Best Baby Bottles for Preemies of 2019

Looking for the best baby bottles for preemies? You are on the right page.

After checking out this list of the best baby bottles for preemies, you will be able to find a bottle to use for your newborn.

These bottles are designed with care and fit a baby’s mouth without working their jaw muscles too hard.

When a nipple collapses on a bottle, a baby will have a hard time taking in a formula.

Preemies are delicate and need premature baby bottles to help at mealtime. This is why we selected the following bottles that are specifically designed to handle this issue in children.

As you probably know, choosing a baby bottle out of the thousands out there can sometimes be difficult, especially if you need one for a specific need.

This is why most parents in this situation of asks: “What’s the best baby bottle for preemies?

To answer this question, we looked at dozens of baby bottles that claim to be the best for preemies.

We found one that actually delivers.

What’s the Best Baby Bottle for Preemies?

In the picture:
Philips AVENT Natural BPA-Free Bottle

Usually, each bottle has its strength. Where one excels, the others may flunk. However, we’ve found one bottle that has maintained an excellent rating among mothers: The Philips AVENT Natural BPA Free Bottle.

The bottle is specially designed for preemies and newborns. To ensure a slow, controlled flow rate, the Philips AVENT Natural BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle comes with a First Flow Nipple with a small hole and soft nipple texture.

Because of this, the mouth of the bottle closely resembles the breast. This promotes a natural latch on and reduces the chance of the baby rejecting the bottle at first contact.

Moreover, the advanced anti-colic system integrated into the nipple means you can rest assure that this nipple will suit your colicky baby.

There are no hard-to-clean parts on the bottle and couple with the wide neck opening, filling and cleaning the bottle shouldn’t be a hassle for you.


  • The bottle is BPA-free and is easy to clean
  • It comes with a wide, breast-shaped nipple which makes it easy to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding
  • The First Flow Nipple ensures a slower, controlled flow rate
  • The bottle has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy for your baby to hold
  • Filling and cleaning is also easy, thanks to a wide neck design

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Full Review of the Best Baby Bottles for Preemies


1. Philips AVENT Natural BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle for Newborns

Best Baby Bottles for PreemiesUsing the Phillips Avent Natural BPA free Polypropylene bottle for newborns is an excellent way to give your newborn his/her formula.

The bottle has a nipple that is formed as if it came straight from the mother. This gives you the option to breastfeed or bottle-feed preemies without the process causing the baby any sort of stress.

This premature baby bottle can be regarded as a nursing bottle with its special design. Formula from regular bottles flows too fast for preemies to safely-drink. This bottle provides a gentler measurement of formula consumption.

Since the amount of liquid flowing into a baby’s mouth can obstruct air passages, the amount of formula in the mouth matters a lot.

When a baby sucks this bottle, the nipple is gentle to the mouth. Letting the baby nurse with a soft nipple the baby’s mouth can easily hug.

Some bottles cause the baby to suck in too much air. However, this bottle is designed with an anti-colic movement which reduces the gas that goes into the baby’s belly. The bottle and its nipple are easy to clean with no complicated parts. Prepare formula for the large necked opening in the bottle in only a few minutes.

  • Wide opening
  • Soft nipple
  • Double valve
  • Cleans quickly
  • Fills easy
  • Easy to hold
  • Not all nipples compatible
  • Some bottles need adapter ring
  • Possible paint flakes
Our Verdict
This bottle is ergonomic and is practically flawless. The First Flow is one of the best bottles on the market for preemies. Your preemie deserves the best chance at good health. Therefore, the makers of the Phillips Avent Natural BPA free Polypropylene bottle for newborns made this bottle Bisphenol-A (BPA) free.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

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2. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature First Feed Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for PreemiesEvery parent searches for a safe way to feed their infant and the Tommee-Tippee-Closer-Nature-Bottle offers one of the best designs for use with premature babies.

They are microwave safe and clean in the dishwasher. When feeding an infant the position and weight of the bottle is important.

The Tommee-Tippee-Closer-Nature-Bottle is lightweight and easy on the hands of mom and baby.

This best baby bottles for premature babies has a careful flow-rate making the adjustment from expressed milk to bottle-feeding a smooth shift.

Premature infants are not as developed and cannot manage the flow of formula. This bottle is carefully made to help the baby control the flow of milk.

A slower liquid flow assist the baby in eating without too much liquid getting into the lungs too quickly. Fully developed infants have swallowing abilities not yet developed in preemies. Therefore, controlled liquid flowing from special nipple flow is very important when feeding premature infants. Fortunately, this is made possible through the use of bottles for premature babies.

  • Milk storage
  • Microwave safe
  • Cleans easy
  • Controlled liquid flow
  • Zero extra nipples
  • Leaks a bit
Our Verdict
Feed your infant knowing you are using a quality product. Premature babies swallow less air using special nipples on the Tommie Tippee Closer Bottle. The feeder provides a storage container for expressed milk. When the mom is ready to feed her infant the milk is ready directly from the bottle. This container is also, Bisphenol (BPA) free.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

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3. Dr. Browns Pink Baby Bottles

Best Baby Bottles for PreemiesFeed your premature infant with a baby bottle that has a vacuum free flow. The best baby bottles for premature babies have a natural level of flow from Dr. Brown’s Bottles.

These bottles for premature babies have one nipple per bottle. Included in the packages are bottles sized 2-8 ounces and 2-4 ounces.

Best baby bottles for preemies lessen the chance of babies taking in too much liquid. This is especially bad for premature babies. The careful regulation of formula flow is crucial for flow in premature infant bottles.

These bottles also limit trapped gas and burping. These efficient bottles are made in China. The flow rate from these bottle help babies keep down formula. The excess air that enters with sucking is reduced with these well-designed baby bottles.

The bottle has a classic vent element that reduces negative reactions during feeding. The pressurized milk flow process helps babies keep formula down improving health and encouraging comfortable feeding.

  • Reduces trapped air
  • Has a classic vent element that reduces negative reaction
  • Multiple sizes
  • One nipple per bottle
  • Difficult to clean
Our Verdict
People having problems with formula flow have switched to Dr. Brown’s Pink Bottles with great success. Use this bottle to keep your baby healthy and happy. When using this bottle, ensure you maintain a proper diet for your baby as it’s important to a developing infant.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

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4. Lifefactory 4-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for PreemiesThe Lifefactory-4-Ounce-BPA-Free-Protective-Silicone bottle has a sleeve that makes it easy to grip.

When in use, this bottle allows you to secure your baby’s formula with a polypropylene cap, ring and stopper. In addition, the bottle is made with a silicone nipple.

The bottle fits the average breast pump and is durable. Babies love to throw things. This make the silicone sleeve a great asset.

When washing the sleeve, make sure the silicone is removed. The FDA approves components of this premature infant bottle. Materials are free of phthalate, BPS and BPA toxins.

The Lifefactory-4-ounce-BPA-free-Protective-Silicon premature baby bottle is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This bottle for premature infants is put together in the United States of America. However, working parts are constructed in Europe.

  • Easy grip
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Uses average breast pump
  • Approved by FDA
  • No extra nipples
Our Verdict
The Lifefactory-4-Ounce makes a wonderful gift. New and soon to be mothers will be happy to receive as a gift. The bottles are popular and help new mothers avoid a baby filled with painful gas after sucking an inefficient bottle.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

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5. Nuby 2-Pack Nurtur Care Infa Feeder Set

Best Baby Bottles for PreemiesThe Nuby-2-Pack-Nurtur-Feeder-Colors best baby bottles for premature babies changes best the way you feed your baby. The bottle includes a soft spout and silicone nipples with teething nubs for itchy gums. Each item is BPA free.

Silicone nipples let formula flow with controlled precision while feeding baby without letting excess air enter the baby’s system while eating. The Nuby-2-Pack-Nurtur-Feeder-Colors are green, red, pink, blue or purple.

These baby bottles for preemies doubles as utensils for your baby. Get feeding nipples, mess spoons and removable handles.

When feeding your baby. You want it to be a relaxing time. Food and milk stuck in a nipple that does not flow properly is frustrating for you, and your hungry infant. The best baby bottles gives your child the ease in feeding appreciated by millions of parents.

  • Change to solid foods
  • Convenient feeder
  • Baby eats more
  • Some foods too thick
Our Verdict
The Nuby-2-Pack-Nurtur-Feeder is an effective way to feed a baby. The food is contained. Avoiding the messy splash generally caused when feeding an infant. There is less clean up, and parents can measure the amount of food baby eats.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

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Final Words on the Best Baby Bottles for Preemies

Parents are naturally fussy about the care of their children. Choosing the best baby bottle is a great beginning to health for your baby. The selection may take a little trial and error, because babies may show a preference.

However, out of this selection, a parent is sure to find a bottle for preemies that suits their needs. With this guide, you should not find it difficult to choose the Best Baby Bottles for Preemies, which is an important step towards making your child more convenient and reduce restlessness because of proper feeding.

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