relaxed
  • Too bulky

swing for older baby

3. Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker

best baby swing for older babiesThe Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker is a product that you should look at if you don’t like to buy new products overtime for your baby. With the combination of rocker and swing in one package, you can easily impress your baby by bringing home the best of both world.

When your baby is fussy, you push out the rocker and rock him to sleep. And when your baby needs relaxation, you can setup the infant swing, which provides a serene and cool environment for your youngster.

The Graco DuetSoothe is not just another with mediocre design. Not only does it look good in the picture but equally in its physical shape. It is sturdy and the aluminum tube frame comes together easily. If you are looking for the best swing for older baby, check out the Graco DuetSoothe Swing.

The removable rocker is convenient and complements the swing. Moreover, moving from one room to another is not going to be difficult. And most importantly, it is made from high quality materials so that you can use it for a long time.


The only hitch with this product is that it has a large footprint. Therefore, if you are looking for a compact swing, this is not it. However, the build quality is built to last long and help you save the money you’d have used in buying a new model every time you have a new born.

  • The seat is soft, thick, and easy to move
  • The Graco DuetSoothe swings comes with an A/C adapter, which is not present in some other swings
  • The 5-point harness system on the swing is easy to setup too and helps you secure your baby
  • It features a removable baby rocker so that you can have your baby beside you
  • The swing action/motion is smooth
  • You can choose three positions: facing right, facing left, or straight
  • This is a great feature that you can use when you intend to dim the lights or keep your baby’s face from the TV
  • Unclear assembly instructions
  • Rocker is tall and bulky to carry around the house
  • This swing is not portable
  • It is loud — makes click sound when operating

swing for older baby

4. Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing


best baby swing for older babies

The Ingenuity is made from a unique technology that makes it different from other models. You can easily select your choice of music or images from your smartphone for your baby to enjoy.

You are not stuck locked to only the music that comes with the swing, which your baby might not even want. The swing also boast of the QuietWhisper technology which allows your baby to enjoy swinging without the noise from the swinging motor.

It is easy to put together. Using it is straightforward and you have lots of settings for changing the swinging speed to accommodate and excite your little one. This swing for older baby features soothing music and nature sound that is not annoying and the volume is easily adjustable.

In addition, the light and mirrors keep the baby entertained moderately and not too entertained that the baby stays awake and stare at it. This is why we consider the Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 Swing as one of the best baby swing for heavy baby.


The Ingenuity Inlighten swing provides several swing settings that you can easily choose from to suit you and your baby’s preferences. It does not need batteries to be operated and it would shut off automatically after 90 minutes of inactivity to save battery.

  • The music is soft and soothing
  • You can rotate the swing in different directions
  • It is quiet and doesn’t make clicking sound
  • Removable seat cover Converts to rocker Rotates in 180” in three swing directions
  • Eight melodies, six speeds, and three nature sounds with mp3 connectivity
  • Light show and entertaining mobile to keep your baby engaged
  • Adequate neck support for baby
  • Assembly can be stressful

swing for older baby

What Should You Look For in the Best Baby Swing for Older Baby?

best baby swing for older babies

When you are buying baby products, there are certain things you need to consider such as the safety of your baby, quality and durability of the product, your pocket, and the cost of maintaining the product over its lifespan. These are very important factors you can’t overlook if you want to select the best baby swing for older babies. For this reason, we have fletched out the major factors you should consider before buying the best baby swing for your heavy baby.

1. Make sure the swing can accommodate your growing baby

Most manufacturer will claim that their swing can support your baby up to 30 pounds. However, you need to confirm yourself before trusting them. What do other parents say about them? Are there reviews online stating otherwise? Most time, all you need is to look at the product description and look for the weight recommendation. If the maximum weight is limited to 25 pounds, you should not expect the seat to take on your almost six-month old baby.

2. Do your research well

No matter how cheap and inexpensive the product is, you should still research the product and brand. Remember you can’t just buy anything for your baby. The only baby products you will buy will be one that will not cause any health haphazard to your baby.

Learn about the brand. Learn about their product line. Ask friends and families about the durability and safety of the baby swing you are about to buy. There is only so much you can read online, so asking friends and family can point you in the right direction.

3.  Review Safety features

This is very important in every baby product. The safety of your little one should come first. And every buying decision should build on this. You can use baby swings, just like baby car seat, in your vehicle, on holidays, vacations, and indoor.

The best way to ensure you buy a product that will not compromise the safety of your child is to buy exactly what your baby will need. This means you should learn as much as possible about baby swings and how they work. And read widely on the specific model you want to buy.

Has it been recalled before, why? Are their reports of accidents involving the swing in the past? Are parents generally happy with the swing in terms of safeness of their babies? Is the brand known for creating safety-compliant swings? These questions will help you learn more about the swing and the brand without mincing effort.

4. Pay Attention to Durability

The more durable a baby swing is, the more costly it can be. And the less money you will spend after the initial purchase. This is important if you don’t want to be buying baby swing for every new arrival. Take your time to buy a swing that will last you a very long time so that you can use just one swing for your babies.

5. Don’t Forget About Weight Requirements

I will go straight to the point. Most heavy babies need extra care and attention when attending to them, especially when you are shopping for product. Although there are thousands of baby swings on the market, only a few can cater for your larger tot. Only Graco and a few others makes baby swings with 30 pounds weight limit. Therefore, try to get your hands on one of the models that fall in this category.

6. Restrain and Harness

Remember that a bigger baby has more weight. So, the bigger your baby, the more restrain it would need. While three-point harness system may be good, it may not be enough. The five-point harness system provides all the support and safety your baby will need. For your larger baby in particular, set your eyes on a five-point harness system because of the upper-body support and the robust design.

7. Portability May be Absent

Most time, full-sized baby swings don’t usually have the compact design of travel-sized counterparts, which makes them more suitable for indoor usage. Therefore, when your are shopping for a baby swing for weighty baby, don’t expect to come across a lightweight swing that will also accommodate your baby perfectly.

Best Baby Swing for Older Babies FAQs

best baby swing for older babies

Do they make swings for larger/older babies?

This is a tricky question to answer. The truth is that manufacturers don’t set out to make swings for larger/older babies. They just make their swings for babies in general and you are responsible for choosing one that suits you and your babies preferences.

However, there are certain swings that would be ideal for older babies. This is the reason for this article in the first place. Therefore, if you have a big baby, your work may now be more difficult than before.

You don’t just have to choose a baby swing, but you have to choose one that will be comfortable for your baby. But don’t worry. Your next baby can be just the right size and you wouldn’t need to scout for a swing that will accommodate him/her.

Baby swings for bigger babies?

There are no baby swings for bigger babies. However, if you have a larger baby, you can look for baby swings with 30 pounds weight limit. Graco is popular for producing baby swing in this category, so it’s a good idea to check them out.

Searching for a swing for heavy babies?

Searching for the ideal swing for older baby can be tough. However, with diligence and consistent effort, you should be able to select the right one for your child. It might take some time to finally make a decision though.

Are there baby swings up to 50 pounds?

Most time, parents would want to know if there are baby swings for 6 months and older. The maximum weight limit for most baby swings is 30 pounds. You should erase the impression that you can get your hands on a swing which is up to 50 pounds.

Unless you make a baby swing for yourself, no manufacturer is yet to produce baby swings up to 50 pounds. This is due to security issues. By the time your baby achieve 50 pounds, you know that is a big milestone.

The child weight can overweigh the swing and break it down. Or the child can even climb out of the swing. These are two cases that are risky and the child may be prone to serious hazards or accident.

When your child is getting to 5 to 7 months, it should be reaching the 30 pounds mark. At this stage, you should probably be thinking of ways to wean your baby from the baby swing to the crib.

Baby too big for swing?

If your baby is too big for the swing, it means that it has outgrown the weight or the height limit set by the manufacturer. Unless your baby is still very safe when buckled in the swing, you should be thinking of how you will transfer your little one to the crib.

Is There Any Best Baby Swing Over 25 Pounds?

If you are a parent and you want to buy a new baby swing for your baby, you may not worry too much about getting the best swing for baby over 25 pounds.

However, if you already have a baby swing and your baby is larger/heavier, there is no doubt you would start researching the baby swing that holds over 25 pounds. This can be tough but if you follow the right advice, you should be able to discover swings for babies over 25 pounds and choose one that best suit you and your baby’s preferences.

Most baby swings don’t fall in the category of best swing over 25 pounds. What you will often see are models with maximum weight recommendation of 25 pounds. This means that you need to abandon the swing when your baby has exceeded the weight limit — that is 25 pounds. Specifically, baby swings for over 25 lbs are available unlike when you are looking for those over 50 pounds.

However, there are some models that have a higher weight limit. The Fisher-Price Little Snugabear swing has 30 pounds weight limit. Graco is particular famous for producing swings with weight limit over 25 pounds. The Graco Simple Sway Swing has a 30 pounds weight limit. Another model is the Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker which also has 30 pounds weight limit. So if you are looking for a baby swing for 25 pounds, then you can choose any of these three.

Are There Baby Swings for Babies Over 30 Pounds?

Before writing this section, I have researched all relevant outlets for the best baby swings for babies over 30 pounds. I couldn’t find a unit that can be used with a baby who is over 30 pounds. In most cases, if you have a bigger baby, then the best bet is to get a very big baby swing for your child.

However, this option is usually limited because of the limited weight limit for baby swings compared to baby bouncers or jumpers. If you are looking for baby swings for babies over 30 pounds or baby swings that hold up to 40 pounds, you will be disappointed.

This is because no such swing exists.

However, there is a solution, if you are willing to compromise. Instead of hunting for a baby swing at this stage, you can simply go for a baby bouncer or jumper. They usually have higher weight limit, are safe for your baby, and some of them grow with your baby since you can adjust them along the way as your baby grow.

I recommend the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo, which is very popular and highly rated by parents. Another option is Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper and Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper. They can be used with your baby who is less than 25 pounds. And don’t forget the best baby swing for older babies is that one that is comfortable for your baby and not too expensive.

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