Best Baby Bottles of 2019

The best baby bottles are some of the most important baby gears any serious mother will not overlook. Whether you are a new mother working with your baby or putting the responsibility on the shoulder of a babysitter, you need to baby bottles.

In the past, it may have been easy to choose a baby bottle for your baby. But now that there are so many options available, you can’t possibly get one that suits your baby as easily. This means you need to research the available options, hunt down the best of them, and then niche down on one of them that clicks all box.

The only problem is that this is easier said than done. It is not so easy to choose one, unless you have someone who have tried out all the brands and can tell you with a sigh, “Look this is the best, the others are not worth it”.

Fortunately, we’ve tried to make this guide as close to that as possible. After having researched the best bottles on the market, I have come down to this list so that you can quickly see which one suits you and not waste so much hours (or days!) on research.

The Best Baby Bottles in 2019

Dr. Brown’s Original BPA-free Plastic Bottles

Best Baby Bottles Dr. Brown has a reputation of creating anti-fuss, anti-gas, and anti-colic with a unique venting system that’s different from any other brand you will come across. These bottles are creating mainly to help relieve gas or reflux in babies. If you are a mother, you know the importance of keeping your baby colic-free.

With a good pressure-flow, Dr. Brown’s Original Bottles can be used when you want to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. One thing that separates this brand from others is that it comes with everything you need.

So, if you are a new mother and you want to get a set that is BPA-free (which shows you don’t want to take chances with your baby), you should know about what comes in the box:

  • Two Small Bottles
  • Three Large Bottles
  • Two Travel Caps
  • Three Large and Two Small Vents
  • Five Inserts
  • Five Newborn Nipples
  • Five Bottle Caps
  • Three Brushes and more

There are many advantages of buying this set. One is that you don’t have to buy extra brushes, inserts, caps, vents, etc. before you actually need them. This alone will save you stress and cash. With this set, you have all you need up to 6 months of your babies being.

Another advantage to this model is that you will be able to hear when your baby finishes all the liquid from the bottles especially if your baby is very eager or a furious latcher. After you buy this, you should be able to feed your baby for at least 3 months without facing colic issues.

Most importantly, the rest of the set (aside from the bottles) can go with any standard bottles and you will be able to identify your baby’s feeding bottles quite easily compare to other brands.

There are a few drawbacks though. Cleaning these bottles will take a copious amount of time and be ready to put a keen eye on the tiny parts because if you don’t they will get lost easily.

Best Baby Bottles


How to Choose the Best Baby Bottles: A Buyer Guide

Buying any baby product is hard! And the same is true for baby bottles too. Why do you think we have this big guide here? To help parents – especially new ones – get their way around getting the best products for their babies. Anyway, let’s go over some of the things you need to write down, memorize, or just pay attention to before you buy any bottle.

Pick bottles that are easy to use

Remember you worry about your husband, your baby, your chores around the home, and your parents if they are living with you. Adding more worries (by purchasing a complicated bottle) is not ideal. If you want to avoid spilled milk every time your baby bottle feeds, please only buy a bottle that’s easy to maneuver.

For me, I prefer a bottle that I can take apart and put back together without ever having to read a manual. I think you want that too, right? Unfortunately for us, most of these bottles are internally vented to prevent colic, which translates into many parts.

This means cleaning them, assembling them and dissembling them can be harder depending on your expertise in this area. I certainly don’t want have any extra time to learn that.

So if it is possible, you can also get some non-vented or basic bottle sets so that you can learn with them and when your next baby comes around, you will be able to use those vented bottles like a pro.

You need Nipples too! Because they come in variety of shapes, forms, and sizes, you might have a field-day just looking through the abyss of options available. Also, they are generally made from silicone and occasionally from latex. That means you will come across silicone models more than latex.

Now, you need to learn the differences between them. Most people choose silicone-made bottles because they are generally easier to clean. Latex is not suitable for dishwasher, so they can give you head-ache when it’s time to wash them.

Another drawback to them is that they are cheaper and break down more often and requires regular replacement. If you are presented with two types of nipples: Silicone and latex, which one would you go for now? Hold that in your right hand and tell me in the comment section!

Questions You May Have

Why Baby Bottles?

After giving birth to your baby, you have two options of feeding: breast milk or formula. Before you start to think about choosing one, know this: you will still have to feed your baby breast milk at the early stages so that should be sealed on your mind.

Also, whichever you want to go with as your baby grows, a baby bottle still offer you lots of benefits. If you have the intention of occupying yourself in some involving activities such as going to work in your baby’s first year, you know you have to pump your breast milk so that your baby can be fed when you are not around.

This means you have to use a bottle. In addition, you can’t feed your baby formula, except with a baby bottle.

Generally, this baby bottles come in small and big sizes. The smaller ones are designed for newborns up to 3 months while the bigger ones are suitable for babies older than 3 months. At this stage, they eat more and so may require that you have enough prepared, which is solved for by the larger size.

Why Are They Needed?

Because of their flexibility, baby bottles can be used just right from day one. However, it is natural you will want to wait and allow some weeks to pass before you start using it. This is often recommended for safety reasons.

Another reason is that when you start too early, you child will develop a likeness for the bottle and may reject breastfeeding later on when you offer it. In addition, when breastfeeding your baby, you can keep it till the second year as some moms do or stop after the first year as most do.

It all come down to your preferences but one thing you should to is make sure you wait for at least a year before introducing cow’s milk into your baby’s diet.

When choosing from the variety of options available, you will mostly come across different bottle materials. You need to know about each one so that it can be very easy to choose one. The three most popular ones are:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Plastic

The stainless steel models are often very strong and durable. This means that can last very long and doesn’t shatter easily. However, you will find that measuring will be difficult because there is no transparency.

Glass bottles are heavier and definitely will cost you more. Although they last long, they can shatter easily. They are useful when you can monitor your baby as it feeds from it.

Plastic bottles are the most popular models. Maybe because they are easier to use, don’t shatter, and are the cheapest in this group. Along with that, be aware that they will wear off faster and you also have to ensure you buy one that doesn’t contain BPA (bisphenol A). Generally, any model that’s made before 2012 should be avoided for safety reason.

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Which One Should You Go For?

This is a tough question. As for me, I prefer the plastic models and I have used them. They are easily to maneuver and easy to watch, although they wear off faster.

If you are a new mother, you don’t have to get yourself in the debate of which type is actually better. For me, I’ll prefer to look at the features as well as the advantages each type offers and see which one I can manage according to my budget and tolerance level.

Having said that, I will give you some pointers to help you decide on which bottle might be suitable. A glass bottle is a GOOD CHOICE but your baby will typically find it hard holding on to one. And because they can break and shatter right in your baby’s face when they fall, I’ll advice you think hard before buying them.

On the plus side, they are free from all harmful chemical and are more hygienic than plastic because they don’t facilitate development of mold or germs and are easier to clean.

Plastic bottles on the other hand are lighter, not as expensive, and they don’t shatter when they fall. These three often win me over when I consider them. Moreover, modern versions of these bottles are BPA-free so you don’t start worrying about some possible chemical components.

If you prefer them just like I do, be ready to change them regularly because they will develop stretch marks (which can hide germs) or get damaged. I hope that you now have a good understanding on the best baby bottles and what you can do to get the right one for your baby.

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