Best Baby Bottle Brands for 2019

Are you a new mom looking for the best baby bottle brands for your baby but don’t know which one is right for you? It’s understandable that you may be a bit overwhelmed by the vast selection of baby bottles.

You probably talked to your mom, your neighbor and your friends to get ideas. All the brands listed below have their drawbacks and benefits. No one baby bottle fits perfectly for your baby’s needs.

It is important when you start looking for baby bottles to consider the comfort level of your baby. Many of the brands listed below have baby bottles that are easy to use. All ten of the best baby bottle brands are also certified BPA free.

This is critical when you consider the toxins that are in some plastics. Natural baby bottles provide a good alternative to breastfeeding. The bottles from these brands may be used in conjunction with breastfeeding. In addition, some of the brands produce anti-colic baby bottles prevents air from entering into the baby bottle and away from your baby’s tummy.

One of the oldest of the best baby bottle brands is EvenFlo◦. Your parents may have used an EvenFlo◦ baby bottle for you. Playtex◦ baby bottles are also relatively well known and have been tested for generations. The younger best baby bottle brands on this list are reasonably priced and reliable.

Review of the Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Brands

The following are the top baby bottle brands on the market. Take your time to read through each one and help yourself determine which one is suitable for you.

#1. EvenFlo◦ Feeding

Best Baby Bottle BrandsEvenFlo◦ has been in the baby bottle business for a long time. They have the corner on baby bottles. Their vast selection of baby bottles can be a bit overwhelming at first. Their biggest seller is the Classic Glass bottle.

You have a choice between traditional or angled shaped bottles. You can choose between vented or non-vented bottles and wide or standard mouth. You can even choose to have cartoon characters and colored bottles.

EvenFlo◦ carries both glass and BPA free plastic bottles. Even though the glass bottle is the preferred bottle, there have been some complaints of nipple collapse. Glass also does tend to shatter and break. The good thing about these bottles is the choices available and the affordability factors. The classic glass bottle is less than two dollars a bottle.

#2. Phillips Avent

Best Baby Bottle BrandsPhillips is a relatively well known name. The manufacture of baby products through the Avent subdivision is fairly recent acquisition. They have two divisions of baby bottle products. The natural brand is specifically designed to mimic the feel of a human nipple. The anti-colic brand provides the air free vent that helps babies with gas problems.

  • Natural baby bottles – These baby bottles have first, newborn, slow and medium teat flows. There are plastic and glass baby bottles.
  • Anti-colic baby bottles – These baby bottles have newborn, slow and variable teat flows. This type of bottle only comes in BPA free plastic.

There have been some complaints of leakage with the glass natural baby bottles. However, the Avent brand is known for its durability and safety. It is recommended to go with the BPA free plastic baby bottles.

#3. Playtex◦ Baby

Best Baby Bottle BrandsThe Playtex◦ brand is well known for its baby products. Moms have trusted this brand for generations. They have two types of baby bottles.

  • Simply Playtex Baby™
  • Playtex Baby™ VentAire®

The Simply Playtex Baby™ product is easy to assemble and clean. It has a vented nipple and is easy to hold. The Playtex Baby™ VentAire® has an angled shape for easy movement. The product has a unique anti-colic bottom vent that holds gas away from baby.

The Playtex Baby™ VentAire® is the more popular of the two types because it has many positive reviews for its anti-colic vent. Customers also like the fact that they can interchange nipples and they are affordable although there have been a few complaints of leaks as the gasket deteriorated.

#4. Dr. Brown’s

Best Baby Bottle BrandsDr. Brown’s brand was created in 1996 by a doctor who was concerned about how babies were feeding. He knew that many babies suffered from colic due to gas buildup in their tummies. It was his invention of an internal venting system that spurred other baby product companies to imitate his success.

Dr. Brown’s baby bottles are designed to grow with the baby. Parents have the option to remove the vent as the baby grows. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options™ bottle is the most popular bottle in the Dr. Brown inventory. They have original and wide neck types of bottles available.

There have been some complaints of leaks with the wide neck types but not with the original. They do come highly recommended due to their unique combination of an internal vent and the silicone nipple. The vacuum-free feeding and the fact that the bottle preserves nutrients are the biggest selling points for these products. They also come in pink and blue.

#5. NUK® Baby Products

Best Baby Bottle BrandsThe NUK® brand of baby products is basically a European product that has been recently introduced in America. NUK® originally only focused in on kids clothing but has branched out to baby products. NUK® offers two types of bottles, the Perfect Fit™ and the Simply Natural™.

The Perfect Fit™ bottles are designed to mimic the shape of a nursing nipple while the Simply Natural™ bottles are designed to provide a natural feel so the baby can feed naturally. The Simply Natural™ bottle gets good reviews from parents that are in the process of transitioning their baby from breast to bottle feeding.

The wide mouth makes easy to prep formula and clean up afterwards. Parents can select between a newborn, slow or medium teat flows. The Perfect Fit™ provides nipples that are comfortable and are in the shape of a mother’s nursing nipple. The orthodontic design is what most parent look for in these bottles.

#6. Born Free®

Best Baby Bottle BrandsBorn Free® is another European product, specifically made in the UK that has made some inroads in America. Born Free® promises that their products are designed with all mothers in mind. Their products include classic BPA free plastic; glass and deco bottles. The flow levels for the teats are:

  • Level 1-this is comparable to newborn
  • Level 2-this is comparable to slow
  • Level 3-this is comparable to medium
  • Y-cut teats
  • Variable flow

The patented ActiveFlow venting technology is the plus here, but there have been some complaints that the vent doesn’t work. The nipples do last long and hold up better in the dishwasher.

#7. Tommee Tippee®: Simple & Intuitive Baby Products

Best Baby Bottle BrandsThe Tommee Tippee® brand is a proud division of the Mayborn Group, a UK company that got its start from three brothers who ran a plastics company in California. The Tommee Tippee® brand products are well known for their spill proof qualities. The company provides six types of bottles. Each bottle is designed to make switching from breast to bottle feeding easier.

The Closer to Nature baby bottle mimics the natural breast feeding action and features a breast shaped nipple. The Ultra™ bottle has the air reduction features and latch on features that moms look for to help their babies feed. The anti-colic and the added cereal bottle provide comfort to colicky babies.

The Tommee Tippee® Closer to Nature baby bottle is easy to clean and has a wide enough mouth to prep formula. Their compact shape makes it easy to hold and the soft silicone feels like skin. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

#8. Munchkin Baby Supplies

Best Baby Bottle BrandsMunchkin is one of the new kids on the block. The company was incorporated in 1991 and its primary premise is to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world. It started partly due to a father’s love for his children and a desire to create innovative children’s products. It wasn’t until 2013 that Munchkin came up with their LATCH™ brand baby bottles.

The LATCH™ bottles are designed with flexible nipples and have a bottom anti-colic vent. It has an overly complicated design that makes it hard to assemble. The double vent system is designed to provide extra gas release. It can’t be used with a bottle warmer because it leaks.

#9. Como Tomo

Best Baby Bottle BrandsComo Tomo is a unique company in the baby products industry. When it was incorporated back in 2008 the basic premise was to create baby products that weren’t status quo. In other words they wanted to push the envelope and create products that solved the issues that were constantly occurring.

They decided to create a baby bottle that had non-leaking dual air vents; wide-neck design and hygienic silicone materials. The bottle would be designed to mimic breastfeeding to eliminate rejection. The soft and squeezable bottle is a hit with both babies and their moms. Como Tomo has two sizes. The 5 ounce size is suitable for newborns and the 8 ounce size is suitable for older babies.

#10. Chicco

Best Baby Bottle BrandsChicco is best known for its baby equipment but also has a NaturalFit® line of baby bottles and nipples. The NaturalFit® baby bottles are specifically designed to help babies latch on and feature soft-flex silicone nipples. They have BPA free and glass bottles. These bottles are easy to clean and hold. Customers liked the choice between straight and tilted nipples.

Final Words on the Best Baby Bottle Brands

It’s not an easy task to sail through dozens of brands that exist in the market today. That is why most users appreciate a list of only the top baby bottle brands on the market, ranked by their effectively and quality of products. If you fall in this category, you should take this list as a way of educating yourself on the brands out there and which one might be suitable for you and your baby.

Now that you have the opportunity of reading about each of this brand, finding the best baby bottle for your baby shouldn’t be that difficult anymore. The first thing is to make a mental note of the brands you like from this list. List out the features you want in a baby bottle and choose one of the best baby bottle brands that produces a suitable product.

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