Best Baby Backpack Carrier of 2019

Before you buy the next best baby backpack carrier for your baby, please read this guide!

Young children occupy too much of your valuable resources as it is. Whether it is time, energy, or money, you love your children and will give them the world, but it can all be a bit daunting. That is bad enough without having to give up your arms too.

That is why many parents have discovered the freedom that comes with using one of the best backpack carriers. However, when sifting through all of the backpack carrier reviews, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

That is why we have put together a list of the 10 best baby backpack reviews with numerous niches depending on your needs. Following the baby backpack reviews, we have provided you with a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can understand what to expect and what to look for.

Best Baby Backpack Carrier Buyers Guide


Generally, there are 3 accepted positions: front, back, and side. However, within these 3 positions, there are often numerous minor variations that can affect both how comfortable it is for you to carry your child as well as how comfortable the ride is to your child. In this instance, more is often better as it provides enough variation for the two of you to figure out which works best.

Moreover, with numerous positions, you can adjust how you carry your child if a single position becomes too uncomfortable in the midst of travel. This sword cuts both ways as your child may have been fine being carried on the front at the beginning while taking a nap, but might prefer the chance to look at the world from the back upon waking up.

Regardless, it is important to understand that this is ultimately a secondary concern after safety. It is far better to get a child carrier that is extremely reliable from one of two positions than it is to get a child carrier which is less reliable but offers a wider variety of carrying arrangements.

Weight Range

This will be more important to some parents than others, but it will often tell a tale of overall quality all the same. Essentially, you are looking for a baby carrier that can support the most weight possible. However, a minimum of 35 pounds is often seen as the lower end of a baby carrier’s maximum capacity.

Basically, if the product will not support up to at least 35 pounds, you should have fairly compelling reasons that suit your needs in particular to purchase it anyway. Of course, if you have an exceptionally large baby or one who might be developing motor functions a bit slower than is common, a carrier with a larger maximum capacity, at least up to 45 pounds, can be a better investment.

While the maximum weight capacity is generally critical, the minimum weight capacity can be just as important. If your child is too small for the carrier, this could put them at risk. Aside from the fact that they may slip out–depending on the carrier’s design–they could still find the ride uncomfortable


This is arguably the most important factor when considering baby backpacks. If your child is not safe, then there is no real point in the carrier in the first place. However, safety can come in two expressions: security and equilibrium.

Security is the easiest to understand as it relates to the carrier’s ability to directly ensure that your child stays put and does not risk falling out. Numerous straps and a 5 point harness are generally seen as the best security features.

The straps themselves should be made out of a durable material, like nylon, and fasten securely. In this regard, buckles are often preferable to velcro as they are less likely to come undone on their own or be able to be unfastened by curious little fingers.

In terms of equilibrium, this has more to do with the child’s internal response. For example, due to the close proximity to your body, it can be relatively easy for the child to get hot. Aside from the fact that this can lead to general overheating concerns, it can also create secondary heating concerns like sweating which can cause chaffing, rashes, and other issues.


Any parent will tell you, if your child is not comfortable they have no qualms about letting you know it and often loudly. This is even more of an issue for baby backpacks as the child is generally either face to face or right next to your ear. Aside from the volume, this proximity can also put you on prime position to receive a few blows from flailing arms and legs.

Beyond support and material, there are a number of features that can add additional comfort to you child’s ride, hopefully avoiding a tantrum. First, if you are taking your child out during the daytime, a hood or some other form of compact canopy will protect them from the UV rays and heat. Keep in mind, if the protection is too large, you may run into a situation where your vision is obscured.

Another element that is often overlooked are the legs. Out of necessity, the child’s legs must splay a bit and drape. This is rarely an issue, but the size of the leg openings can make a big difference in terms of comfort. Moreover, stirrups can prevent the leg openings from digging into soft thighs and cutting off circulation.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Baby Backpack Carrier

There are so many factors you need to consider when you are buying the best baby backpack carrier. Some of these will be consider below.

You don’t have to follow all these but paying attention to each one will help you understand how baby backpack carriers work and how you can go about choosing the best among them. There are many other things that will come into play, however, the following are important to us:

  • Consider How Big Your Baby Is. You need to consider the size, weight, and age of your baby. Some baby backpack can conveniently hold a baby and not stress you throughout the journey. Some of this include front loading that allows you to secure your baby on your chest. The possibility of using this model actually depends on how big your baby is. You know it is not an easy thing to pull off if you have a bigger baby on your hand. Another thing is that most baby carriers can only hold up to 40 pounds. So this requires that you know your baby’s weight before hand and decide if you can conveniently carry the load.
  • Type of Frame. There are two types of frames to choose from: soft-shell and hardshell frames. Both have their advantages and you need to examine your preferences and choose one that suits that well. The carriers with hardshell frame are usually more heavy and last longer as well. They can take larger children and often have more capacity compared to the other type. The soft-shell carriers on the other hand are easy to carry and are more suitable for smaller children. However, they are not as durable as the hardshell carriers.
  • Storage Option. Another important factor that needs consideration is how long you want to stay on your travel. If you are going for a day trip, you can make do with a day backpack. On this kind of trip, you only need to store the essentials like your smartphone, water, and a few snacks. However, if you are going on an extended journey, you may need more storage space to store items like camera, keys, food, water and so on. In this case, you need a larger backpack to serve your need.

Reviews of the Best Baby Backpack Carrier

1. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

best baby backpack carrier

Our first product comes from Infantino, a brand well-known for making high-quality baby backpacks. Moreover, this brand offers a wide range options from the more versatile to the more minimal. This backpack is great for those who need to carry their baby while wearing nice clothes.

The embedded bib ensures that should your baby spit up, you will not have to worry about that ruining your outfit. Moreover, with a minimum weight capacity of 8 pounds and designed head support, you can carry infants who are noted for their messiness.

Unfortunately, this carrier will fall out use sooner than some as its maximum carrying capacity is only 32 pounds, which is not terrible but still less than ideal. Moreover, while your clothes may look great, you back may curse you as this product does not provide the most supportive straps.


  • A minimum weight capacity of 8 pounds is great
  • 4 carrying positions is decent
  • An embedded bib is great for keeping clothes clean
  • A maximum weight capacity of 32 pounds is somewhat low
  • The straps are not the most supportive
  • Will feel less stable for larger babies–regardless their weight

best baby backpack carrier


2. Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier

best baby backpack carrier

This is the only baby carrier to make it onto our list of baby backpack reviews that is explicitly designed for camping. Keep in mind, when you search for the best baby backpack reviews, these are the kinds of carriers you are most likely to find. However, that is only one of the many types of carriers you may desire.

Regardless, this is an excellent option for hiking with your baby due a few reasons. First, the frame is strong and secure, ensuring there will be no stability issues. Second, the carrier features its own kickstand, so you can give yourself a break without having to worry about where the baby will go. Finally, this carrier features a great canopy which will protect your child from the rain or harsh sun but is also transparent, so they can enjoy the sights.

Unfortunately, this is also the largest and heaviest carrier on our list at 5 pounds. Moreover, due to the upraised position of your child, you may fatigue sooner than with other types of carriers if you are not used to hiking with your child. Finally, this is a pricey carrier, so you better intend to do plenty of hiking to get your money’s worth.

  • Made with a frame for additional support
  • Comes with a kickstand for self-sustained standing
  • A maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds is fairly good
  • Definitely one of the more expensive baby carriers on our list
  • The heaviest baby carrier on our list at over 5 pounds
  • A single carrying position is the lowest on our list

best baby backpack carrier

3. Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

best baby backpack carrier

Our next Infantino seeks to combine the inescapable draw of an adorable feature that also serves an important function. This carrier comes with a canopy hood that can be removed when not in use–however, do not let the images fool you as it will not fold down as pictured. Still, the canopy is soft and will protect your baby from the harsh sunlight, but it will do so all with a cute bear design that will melt the coldest of hearts.

Another advantage of the Cuddle Up is that it offers a maximum carrying capacity of 40 pounds which is better than most. Sadly, this carrier is not the best for newborns as the minimum weight capacity is a bit high at 12 pounds, and this is one of the few carriers that does not feature a head support.

Also surprising, the Cuddle Up only provides the 2 most basic positions: chest facing the parent or on the back. However, this carrier is at least one of the easiest to put on yourself–something that will come in handy considering it is designed for larger children who may be moving on their own at this point.

  • A maximum carrying capacity of 40 pounds is great
  • Comes with a removable canopy hood to protect from the sun or rain
  • Relatively easy to put on by yourself
  • A minimum carrying capacity of 12 pounds is too high
  • Only 2 carrying positions is the lowest on our list
  • A bit large of a seat for smaller babies–regardless their weight

best baby backpack carrier

4. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air

best baby backpack carrier

As one of the first brands and maker of the model which started it all, a model that is featured later on our list, BABYBJORN takes a bit of a minimalist approach, providing an excellent quality carrier that may not have all the additional features of some brands but focuses on provided the best fundamentals instead.

For the Air One, this can be most readily demonstrated with the belt and buckle strap. While the original BABYBJORN did not feature this design, the Air One at least mastered it featuring a belt that is thick and wide as well as a buckle system that is easy to adjust. Ultimately, this makes for one of the more comfortable carriers to the parent and easier on the lower back than many others.

Unfortunately, all of that quality thick material used for the straps does add a bit more weight than most, though the BABYBJORN is still only 2 pounds. Though, after a couple hours, that difference may not seem so slight. Moreover, as a premier brand, the BABYBJORN is also one of the more expensive products on our list. This value decreases further as a maximum 33 pounds carrying capacity is a tad lower than desired.

  • Folds up into an easy to carry package when not in use
  • One of the better strap systems for preventing discomfort to the parent
  • The neck support may be a bit high for older babies
  • The most expensive baby carrier on our list
  • A maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds is a bit low
  • One of the heavier baby carriers on our list, though still only 2 pounds

best baby backpack carrier

5. Infantino Fusion Flexible Position Baby


best baby backpack carrier

The Infantino Fusion’s claim to fame is to be the Infantino brand carrier which provides the most positions. Keep in mind, this does not mean that the Infantino offers the most positions on our list–a title, one among many, that goes to the LILLEbaby. However, if you are a fan of Infantino’s smaller profile and generally softer materials but demand a greater number of positions, then this is the product for you.

This carrier features for chest positions and a single back position, providing plenty of options for your child as they continue to grow and develop. Unfortunately, this carrier is designed more for younger babies and will not support a larger toddler with a maximum carrying capacity of only 32 pounds. Still, with a minimum carrying capacity of 8 pounds and an embedded head support, you newborn will feel right at home.

Still, another issue with the Fusion relates to the straps and the fit, which is a bit of a give and take. This is actually one of the better carriers for tall people as the straps adjust well. Sadly, those adjustments do not necessarily provide the tightest of fit, even if they extend vertically. Moreover, the belt and buckle strap is somewhat thin and will not offer the best lower back support.

  • 8 pounds for a minimum carrying capacity is great
  • 4 carrying positions is pretty good
  • One of the better baby carriers for tall people
  • The belt support is not the best
  • 32 pounds for a maximum carrying capacity is a hair low
  • The fit around the parent is not the most secure

best baby backpack carrier

6. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original

best baby backpack carrier

While not necessarily the same kind of classic as the previous Infantino, the BABYBJORN is in part responsible for bringing the baby carrier to the west and retains its reputation as the best backpack carrier to many people who have continued to use you for multiple children.

However, as an earlier model, this carrier does come with some limitations and is more specialized in design than some of the more recent models–even than some of the more recent BABYBJORNs. Specifically, this is an infant carrier, almost to exclusion, with a great minimum carrying capacity of 8 pounds but a subpar maximum capacity of only 25 pounds.

Moreover, this carrier only provides 2 carrying positions, both situated on your chest and does utilize the belt and buckle support system which has been shown to reduce stress on the lower back. However, the design necessarily includes a head support, and this is the smallest carrier on our list.

  • 8 pounds is a great minimum weight capacity
  • An extra tall head support is ideal for newborns
  • One of the all-around smallest profile carriers on our list
  • 25 pounds is the lowest maximum weight on our list
  • Only provides 2 carrying positions–tied for the fewest on our list
  • Does not feature a belt and buckle for lower back support

best baby backpack carrier


7. Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

best baby backpack carrier

For those of you who prefer the older style of baby carriers, Infantino has you covered with the only carrier on our list to utilize the sash technique of stabilizing known as Mei Tai. This style can be exceptionally versatile in that it is more or less infinitely adjustable. Regardless your size or body type, you can adjust the sash to tie and fit you.

Unfortunately, this style is not the most supportive and is in part the reason that the belt and buckle design was made in the first place. As such, you can expect the possibility of back pain, especially in the lower back region, when using this carrier for extended trips. Moreover, the sash itself is simply not able to as secure as a buckle since it technically could come untied.

Still, Infantino has done an amazing job with this classic design. First, the minimum carrying capacity of 8 pounds ensure that all but the smallest of newborns will be secured and supported properly. Moreover, this model features a detachable hood–not simply one which hangs when not in use–to protect your child from the harsh sun. Finally, this entire carrier can be thrown in the washing machine when it comes time to clean up.

  • A minimum carrying capacity of 8 pounds is great
  • Comes with a hood to protect from the sun
  • One of the easiest carriers to clean as it is 100 percent machine washable
  • The sash design is not quite as secure as a belt and buckle
  • The sash design may also not be as comfortable as a belt and buckle
  • Offers fewer carrying positions than most

best baby backpack carrier

8. LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE Airflow

best baby backpack carrierWe actually have 2 LILLEbabys, and both of them are spectacular, topping many different metrics that are key indicators of quality when it comes judging a baby backpack. First, this carrier features 6 different carrying positions. While it offers the standard positions for both the front and the rear situated seating, the LILLEbaby also offers a fetal position. In fact, this is the only carrier to offer all of the toddler and infant carrying positions in one.

However, that attention to detail goes much further than simply carrying positions as this carrier also sports the highest maximum carrying capacity as well as the lowest maximum carrying capacity. This ensures that you will be able to carry children as old as 4 years old or even the smallest newborns. Moreover, the LILLEbaby comes with an adjustable neck support that can be folded back once your child can hold up their own head.

Unfortunately, all of this quality comes at a hefty price, and both LILLEbabys are some of the more expensive products on our list–though, if you are looking for the best backpack carrier, you often get what you pay for. Another issue is the carrier’s size which is fairly large for a non-hiking carrier and can make this product exceedingly difficult to put on without help.

  • A minimum carrying capacity of 7 pounds is tied for best on our list
  • A maximum carrying capacity of 45 pounds is tied for best on our list
  • A total of 6 carrying positions is the most on our list
  • Definitely one of the more expensive baby carriers on our list
  • Has one of the larger profiles on our list
  • Difficult to put on by yourself


best baby backpack carrier


9. LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE All Seasons

best baby backpack carrierAfter receiving an award in 2016 as the most comfortable carriers, it should not be hard to see why we consider the LILLEbaby All Seasons as one of, if not the, best backpack carrier. Much like the prior LILLEbaby, this model features many of the same designs and specifications.

However, where the previous model sought to control the baby’s temperature with a mesh outer and a fabric lining inner, the All seasons takes a different approach. This carrier follows a similar suit, except it does in reverse. This allows you to determine whether or not you want the extra protection of the fabric or to simply let your baby breathe.

However, the air panel which is controlled by a zipper does not come all the way off. This can create an uncomfortable situation where you unzip the panel and have to simply walk as it dangles and brushes your legs. This can be rectified with a pin or clip, but it seems like, for the price, this should have been considered in the design.

  • A minimum carrying capacity of 7 pounds is tied for best on our list
  • A maximum carrying capacity of 45 pounds is tied for best on our list
  • A total of 6 carrying positions is the most on our list
  • Definitely one of the more expensive baby carriers on our list
  • Has one of the larger profiles on our list
  • Difficult to put on by yourself


best baby backpack carrier

10. Brighter Elements Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

best baby backpack carrier

The Brighter Elements has its limitations, but it makes its money in the comfort department. However, this is not an either/or situation. No, the Brighter Elements carrier aims to be the most comfortable baby carrier for both the rider and the parent. It accomplishes this with a larger design in certain key areas.

First, the belt and buckle strap that goes around the waist is much larger than every other product on our list. Moreover, the seat itself is designed to be spacious enough to accommodate your child but also mold to their form, continuing to do so as they age. Even better, once your child outgrows the need for a completely wrapped up carrier, you can use the base to serve as a seat that allows easy pick up and put down without having to worry about straps.

However, the strapped carrier portion of the Brighter Elements is somewhat limited. First, the minimum carrying capacity is highest on our list at 13 pounds and suitable for most newborns. For a double whammy, the maximum carrying capacity is only 33 pounds, making this a more comfortable baby carrier but one that will not last as long.

  • Features on of the best belt and buckle straps for lower back and hip support
  • 5 carrying positions is fairly good
  • One of the more comfortable seat for your child
  • While not quite at the high end, still a fairly expensive baby carrier
  • A minimum weight capacity of 13 pounds is the highest on our list
  • A maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds is a touch low


best baby backpack carrier


When choosing the best backpack for your baby, it is important to remember that no carrier will do it all. As you can see from our list of backpack carrier reviews, each product excels in its own way while having to sacrifice something to achieve its results.

If you are looking for a carrier that will grow with your child and accommodate a greater carrying capacity, expect it to be much larger and more difficult to put on. However, if you are looking for a carrier that is ideal for a newborn, realize it will probably have a lower maximum carrying capacity and often a head support you cannot remove.

Regardless of what you choose, there is a baby carrier in there that is right for you. With our buyer’s guide on the best baby backpack carrier, you have all the tools you need to make an informed choice and get a quality product.

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