Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

There are many terrific newborn feeding bottles that fit the Best Baby Bottles for Cheap category because of their price tag. Cheap baby bottles do not have to sacrifice good quality materials, function and convenient features. Many mothers like to shop online at bigger retailers that have an abundance of options.

Additionally, these online shopping sites offer new mothers the added convenience of not having to take baby out to shop. The items will be mailed directly to the customer’s door. This saves gas, time and the bottles are typically lower in price.

When trying to find that perfect bottle for your precious bundle of joy, it is best to find cheap baby bottles for feeding in a single unit or small package to trial first. Most stores will not return used baby bottles, so this is a fantastic way to eliminate wasted money on bottles that are not conducive for the customer or baby.

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Best Baby Bottles for Cheap — Full Review of Products

1. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for CheapA popular and inexpensive baby bottle is the Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle, Green in an 8 Ounce size. This item is soft for baby’s tender skin, boasts a natural, easy-to-hold shape and features silicone nipples that are excellent for picky breastfed babies.

This bottle is easy to clean with a wide neck design. No more brushes mom. This baby soft bottle can be put into microwaves, dishwashers/sterilizers and even can be soaked in boiling water, all without any damage to the bottle structure.

Novel anti-colic vents keeps baby’s tummy calm. This superior bottle is squeezable and is made with only 100% safe, non-toxic materials. The manufacturer ensures that the bottle is latex free, lead free, BPA free and phthalate free.

This bottle is an obvious good choice. The liquid flow through the innovative bottle design perfectly mimics the natural motions of breastfeeding. Your little one will take to this design without fuss, and the specialized venting system is an exceptional choice for colicky babies.

Mothers will worry less when leaving their baby with sitters, when she knows her baby will have a bottle he/she likes. The handy bottle holds 250 ml of liquid, equivalent to 8 ounces, and the bottle, lid and nipple are designed to be thankfully leak free, with ingenious interlocking features.

With 2-holed nipples in a medium size, this phenomenal bottle is designed for babies aged 3-6 months. For babies up to three months, choose the 1-hole nipple style that is crafted to prevent choking, yet flows well so younger babies don’t get frustrated with sucking.

  • Designed as a unisex bottle
  • It is free from phthalate, latex, lead, and BPA
  • Features a wide neck design for easy cleaning
  • Available in 2 colors: Green and Pink
  • You can choose from two sizes: 250ml and 150ml
  • Features two Anti-colic vents
  • It is made from silicone which is a safe material
  • Comes in Slow Flow, Medium Flow, Fast Flow, and Variable Flow
  • It is safe in boiling water and dishwashers
  • Weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 2.6 x 2.6 x 6 inches

  • Available in different color variants
  • Very easy to clean with just the hands
  • Looks cute and soft
  • The nipples is well structured in width size to make it easy for latching
  • It is made from silicone so no plastic is touching the milk
  • Suitable for breastfed babies or premature babies
  • The bottle is dishwasher safe and easy for baby to learn to hold
  • The nipple is long and slippery so baby may struggle to latch on it
  • The bottle is wide so may not fit most bottle warmers
Our Verdict
There are many pros to this bottle, including baby preferred design, low cost and superior cleaning/heating options. Some moms that prefer all glass bottles may find any other bottle material not to their liking. This is sold at most large retailers and online at Amazon.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

2. Philips AVENT Anti-Colic BPA Free Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for CheapPhillips AVENT Anti-Colic Bottle has a clear color, and comes in a set of five 9 ounce bottles. This choice is one of the best inexpensive baby bottles for those babies with colic symptoms.

The strategically designed silicone nipple is outfitted with special air vents that push air down into the bottle, keeping this gas producing air out of baby’s sensitive tummy. Baby will be happier without gas discomfort to deal with.

These bottles are a snap to assemble with just four parts. The bottles are exceptionally easy to clean, with wider neck openings that allow thorough hand cleansing. This is great for fussy babies prone to developing painful gas.

The bottle material is sturdy polypropylene for long lasting use, and the silicone nipples encourage new baby suckling with their soft texture. Both bottle and nipple are PBA free for mom peace of mind, and the nipples come in an array of flow rate models to grow with your baby’s needs.

The Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle comes in three cool colors, and is dishwasher approved and microwave safe. The pros are obvious, and the cons are few. Some moms prefer other bottle materials than plastic, but with proper care, any risk is moot.

This is a clearly popular bottle selection with moms. It is sold through larger store chains, as well as at Amazon and other discount online shops.

  • These bottles are available in two distinct sizes: 4 ounce and 9 ounce
  • Since there are only 4 parts, cleaning is easy and assembly is simple
  • Different flow rates are available for different baby’s age
  • Features an air venting system to reduce reflux or spit up
  • Suitable for 1 month+ babies
  • The package includes 5 caps, 5 slow flow nipples, and the BPA-free feeding bottle
  • Nipple design reduces collapse during feeding to ensure smooth feeding
  • Weighs 15.2 ounces and measures 8.2 x 6.3 x 5 inches It is manufactured from plastic

  • The cap comes off easily for cleaning or filling up It is inexpensive
  • Suitable for preemies as well as weight building formulas
  • There are not too many parts to clean
  • Helps with colic or gas problems
  • The nipples are stiff so there is no collapse during feeding
  • You may not find it easy to locate the vent
  • May not be suitable for newborns
Our Verdict
Moms across the globe recommend this bottle brand most often, and they trust the brand to deliver top-notch quality, easy-use features and baby tested designs. It comes also in 4 oz. and 11 oz. sizes, and this model boasts a slow flow nipple, ideal to prevent eating too much, taking in air and spitting up episodes.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

3. Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

Breastfeeding moms can find wonderful cheap baby bottles for feeding breast milk or water to their cuddly infant. The Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set comes with 3 bottles in a 5 ounce size.

These bottles are compatible with this brand’s breast pump, making it simple for moms to prepare baby feedings for when they are away from home.

Ideal containers for longer term storage, plus moms can use the same container to feed and store.

Free of any harmful toxic materials including lead, phthalate, BPA and latex.

Bottles are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up, and come with convenient travel caps for keeping bottle top clean. Medela supports breastfeeding 100%, and these bottles are made to keep fragile breastmilk fresh and safe.

You can choose from four sizes when you are buying the Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set. There is a pack of 2, 5 oz. (for newborns up to 4 months) and 5 oz. (with 6 count) and an 8 ounce bottle.

  • Usable on all Medela breast pumps
  • Dishwasher safe and suitable for long term storage
  • Comes with solids & caps, collars, wide base slow flow nipples, and 3x each bottle
  • Useful for storing breast milk for long-term without passing out the beneficial properties
  • Volume marks are conspicuous and easy to read
  • Free from BPA and comes with travel cap to keep nipple clean
  • It weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 8.1 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches Designed as unisex

  • Nipples come in slow and medium flow range
  • The bottles are all dishwasher safe
  • Great for picky babies
  • They can hold up with extreme freezer temps and regular sanitizing
  • Great for older babies or formula/exclusive fed babies
  • May not be suitable for infants
  • The lettering and numbering may come of too early
Our Verdict
These bottles are uniquely designed for parents who are looking for a cheap bottle that is also anti-colic. Moms can also buy larger sized bottles when baby is eating more at feedings. Purchase where fine baby supplies are sold. Available at online retailers.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

4. Playtex 3 Pack BPA Free VentAire Wide Bottles

Best Baby Bottles for CheapAnother contender for top baby bottles for cheap out of pocket costs is the Playtex Voltaire BPA-free bottles.

At just around $10 per larger bottle, these are good deals. This brand has been making baby bottles for generations.

Moms trust their design and safety promises. It keeps baby in the proper position with a specially curved bottle design. This aids in the avoidance of a baby swallowing air.

These bottles are lightweight for easy hold and travel. They have slow-flow-rate nipples for smaller babies, and options for older ones too.

There are some great pros, like the easy-to-hold for baby style, its dishwater safe if placed on top rack and the price can’t be beat.

Some moms report leaking if a bottle tips in fridge which may be a con to some. These popular bottles are seen everywhere. Buying them should not be hard at all.

  • The bottles are made from plastic and imported
  • Comes with 5 VentAire Wide Bottles, extra bottle caps, extra vent disks, extra nipples and fast flow, 3 6oz and 2 9oz bottles
  • Bottles have angled design to support proper feeding position
  • Features a silicone vent for improved flow rate

  • They are designed to help prevent ear infections
  • The nipples are similar to a breast so it’s easier to transition
  • They are easy to take apart so you can get in every little crevice
  • The ventilation system could still let some air into the liquids

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

5. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

Moms will love the Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle. It comes in 8 oz. bottles, and this set includes 4 bottles.

Negative pressure, produced when babies suckle most bottles, can cause severe cramping, gas pain and the babies get frustrated, uncomfortable and fussy.

They often refuse to continue eating. This can cause nutritional deficiencies.

With this doctor designed bottle, negative flow is virtually eliminated by the crafty air-vent addition. The bottle also helps babies retain necessary vitamins like E and C.

When this oxidation occurs, babies lose vitamins and get gassy, spit up, burp or cry due to intense feelings of stomach discomfort. This is why it can become an hassle when you can’t get your hands on a suitable bottle for your baby.

The patented vacuum free promoted feeding stops air bubbles known to cause gas issues. This bottle system avoids unwanted air mixture with breastmilk or other liquid.

  • The bottles are made from plastic
  • Item weighs 14.4 ounces and measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Design helps to maintain vitamins A, C, and E plus lipids
  • Vent system helps in eliminating negative pressure
  • Free from BPA Available in 4 sizes: 4-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack and single
  • There are 4 styles available: 8 ounce, 4 ounce, 2 ounce, 2 ounce (preemie)

  • Bottles are built for long term usage
  • The bottles are transparent to see how much milk is going into the bottles
  • Take up little counter space compared to other brands
  • The measurement information is printed in color rather than molded into the plastic
  • Suitable for newborn babies Comes with travel/storage caps
  • The bottoms are not completely flat so may be unstable
  • Many users complain they leak badly
  • Take a bit more cleaning
Our Verdict
The vast pros of these surprisingly cheap baby bottles are worth shopping for. Some moms would rather have bottles able to be sterilized in hot water. Check out these bottles on Amazon or other major online store and in baby supply aisles at your favorite department store.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

6. Evenflo Feeding Classic Twist Tinted Bottles

Best Baby Bottles for CheapMany moms are concerned about the environment. They don’t want to use plastic diapers or plastic bottles that end up in landfills for a long, long time.

An eco-friendly bottle option is the Evenflow Glass Twist Bottles that are also economically priced.

This model has an edgy twisted design that makes the usually slippery glass easier to grip.

This is a nice option for those days when mom’s hands are wet from cooking.

The glass bottle ensures that moms get a superior clean. These items can be boiled or sanitized for true sterility.

The nipples on this bottle are softly crafted silicone, so baby thinks that maybe this nipple could be mom. Pros are sanitize ability and recyclable. Cons include heavy to hold, and need for supervision. Easier to find in these green days.

  • Features a new twist on the classic baby bottle shape
  • Made from silicone with micro air vent for a gas-free feeding
  • Comes in 8 ounce size and BPA-free
  • Weighs 8 ounces and measures 9.4 x 8.1 x 6.3 inches
  • Features ounce markings on the side for measuring water
  • The bottles are dishwasher safe
  • Plastic doesn’t touch baby’s milk
  • Bottles come with slow rate nipples
  • These bottles are suitable for 0-3 month babies only

  • Great option for newborn babies
  • Affordable and saves money over an in store purchase
  • Replacement is easy with inexpensive price-point
  • The bottles are colorful and bright
  • Well-built, sturdy and leak-proof
  • Many have reported the bottles leak profusely
  • Doesn’t have fast flow nipple options
Our Verdict
The Evenflo Feeding Classic Twist Tinted Bottles weighs 8 ounces and measures 9.4 x 8.1 x 6.3 inches and is available in different color variants. This make it great to distinguish between models when buying for a boy or baby girl. This also makes it great to buy for twins as it makes it easy to differentiate them and avoid mix up after washing them.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

7. Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for CheapFor a variety of bottle type choice, try Joovy BOOB BPA-free PPSU or Glass Bottles.

Here is a brand that offers two material styles that will enable you to choose the one that suits your baby’s preferences and your own budget plans.

This is a nice addition to the list of suitably inexpensive baby bottles for your baby.

Mom’s groups are definitely recommending this brand bottle this year.

They are compact, and glass ones have slip-free covers and silicone gripper attachments.

These help cushion any adverse fall. Also, these make it nicer to touch, warming the often colder glass.

The nipple venting ring design is unbelievably effective in minimizing baby discomfort due to colic or gas. They use an inside additional piece to create this effect.

  • These are sturdy bottles that will withstand multiple sterilization
  • Built from high quality premium material
  • Available in 2 styles: 2 count and 1 count
  • Nipples are made from silicone and comes with 5 flows
  • Provides only internal quad vent
  • Easy to use, clean and assemble
  • Bottles are easy to clean, leak proof and able to provide consistent milk flow
  • Nipple design prevents nipple collapse and promotes proper latching
  • Available in 2 sizes: 9 ounce and 5 ounce

  • No need for frequent changing of nipples
  • Simple to assemble and easy to clean
  • Looks fanciful
  • Comes with fewer parts for easy baby food preparation
  • Appears to have a slight learning curve
  • Not available for purchase in stores
Our Verdict
Pros of the Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle include recycle options for glass versions, superb vent device and dishwasher-safe, plus can be sanitized. Its cons are the thicker middle of bottle makes is harder for baby to learn gripping a bottle, and they are a bit more pricey than some other brands.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

8. Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for CheapMunchin Latch Baby Bottles are also new kids to the baby supply market.

They have terrific working, unique anti-colic valves placed differently at the bottom of bottles.

This design keeps the flow from picking up air, thereby decreasing colic symptoms.

These cute and cheap baby bottles are ever becoming more popular as moms see how the babies latch onto the naturally-styled-like-breast nipples.

Users report convenient and attractive style, baby satisfaction nipple response and lowered risk of baby gas as their most common pros.

Some moms felt a con was the bottom venting design that was harder to clean. The Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle comes with  2 x stage 1 nipples, 1 x stage 2 nipple, and 3 x sealing discs and is compatible with a dishwasher which makes it easy to clean.

  • Bottles are BPA-free and easy to clean
  • The nipple stretches and moves to pressure
  • Features anti-colic valve to prevent air bubbles
  • Available in 4 sizes: 8 ounce (3 pack), 4 ounce (1 pack), 4 ounce (3 pack) and 8 ounce (1 pack)
  • Comes with pump adapter to connect with leading breast pumps
  • Easy to clean and compatible with dishwasher

  • Easy to clean and interchangeable with soppy cup parts
  • Comes with an adapter for direct pumping
  • Nipple moves around which helps in preventing suction break
  • Suitable for reducing gas and fussiness in baby
  • The nipple has a wide area for baby to press mouth against
  • Bottom of the bottle leaks
  • Nipples are long so baby might struggle with it

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

9. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for CheapFor terrific value, the Tommie Tippie Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottles are a superb option. This set features 6 bottles that hold 9 ounces.

Made especially for when breastfed babies are transitioning to other regular styled bottles, this bottle is made to be just like baby’s mom.

Babies find it easy to latch onto the exceptionally soft silicone nipples, and all materials are always guaranteed to be phthalate and BPA free.

Custom air-flow nipple valve keeps baby from ingesting uncomfortable air bubbles that cause hurtful gas in their tiny bellies.

The easy-to-read markings make it a breeze to ensure the proper nutritional amount, and babies find the natural, curved design exceptionally easy to grasp.

Soft silicone resembles a mother’s skin, and babies like the compact style that allows them to snuggle closer to mom and dad. A bonus pro is the bright color choices in rainbow hues. Your baby will love to stare at these beautiful objects, relaxing instantly to naturally feed.

The drawback is relation to size and style choice, as well as bottle material preference. Moms will adore the economical price, and the easy availability at stores with baby supplies and their online counterparts.

  • Comes with a natural feel
  • Nipple makes it easy to transition between breast and bottle
  • Help baby feeds comfortably with optimum vent system
  • Design makes it easy to hold
  • Accurate feeding and measurement markings on bottle makes for easier reading
  • Free from BPA and phthalate
  • Weighs around 1 pounds and measures 9.6 x 6 x 5.9 inches
  • Can go on formula dispensers

  • Very colorful bottles
  • Nipples are stage 1 nipples for 0+ months
  • Easy to clean and has nice accessories to go with them
  • Holds a considerable amount of milk
  • Recommended for breastfed babies
  • The bottles are durable and the nipples are sturdy
  • Nipples seems flimsy and may collapse during use
  • May not fit into diaper bag slots because of their wideness
Our Verdict
Overall, these are great baby bottles for your baby if you are trying to save on your next purchase. It is designed for moms frustrated with trying to get baby to hold and like big and bulky bottle models, this Tommie Tippie design essentially mimics breastfeeding motions with specialized elongated nipples that only get larger as babies suckle.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

10. Born Free BPA-Free Decorated Bottle Gift Set

Best Baby Bottles for CheapFairly new to the market, but creating a sensation, is the Born Free BPA Bottles. These are relatively cheap baby bottles for feeding babies formula for sure.

They do have silicone nipples, but many feel that they aren’t natural-feeling enough to mimic a mother’s breast.

They do come equipped with effective gas avoiding venting systems, with a specially made locking mechanism.

These bottles make spectacular gifts as they can be bought in convenient and lower cost sets with accessories, including cleaning brushes.

The cost, convenient fuss-free style and somewhat taller bottle that allows easy formula mixing are the most reported pros.

The moms reporting cons often mention the smaller venting piece which is easy to misplace, and they might prefer a more natural to breastfeeding nipple.

These bottles may take some extra time to find, but more stores are stocking them as customers try them.

  • Bottles are made in Israel
  • The bottles are made from plastic
  • Made from plastic and imported from Israel
  • Provides natural milk flow
  • Safe from BPA and durable
  • Features leak-free ActiveFlow Venting technology
  • Weighs 1 pounds and measures 10.3 x 6.2 x 7.6 inches

  • Comes with handy cleaning tools
  • The bottles are wide neck for easy decant of formula
  • It features different level nipples
  • Appealing design and color
  • Comes with formula dispenser
  • Cleaning tools may not last long
  • Not suitable for newborns
Our Verdict
This package comes with soppy cup spouts, handles, valves, collars, and nipples that are interchangeable on other Born Free Bottles. Moreover, there are 2 x level 3 fast flow nipples, 1 x formula dispenser, 1 x twister bottle brush set, 2-5 oz. Deco bottles and 2-9 oz. Deco bottles. With these, your baby should have enough options to assist in latching correctly. The bottles will also grow with your baby with the way they are designed.

Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

Final Words on the Best Baby Bottles for Cheap

The best inexpensive baby bottles will have good reviews from other customers and even major baby experts. Some family and parenting magazines often provide lists of their recommended baby products. Retailers like to display these desired baby expert reviews on packaging and product descriptions.

It is smart for new mothers to look for these testimonials. With information and patience, the right bottle can be found. Therefore, getting yourself one of the Best Baby Bottles for Cheap is a matter of taking extra step to purchase one.






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