Best Baby Jumper 2019

Are you looking for the best baby jumper in 2019? Then you have just landed on the right page!

For some babies, scooting and crawling is just not enough. They can’t quite get the hang of walking yet. This is the perfect stage of development where one of the best baby jumpers will save the day for both the rambunctious infant and the busy parent.

There are a multitude of jumpers available for sale on the market. However, it is necessary to take some factors such as safety, function, and ease of use into consideration before placing your child in just any jumper, the same way you consider these when buying a baby product such as an outdoor swing.

The following information and listing of the best baby jumper reviews will help you compare and choose the perfect jumper for your energetic “pre-walker”.

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Best Baby Jumper Are they Created the Same?

No, they are not. There are three basic types of baby jumper seats from which you can choose: a stationary jumper, a stationary jumper with an activity center, or a doorway jumper. Consequently, each individual child has unique limitations, their own stage of development, and individual physical abilities. You need to keep all these in mind when deciding on which of the best baby jumper is right for your “little jumper”.

Stationary Jumper

best baby jumpers

This type of jumper is most often constructed of an A-frame style construction with the swing suspended by a stretchy and sturdy elastic cord in the middle. This type of bouncer is normally void of extra toys and gadgets. However, it allow the child the freedom of movement up and down, side to side.

And often (much to a parent’s amusement) around in circles. This type of jumper is meant to be stationary. However, once the child can easily reach the floor, it is possible for them to maneuver the unit to their own desired location.

Stationary Jumper with Activity Center

best baby jumpers

This type of jumper is both mentally stimulating and physically demanding on energetic babies. Jumpers of this sort come with a long list of flashing lights, interesting sounds, fun colors, and entertaining characters to keep your baby entertained.

Therefore, this helps in freeing up some time for you to attend to other important activities. Many of the best baby jumper models come with the benefit of a built in tray to contain small snacks or additional toys. Moreover, this type of jumper offers your baby alternative activities to engage in above just the jumping action.

Baby Jumper for Doorway

best baby jumpers

A baby jumper for doorway offers a parent the most in convenience for easy transportation. The design of this unit functions by clasping it to the overhead portion of a doorway’s opening. The attaching portion resembles a doctor’s stethoscope that you open up to fit over the threshold where the spring-loaded claw will close and hold it in place.

This type of jumper gives your baby full range of motion for the ultimate in jumping/swinging experiences. Without a frame to the construction of this model, the child has the freedom to really “stretch” their boundaries in a variety of directions.

In fact, this can result in some hilarious antics. This especially true for children who can reach the ground firmly, have had plenty of practice jumping and bouncing, and have learned how to manipulate this type of swing to their wants and desires.

While selecting these products, we tried to make sure that they are going to be useful for a wide variety of parents and children. As a result, you will find one or two baby jumper for doorway from among our list. So if you want a doorway jumper, you can simply choose that.

Best Baby Jumper 2019 — The Ultimate Guide

The table below shows the top 3 best baby swing for colic 2019 on the market. Each model is handpicked and carefully selected based on its capacity to function well in a small space. These baby swings have been tried by several moms and are confirmed to be a good starting point for those who want to relieve their baby of colic
ModelWeightPrice Price and ReviewOur Rating
Jolly Jumper
on a Stand
11.3 Pounds$$Price and Review8.8/10
Jolly Jumper
with Super Stand
15.6 Pounds$$$Price and Review9.2/10
Baby Einstein
Activity Jumper
20.9 Pounds$$Price and Review8.8/10
Fisher Price
Floral Confetti SpaceSaver
12 Pounds$$Price and Review8.8/10
Fisher Price
Luv U Zoo Jumper
17.2 Pounds$$Price and Review9.0/10
Graco Doorway
Bumper Jumper
3.5 Pounds$$Price and Review8.8/10
Sassy Inspire
Senses Doorway Jumper
5.2 Pounds$$Price and Review6.8/10
Evenflo ExerSaucer
Door Jumper
2.7 Pounds$$Price and Review8.4/10
Jolly Jumper
1 Pounds $$Price and Review9.6/10
Graco Bumper
Jumper Bear Trail
3.5 Pounds $$ Price and Review8.8/10

What to Look For in the Best Baby Jumper

Looking for the best jumper for baby? Well, you have arrived at the right section. If this is your first time of buying a jumper for your baby, there are certain things you need to consider.

Because there are wide variety of jumpers for babies on the market, with variety of features and price point, it can be very difficult selecting the right one. If you are not armed with the right information, you will not be able to know when you see the best jumperoo that will suit your baby.

However, if you read and digest the information below, you will have a key to analyze and evaluate any jumper that is presented to you. Precisely, these are the four elements any of the top rated baby jumpers should have:

  • Portability
  • Safety
  • Toy Center

We are going to take each one and explain it further below so you can understand what each one entails:


One of the factors you can consider when buying best baby jumper is the portability. If you are a constant traveler and you have the intention of taking your kid with you, then buying a compact and lightweight jumper will help you a lot. You should also consider the ease of storing the product and folding it up when it’s not in use. This will make all the journeys easy on you and help your little one feel at home.


The first thing parents look for when buying best baby jumper for their babies is the safety rating. If you are buying a baby jumper, the first thing you should consider is the safety ratings of the product. You can read aggregated reviews on the product, user generated reviews, and ratings of publications on the product or brand.

Even if you don’t have enough time to check other factors in selecting a jumper, try to spend time reading comprehensive reviews for the safety ratings. If there are too much complaint about the product (such as accident), then you need to stay away from the product.

Toy Center

The toy center is the attraction center of the best baby jumper. This include all the entertainment that your baby will need to keep him in the jumper. Toys, music, compartments for food, lighting objects, and other things are responsible for keeping your child interested in the jumper. If there are enough of this, it’s only a matter of your tot developing interest in the jumper.

Doorway vs Activity Center Jumper

This can be determined by the area you intend to use the jumper and your choice as a parent. If you don’t have a doorway that can easily take a jumper, then you will be better off if you go for a standalone jumper with activity center.

Moreover, most doorway jumpers have been reported to cause accidents for babies because of their close proximity to the doorway. However, newer models are designed in such a way to minimize such risk.

Best Baby Jumpers: Frequently Asked Questions

This is the section we treat the most common questions from users. Read this FAQ for likely questions that may pop-up in your mind before making a purchase. If there is a question roaming your mind but is not answered here, please ask in the comment section and we will provide answers as soon as possible!

What ages are suggested for using a jumper?

Children who have the ability to support their own head and have relatively functioning coordination should be safe in a jumper. Therefore, be sure to utilize any and all safety straps and harnesses that come with the unit. In addition, ensure you follow manufacturers suggested instructions for proper and safe fitting.

For those babes who are on the more petite side, parents may want to incorporate a small receiving blanket or towel to take up the “extra space” in the seat. This will help the child to sit up straighter and closer to the front of the jumper without slouching or sliding down in the seat unintentionally.

When do I need a jumper?

If you are asking a panel of seasoned or experienced parents, the popular answer will very likely be, “As soon as possible!” A jumper allows you to place your child in a safe yet physically active environment that you do not have to direct control over.

This is beneficial to both exercising your child and retaining your sanity. Each child is unique in their size, weight, and physical ability. Therefore, parents must evaluate each child individually to determine if they meet the requirements or limitations of the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Why do I need a jumper chair for my child?

To properly raise a child, there really is no NEED to have a bouncer. However, parents who take advantage of the benefits of a jumper, get a break from handing out constant baby attention to attend to other nearby duties or interests.

Infants and young children who are placed in one of these jumpers enjoy developmental benefits. This include freedom of movement, the development of muscle coordination, and learning to be self-entertaining while maintaining the safe feeling of being in contact with you.

What benefits does my child get from spending time in a jumper?

Children who experience time in a jumper benefit both physically and mentally from their time in the bouncer. They learn balance, direction, walking/pedal movements, and self-entertainment.

Models of jumpers that have extras and additions such as flashing lights and bright colors are often adorned with learning opportunities such as the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, and more.

In addition to the physical benefits, your child is stimulated mentally by their environment rather than direct human contact. They are able to watch and observe the actions and interactions of other family members and react to their surroundings freely.

Often this can lead to hilarity when the baby is excitable and hops around like a rabbit with its tail on fire. This will lead to you laughing hysterically, which is good for your mood, your mental state, lowering your stress, and overall well-being.

How easy is it to use a baby jumper?

Using a the best baby jumper is as simple as sitting your child in a car seat or outside infant swing. The hardest part is getting their pudgy little legs through the leg holes when they are kicking with excitement. Removing them from the bouncer is as simple as picking them up with the same issue of difficulty when little legs do not cooperate.

Are baby bouncers safe to use?

When it’s time to buy a jumperoo for your baby, the important question that will come to your mind is: “are jumpers bad for babies”. If you are having this thought, then it is perfectly normal. As a parent, you have to be protective of your baby and any product that will jeopardize her safety should be avoid. So what’s the answer?

Yes, baby bouncers are safe to use. Provided that you follow the manufacturer’s suggested guidelines for size, weight, and use of the bouncer, these self-entertaining units are perfectly safe for children. That is under the condition that the children using the jumpers are physically able to support their own head weight and have some degree of muscle control. Once the child is able to independently stand and walk relatively well, it is time to graduate from the bouncer. As with any tool,

Best Stationary Jumpers

Now that we have cleared all the possible questions you may have, you are ready to choose one of these jumpers for your baby. First, consider the benefits of each one in relation to their features. You need to also consider the pros and cons of each unit. After looking at all of these and you still have a model that sticks out to you, then that is the right one for your baby. The best jumpers for babies are as follows:

1. Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

best baby jumpers

This sturdy A-frame jumper is the perfect solution to your child’s mobile entertainment. This bouncing system is easily portable, weighs only 11.3 pounds, and stands on four sturdy legs that support and suspend your child just inches from the floor.

The heavy duty industrial strength spring system is equipped with back-up safety straps and secure locking clasps. This ensure that the seat will not detach from the unit if a portion of the system fails.

Babies everywhere enjoy bouncing around while exercising. And this system gives them the freedom to do just that with a full 360 degree view. While offering them secure body support, this jumper gives your child the freedom of movement to practice balance and strengthen muscles without the fear of them falling.

Because it is made in free standing design, you don’t have to worry about confining your child to the doorway or worry if it wouldn’t meet the height of a doorway. In addition, it gives your child the freedom to play around without distraction because it doesn’t have any toy or tray.

Your baby don’t have to put in too much effort to get it moving since the jumper retracts easily. This will further create more excitement and fun and entertainment as your little one will find no difficult in operating it. When you watch a few Youtube video about this model, you will realize that most babies are not only comfortable but also very happy with their jumpers.

  • The Jolly Jumper is a free standing jumper
  • Suitable for babies in the pre-walking stage
  • This item weighs 11.3 pounds and measures 38 x 21 x 2.8 inches
  • It does not require batteries to operate

When it comes to safety and the basics in baby bouncers, this bouncer will do the trick. Free of extra bells and whistles, this unit is perfect for keeping your little one contained. And most importantly, it still allows your little one the freedom of movement, muscle development, and spacial discovery.

  • Very springy
  • Compact and easy to transfer from one place to another
  • Comfortable harness system
  • Well constructed and keeps your baby happy and entertained
  • Your baby is not confined to a doorway like other units
  • Absence of clicks sound when your baby jumps around
  • It is easy to dissemble and fold for storage
  • It is bulky
  • This bouncer does not come with extra toys or attachments
  • Although this unit is portable, it is not completely collapsible
  • Getting the baby in and out of the jumper can be stressful and tiring

best baby jumpers

2. Jolly Jumper with Super Stand


best baby jumpers

Active babies will love this portable jumping unit and the fun interactive play mat. Suspended from a heavy duty spring system, this bouncing unit is supported by a central yolk to ensure that your babe stays balanced and upright when swinging or bouncing.

The open link design of the attachment chain allows parents to adjust the height of the seat to accommodate each individual child’s height and contact with the floor.

The extended height of this unit gives parents the luxury of utilizing this bouncing unit for a lengthy period during the child’s early growing stages. Your baby will be supported as it gets taller and better at balance, walking, and overall mastering of their muscle movements.

The manufacturer does recommend that parents observe and follow the 33 pound weight limit. And thanks to the premium spring action, this jumper provides ultra-bounce for your baby. It is sturdy, well built and easily stored. The beauty of this unit is that you can take this anywhere with you since it does not rely on door frame.

  • No tool is required for assembly
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor
  • This jumper is not portable
  • The Jolly Jumper with Super Stand is not dishwasher safe
  • It does not require battery to operate
  • The unit weighs 15.6 pounds and measures 32.3 x 16 x 3.1 inches
  • No doorway need to use this unit

Because of its portability, the Jolly Jumper with Super Stand can easily be moved from one room to another. It features a metal frame and durable seat that makes it great for use outside the house. Moreover, your baby can learn how to balance and develop rhythm while enjoy the fun and entertainment that comes with the unit.

  • Improves balance and helps to develop rhythm
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Develops coordination and strengthens muscles
  • Proven quality with first support for baby’s spine
  • It is easy to assemble, no tools required
  • This jumper is portable so you can use it indoor and outdoor
  • This unit has extra tall legs to accommodate taller children, however, this can lead to difficulty in storing the unit
  • It does not come with extra attachments

best baby jumpers

Best Stationary Activity Jumpers for Baby

3. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition


best baby jumpers

Active pre-walkers and beginning toddlers will be full of delight with all of the activities, sights, and sounds that this jumper has to offer them. This sturdy 20 pound metal open top frame design gives secure support for jumping and super easy loading and unloading of your child.

With five different height settings, this unit is ready to grow with your child. The unique 360 degree rotating seat gives your child the freedom to choose which of the toys or activities to explore from the four different activity stations.

Complete with an array of colorful and attention getting toys, this unit also offers side trays for snacks, hanging characters, flashing lights, exciting sounds, and padded rails for the ultimate in baby entertainment. This unit offers the physical benefits of a bouncer, the stimulation of an entertainment center, and the safety of being in a secure and safe play area.

With the spinning motion of the jumper, it is easy for your baby to switch from one toy to another. This will ensure that your baby is not bored in a short period of time. The swing comes with four hanging points which means that your baby can make lots of bounces from side to side.

  • This baby jumper features toys and attachment
  • It includes four activity stations
  • It weighs 20.9 pounds and measures 30.5 x 33 x 29 inches
  • Batteries are required to operate this unit
  • It may not be dishwasher safe
  • The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper may not be portable
  • The maximum recommended baby weight is 25 pounds and the minimum recommended baby weight is 15 pounds

Therefore, when it comes to the ultimate in baby interactive stations, this jumper is full of things to keep your child entertained without your constant attention. This activity center gives your child the freedom of an all-around view, the fun and beneficial activity of bouncing, and the entertainment from any one of four different activity stations. No product is perfect. Although this unit is collapsible, the unique design and shape may be an issue in smaller storage areas. If you re looking for the best baby jumper, you can depend on this one.

  • The seat has a soft padding and is easy to remove and wash
  • The toys on this unit are made from high quality materials
  • This unit offers the choice of English, French, or Spanish sound effects
  • This bouncer has added padding in the seat for ultimate comfort
  • This activity center is easily portable and storable
  • There are 5 height settings to choose from
  • The seat rotates 360 to give your baby access to toys
  • The lights and sounds of this unit are supplied by the power of three AA batteries, with approximately 20 hours of entertainment for your child
  • This type of jumper does not have wheels so the parent has to move the unit from one location to another manually

best baby jumpers

4. Fisher-Price Floral Confetti SpaceSaver


best baby jumpers

It won’t take your baby long to get moving in this cute little stationary activity jumper. This interactive unit will delight children from infants to toddlers with an array of bright lights, interesting sounds, and interactive toys.

This best baby jumper is powered by three AAA batteries. Moreover, this 12-pound jumper reward your child with musical sounds and flashing lights for every bounce. There is no shortage of fun when it comes to this activity center and bouncer. The overhead rainbow shaped activity bar is height adjustable as is the entire unit.

This means that busy parents are able to utilize this self-discovery bouncing center for a longer period of time — all through their child’s development and growth. When it is time to put away the fun, this unit collapses to a flat unit that can be stored in a closet or easily slid under a crib or bed until the next play time.

The jumper has the capability to fold flat. It is compact and easy to move around. Not only is it affordable, but it’s a great space saver as well. The toys on the jumper are engaging so that your baby doesn’t feel bored while playing with them.

Truly, this can release some time for you to relax and manage other important chores in the house. Most importantly, the Fisher-Price Woodland is stable and sturdy.

  • It is available in two color variants: Floral Confetti and Woodland Friends
  • The jumper features a spring enclosed by fabric
  • No door is required for assembly and allows baby to jump freely
  • Rewards baby with lights and sounds for every jump
  • Soft-sided overhead toy bar plus squirrel roller ball and two spinners

Entertaining your child while developing their motor skills, physical strength, and mental stimulation is as easy as placing them in this busy activity center. You will be able to get your chores done while your pre-walker entertains themselves with a multitude of lights, sounds, and activities.

  • Lights and sounds are re-activated with each bounce of your baby
  • Play areas are padded, springs are cloth covered, and the sturdy construction make this center safe for baby
  • Folds flat for portability and space saving storage
  • There are eight different toys for the child to explore and play with
  • To utilize the overhead toy bar, parents must do some minor assembly
  • This unit should not be used by children who are able to walk or crawl out
  • Three AA batteries are required for operation of this bouncing play center; this should provide approximately 90 hours of entertainment

best baby jumpers

5. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumper


best baby jumpers

The fun toys on this jumper helps your baby to develop motor skills and coordination. With the ability to jump and spin in the Luv U Zoo, the jumper will give your child lots of fun and enjoyment. The jumper can take frequent and heavy use because of its durable construction. In addition, there are plenty of attractions to keep your baby entertained.

It helps your baby to explore variety of textures, shapes, colors and helps he/she to develop additional hand-eye coordination. To provide maximum safety for your child, the jumper is made from freestanding steel frame which is sturdy and comes with non-slip footings. You don’t have to secure it to anything, it stands independently on its own.

Moreover, the durability of the jumper allows your baby to jump freely and safely. You can equally adjust the height to three different positions to accommodate your baby’s growing legs. If you have an active pre-walker, this unit is sure to capture their attention, at least long enough for you to catch your breath.

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo comes with all the safety features so that your baby can jump without hitting the bar. In addition, you don’t have to fear your baby falling out of the seat while jumper. In fact, it is more safer than the doorway jumpers. Importantly, there are no doorways required and the steel frame is sturdy and strong.

  • It is made of plastic, polyester, and metal material
  • Baby’s jumping is rewarded with music, sounds, and lights
  • Seat can spin 360 degrees so baby can discover toys all around
  • The jumper adjusts to 3 different heights as baby grows
  • It features a soft spring covers to keep your baby’s finger safe
  • This item weighs 17 pounds and measures 24 x 22 x 7.3 inches
  • The Fisher-Price Luv U requires 3 AA batteries
  • This jumper is machine washable
  • The minimum weight recommendation is for children from 16 Ounces to maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds

This kind of jumpers make your baby’s fingers be prone to accident and they are linked to hip dyspepsia and other hips problems in babies. Moreover, setting up this unit should take you less than 8 minutes. This is because the steps are simple to follow and you don’t need any instruction to get the thing up. Also, this unit allows your baby to engage in different activities and keep him busy while you work in the kitchen.

  • Colorful
  • The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo swivels in all direction
  • Easy to get your baby in and out of the Luv U Jumper
  • The jumper is roomy and accommodating
  • It has a great price-to-value ratio
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • The seat spin for more baby activities
  • Putting this unit together is easy and straightforward
  • It is safe for your baby’s finger since doorway is not required
  • The price of this unit is friendly
  • The Luv U Jumperoo is very sturdy and can be used for more than one child
  • Not portable
  • It can be difficult to get your baby in and out of this jumper
  • The hanging toys may droop after a couple months of use

best baby jumpers

Best Jumpers for Doorways

Here are some of the best baby jumper for doorway to choose for your baby. They have been selected based on previous experience of users. When you select a door jumper for baby, you will be able to use it on your doorway, which is the good thing about this design.

They are designed in such a way that they help your baby try her/his first steps even without stepping outside the door of your house. We didn’t just pull these together though.

In order to ensure you get the best out of these jumpers, we make sure that we selected only best baby door jumper, which means they are strong, durable, and will be able to withstand abuse. Look at the features and advantages of each jumper and select the one that meet you and your babies preferences.

6. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper


best baby jumpers

Keep your little jumper happy in this interactive bouncing seat that you can easily mount above any sturdy door frame. The polyester seat offers your babe comfort and support for all of their jumping fun.

The design of the support straps allows for height adjustment of this bouncer so that it can grow with your child. The manufacturer suggests that children from five and a half pounds up to the maximum weight limit of 25 pounds are safe to use this bouncer.

The entire weight of this unit is only three and a half pounds. This is perfect for instant portability to any location. This type of jumper is the perfect solution to the busy parent who has limited living space and an active pre-toddler.

The Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper offers a great way to give your baby a lot of fun. Not only will your little one have a great time in the jumper, you would also be able to catch some fun watching him/her laugh and smile while jumping.

This unit comes with variety of toys that are adjustable to different heights. It also features a rubber bumper around the edges which helps to prevent hard bumps in the doorway. Attaching the unit to the wall shouldn’t give you too much stress and adjusting it to fit your baby properly shouldn’t be too hard for you.

This jumper is perfect for small apartments and all your mobile needs — all that is necessary for installation is a sturdy doorway. Moreover, the seat, toys, and tray of this unit is surface washable — for extreme situations, the seat is removable and machine washable. Overall, you can easily transport this jumper from one location to another with minimal space constrictions.

  • It is made of Polyester
  • This jumper features a bounce spring with hidden safety cord for good leg action
  • You can move this doorway jumper from one room to another with ease
  • The seat pad is removable and machine washable
  • It comes with non-twist straps to make it easy to put your baby in and take out
  • Recommended for child from 5.5 to 25 pounds
  • Should be used for a child that can hold head up unassisted

When it comes to portability, this best baby jumper is nearly as simple and portable as it gets. Constructed of high-grade plastic and industrial strength springs and attachments, this jumper is the perfect solution for the parent who is always on the move and needs a highly portable and easily adaptable entertainment solution for their pre-toddler.

  • It is a portable and fun way to entertain your child
  • This jumper features a removable and washable seat pad
  • Non-twist straps and plastic dome makes it easy to get your baby in and out of the jumper
  • It has a hidden safety cord for ensuring maximum safety for your little one
  • This unit has an adjustable height
  • Interactive play toys as well as built in toys
  • There are no flashing lights or sounds with this bouncing unit
  • Although installation is a simple concept, shorter parents may find reaching the top of the doorway a challenge that must be met with a step stool or ladder

best baby jumpers

7. Sassy Inspire the Senses Doorway Jumper


best baby jumpers

Bright colors and fun abound when you place your child in this wildly interactive doorway bouncer. There is no shortage of activities on this unit with an assortment of teethers, spinners, and soft toys. In addition, this jumper is ideal for your child from the age of 4 months and up to the maximum weight of 25 pounds.

The no-twist straps ensure that you can effortlessly load and unload your child for hours of hands-off entertainment.

Bouncing and jumping will allow them to develop their coordination, muscle memory skills, balance, and self-entertainment qualities; a benefit to both child and parent alike.

When it comes to portability, this jumper will have you covered and keep you on the move. As a result, Sassy Inspire construct this jumper with heavy-duty but lightweight materials, which makes it easy to move from one position to another. Busy parents and excitable children will love the time they spend in this interactive doorway jumper.

Moreover, there are no sharp object or rough areas around the bottom of the unit so that your baby can still crawl around it when he/she is not in the seat.

  • No battery required to operate
  • Easily adjust the height of the unit
  • Attach to framed doorways easily
  • Comes with removable toys to keep your child entertained
  • This item weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 14.9 x 13.5 x 6.6 inches

This jumper is adjustable to grow with your child through their development and mastering of their motor skills. This bouncer gives your child the freedom of 360 degree unrestricted movement, while keeping them contained in a safe and secure area.

  • The light-weight 5.2 pound construction makes this jumper super easy to move from one space to another
  • The spring loaded claw-like enclosure ensures tight tension of the supports against the door frame
  • This unit comes with six different activity toys to entertain children
  • Features a clamping mechanism that keeps it tight and secure
  • This jumper comes with removable and washable seat cover
  • This jumper has to have an overhead area to attach to such as a doorframe or other horizontal support
  • There are no flashing lights or interactive sounds with this jumper

best baby jumpers

8. Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper


best baby jumpers

The Evenflo ExerSaucer is considered the Best Exersaucer Jumper and it is considered for a reason. This baby swing is suitable for babies that are able to hold up their head unassisted from 4 months up to 24 pounds — or a walking age. The seat is fully framed and designed in such a way that your child is surrounded, thus giving maximum support and safety. You can also remove the seat pad from the jumper and it is easy to clean.

The jumper includes a clamp that helps to secure it tightly on your interior doorway. In order to ensure you have a proper installation, the jumper is recommended to be installed on a doorway that is at least 3 inches thick and not more than 6 inches thick with firmly affixed door trim at least 1/2 inch wide.

  • The Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper is available in six colors: Bumbly, Marianna, Owl, Up, Pink Bumbly, and Roo
  • It can fit standard doorways that are 3-6 inches thick
  • This is a doorway jumper
  • The jumper features a framed seat that surrounds your child
  • The straps is adjustable to allow for growing height and weight of your baby
  • It weighs 2.7 pounds and measures 15.7 x 7 x 4.1 inches. The maximum weight recommendation for baby is 24 pounds

If you are looking for the best jumperoo that can provide entertainment for your little one without taking your floor space, this is it. It features a removable and washable seat pad so that you can keep the seat and your baby clean at all times.

  • No battery required to operate it
  • It is affordable
  • No tools required for assembly
  • The height is adjustable
  • Light and compact
  • The spring are fully enclosed so that your baby’s fingers are prevented from touch Sturdy and easy to tuck away when not in use
  • Makes squeaky sounds when baby jumps
  • May not be suitable for most doorways

best baby jumpers

9. Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp


best baby jumpers

The Jolly Jumper Exerciser is not only well made but also lightweight. This means that you can use it for more than one child and enjoy its service for an extended period of time. Moreover, moving it from one place to another will be difficult.

Unlike other baby jumpers, you don’t have any worries if you want to take it along when visiting your grandparents or you want to use it outdoors. It is compact and a space saver. Accordingly, it is very portable and also very useful for you and your baby. With this setup in your home, you can now get more things done.

  • Available in blue color
  • Door clamp is included
  • No batteries required
  • Can be used for both gender
  • Can only be used on doorways with maximum of 6 inches
  • Recommended for baby from 3 months to walking age
  • It weighs only one pounds and measures 1 x 1 x 1 inches

When you are working or cleaning in the house, your baby can be enjoying in the jumper. If you allow your little one to engage in enough jumps in this unit, she can burn enough energy, which helps greatly in taking a full night sleep.

  • It is well constructed
  • The Jolly Jumper Exerciser is affordable
  • This unit is compact and very useful
  • The quality makes up for the price of the unit
  • You can easily set up this jumper
  • Easy to move from one room to another
  • The harness is very supportive so it is ideal for younger child
  • No need for pillows or blankets to support your child
  • It may not be dishwasher safe

best baby jumpers

10. Graco Bumper Jumper Bear Trail


best baby jumpers

The Graco Bumper Jumper is easy to move from room to room. Moreover, it comes with a no-mark doorframe clamp that makes it impossible for marks to stick to your doorway.

It features a sturdy bounce spring which comes with a safety cord for nonstop little leg action and jumping joy. This unit is packed with many attractive features that helps keep your baby close to you. Because the seat cover is removable and dishwasher safe, you can easily take it out an clean it. Thus, cleaning should not be a problem for you. So if you are the hygiene type, you can be sure keeping your baby’s product is made easier with this jumper.

The straps easily twist so that getting your baby in and out of the unit is easy and thanks to the adjustable height, the jumper can accommodate your growing tot’s weight and height.

TThis jumper is gender neutral so it can be usd for both boys and girls. The Graco Bumper Jumper is completely made from polyester and though it does not come assembled, it can easily be stringed together without much fuss. The leg openings are equally large enough to accommodate larger legs. The jumper features an easy to clean jumper with lots of compartments for keeping small food and toys.

  • Recommended for children up to 25 pounds
  • No batteries required to operate
  • It should be used for children who can hold their head upright unassisted
  • This jumper weighs 4.1 pounds and measures 17.5 x 69.5 x 17 inches

The thick metal strings on the baby jumper makes it secure and safe. Moreover all the weight of the bouncer rests on the doorway trim and not directly on the wall itself. Therefore, ensure the trim is well fastened to the doorway.

  • No-mark clamp
  • Safe and sturdy doorway jumper
  • Washable seat pad
  • Non-twist straps
  • Bear trail fashion to keep baby entertained
  • Maybe difficult to get your baby in and out
  • This jumper may not be suitable for a tall child

best baby jumpers

Top Rated Baby Jumper: A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

When deciding on the best baby jumper to purchase for your child, there are a number of different designs from which to choose. The sturdy A-frame construction bouncer is perfect for in-home use where space is not an issue. The open topped activity center bouncers with lights and sounds are great for those very active pre-toddlers who require a high amount of stimulation and activity.

For those children who are happy just hanging out and bouncing around, the doorway jumper is a great idea. Regardless of which of these bouncers you choose for your active pre-walker, you should know that you will enjoy their time in the “chair” as much (if not more) than they do!

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Comparison of the Best Baby Jumper

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper contains a tray where your baby can eat some semi-normal food while in the seat. Moreover, the height of the jumper is adjustable to 4 different levels. Fortunately for you, there are little plastic wheels on the seat which would enable your baby turn to any direction she desires.

The Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockets jumper comes with an adjustable attachment chains makes it adaptable to the size of your child. It is portable and can be used in many different situations including outside. Central attachment of the spring system to the frame offers superior balance and safety while in use.

Unlike the Fisher Price jumper on this list, you can easily adjust the height of the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper. This means you won’t waste too much time taking the thing down and working it — all you need is to just release the grip and adjust it up or down. This is why it is the best baby jumper for this purpose.

Although, the Fisher-Price Floral Confetti SpaceSaver only has one spring in the back so it does not bounce as easily as other jumper, you will still find it useful for your baby. When you have chores to do or just need a break from the day, let this highly interactive best baby jumper be your “babysitter” for a while. Your baby will thank you for that.

How We Chose the Top Baby Jumpers in Our List

Before coming up with the best baby jumper in this list, we first had to research what the experts say on the use of them and what parents feel about using them. It is clear from our research that there is difference between this group of people.

While the experts feels that the use of jumpers may be dangerous to babies, most parents really appreciate the period they used this product for their children. We can just discount the fact that many parents have successfully used baby jumpers and found it to be helpful while raising their youngsters.

As a result, we relied on reports on parents on their use of their chosen baby jumper. Since Dads and Moms have different feelings and reservations, we have been able to diffuse their need in baby jumpers. On this, we research, pruned and come up with our list.

With proper scrutiny and feedback from parents, we have been able to screen most of the jumpers in the market and settled on a few dubbed “The Best Baby Jumpers” to buy in 2019. Another factor we put into consideration is the rating and reputation of baby jumper brands. Most of the models in the market are simply dropped because we couldn’t obtain enough information on the product or the brand’s poor credibility prevented us from including it in our list.

If you are a new parent, a starter, or just looking to replace your old jumper, you will find a proper model in our top rated baby jumper list. Even if you are not ready to buy now, you’ll have full idea about what to looking for when buying. Moreover, you will already be informed on the pitfalls to avoid when you are selecting the best baby jumper for your baby.

Which One is the Best Baby Jumper for Baby Girl?

After writing this review, we started seeing some queries from parents who want to know which of these is the best jumper for baby girl. Fortunately, there are many choices out there that you can choose from. If you are however finding it difficult to settle on one, we checked out the options available and we were able to come up with some good options for you.

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper is a suitable jumper for baby girl. Once your baby is up to 5 months or is able to securely support her head, you can put here in the Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper. There are others our there but we have found this one is okay as there are lots of good reviews on it and this also comes from those who have used it for baby girl.

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Final Words on the Best Baby Jumper

At the end of the day, your final decision will be obtained after you consider your budget, your baby’s safety, and your own preferences. And when you select the best baby jumper, you have more leeway as regard satisfying your child’s tastes and your own pocket.

We hope that you find this guide on the best baby jumper useful!

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