The Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

Believe it or not but feeding the baby is the biggest worry for most parents or caretakers.

It’s crucial to set an example by trying out various methods in order to keep the baby not just comfortable but also happy during the entire process.

Babies are susceptible to major stomach issues and there usually two reasons for it.

One is because of the air that they swallow and the other is caused by the breaking down of the food in their digestive system.

Let’s look at the different ways you can take care of colic activities in your baby’s digestive system when you’re feeding them from a bottle.

Take Care of the Bottle Nipple

The way the nipple of the bottle is shaped is extremely important for the way the baby takes in all the nutrients from the bottle.

The baby immediately latches on to this part of the bottle and it is important that the process is organic, considering the transition from the natural source.

Let’s look at the different kinds of nipples:


  • This type leans towards one side so it makes it easier for the child to take it in without much effort.


  • This type of nipple allows for a small hole in its neck so as to let go of the extra air and allowing the liquid to flow seamlessly.


  • In this case, the northernmost tip of the nipple is flattened in order to resemble the shape of the natural source. However, it is not an ideal shape since sometimes it stops the flow of the liquid.

The Size of the Nipple

The size of the nipple hole is crucial in determining the flow of the liquid. Let’s look at the two types of sizes


  • This size is usually for younger babies and is generally softer than its bigger counterpart. It makes sucking in an easier process and lets the baby build more strength to swallow.


  • This size is usually ideal for older babies or those who can take in a faster flow of the liquid. However, there is a danger of overflow or spillage.


Top 5 Reviews of the Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

Here are reviews of the top anti-colic baby bottles you can get for your baby:

1. Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

The Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

This product is specially designed to prevent the child from developing colic or gas or even reflux.

This specialized piece comes with an air-free vent that doesn’t allow air inside the bottle at any cost, along with wide choices of flow rates, which you can adjust according to the growth of your baby.

One of the leading brands across the world, Philips Avent is one of the go-to products for all mothers and caretakers.


  • The bottle comes with one air-free vent.
  • It features a valve that is designed to reduce the vacuum in the bottle and thereby reduce the air that seeps into the baby’s tummy.
  • It comes with a silicone nipple; the material itself is known for being soft and conducive to an infant’s usage.
  • The Philips Avant Anti-Colic Baby Bottle is best used with the Philips Avant Anti-Colic Bottle Nipples.


  • The design of the bottle is conducive to a baby’s use.
  • The nipple is always full of milk, and not air, which helps the baby digest more nutrients and not produces gas.
  • The bottle can be used with or without the air-free vent.
  • You can store breast milk in this bottle too.


  • You will find only the size 2 nipple with this bottle.
  • Some users have stated that the flow is too fast.

You can buy this unique product right here.


2. Comotomo Baby Bottle

The Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

One of the high-quality baby bottles meant to avoid any form of colic reaction is the Comotomo Baby Bottle, which comes with a format that comes very close to the breastfeeding experience for infants.

With its design meant to be handled comfortably by baby, it is additionally perfect to be handled by the parents as well as caretakers because of the ease it provides for cleaning and packing.

Let’s look at the different ways this product can be useful for you.


  • It is safe to use in a microwave oven, boiling water or a dishwasher.
  • It has a wide neck that allows easy cleaning with hands.
  • The nipple and body are made up of silicone.
  • It has dual anti-colic vents that prevent the intake of air and reduces colic reactions.


  • It’s very easy for the parent or the caretaker to clean this product because of its adaptable shape.
  • Silicone nipples ensure that the child is comfortable while feeding.
  • Its design ensures that it is the closest thing to breastfeeding.
  • It is free of BPA, PVC and Phthalate.


  • The nipple of the bottle is such that it is only for 3-6 month-old children.
  • The size of the nipple is very small.
  • Glass bottles are not tested for BPA, which many parents do not trust.

Buy this resourceful product right here.


3. Tommee Tippee Advanced Feeding Bottle

anti-reflux bottles

Comfort is key when it comes to feeding a baby and, with technology and innovation in baby bottles, the experience has become a major factor along with its design and adaptability.

Which is where the Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottle comes in.

This three-piece anti-colic bottle ensures that the air is not drawn into the bottle and its pure nutrients of the liquid. Let’s look at the product’s key features.


  • It has a built-in heat sensor straw that lets you know the temperature of the liquid inside.
  • The valve controls the flow of the milk and ensures that there’s no spillage or overflow.
  • The nipple is made up of anti-colic technique to ensure an easy transition.


  • It has been rated high in terms of the baby’s transition from breastfeeding to the bottle.
  • Its design is fun, interactive and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Some of the users have raised concerns about leakage.
  • Some users said that the product is too big for babies.

You can buy this helpful product right here.


4. MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies

reduce gas with these bottles

The experience factor gets a push with this product by MAM, which focuses on the most significant element of the feeding experience such as the venting system, the nipples and the flow of the liquid.

The MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed Babies ensures that the design of the product plays perfect accomplice to the experience of the baby.


  • It has an advanced anti-colic vent that doesn’t let the vacuum affect the content of the bottle and eliminates all bubbles.
  • It has wide openings on the top and the bottle to ensure that it is easy to clean and has a maximum flow of air to dry out.
  • It comes with two five-ounce anti-colic bottles that include two nipples with slow flow elements for newborn babies.


  • Users have commended the product for being great for breastfeeding-to-bottle transitions.
  • It has a leak-proof cap that can also be used as a measuring tool.
  • The vented base is removable to ensure a free flow of the milk.
  • The nipple surface is textured for a natural experience.


  • The users have complained about its six-part properties which becomes difficult to clean.

You can buy the product right here.


5. Baby Brezza Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

anti-reflux bottles

Baby bottles these days are not just functional objects for the sole purpose of feeding a baby.

They have gone through a lot of innovation and design change in order to become not just a feeding device but also a built-in baby problem fixer.

And so, the Baby Brezza Anti-Colic Baby Bottle comes along with just enough innovation and design to lure young parents into ensuring that their baby gets the best bottle-feeding experience.

Let’s look at how this product can help your cause.


  • It comes in two parts with a wide design, made to avoid baby bottle brushes.
  • It comes with a wide nipple to emulate the real feeding experience.
  • It features the Truflo anti-colic system that is installed in all the nipples, to ensure the baby doesn’t get a colic reaction.


  • It is BPA-free and features a leak-proof cap.
  • The product ensures an easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • Some users have stated that they found the product with leaking facilities.
  • Some users have said that there isn’t a big enough hole in the nipple.

You can buy the product right here.


The verdict on the Best Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

To have a feature in your baby bottle to help prevent the most common digestive issue in a baby is truly an innovative force that ensures not just the baby’s health but also makes the lives of the parents and the caretakers easy.

Additionally, the new designs have brought in the element of fun and interactivity.

Here’s to hoping that more such functional changes are adopted in your objects of daily use to fix common problems!

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