Best Baby Swing Brands 2019

Best Baby Swing Brands: Choosing a Swing for your Baby

We all want what is best for our new babies, and while we wish we could hold them all the time, the reality is that at some point we will have to set them down so we can cook dinner or take a hot shower. I would like to show you the best baby swings available so that your little one can take it easy in comfort and style during those times we can’t keep them in our arms.

#1. 4Moms MamaRoo

Best Baby Swing Brands

The MamaRoo stands out among the list of baby swing brands. Its sleek modern style will certainly impress your baby and the other moms. MamaRoo is the baby swing of the future with 5 different settings your baby will love including car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave.

The MamaRoo also comes equipped with 5 different speeds, adjustable seat recline, built in sounds such as white noise, blue tooth capabilities so you can play baby whatever music you know they love. The MamaRoo baby swing is truly a baby swing of the future.

The Good: 4Moms MamaRoo is an elite among the best baby swing brands. It offers more than any other brand as far as rocking settings and speed. The MamaRoo promises to make your baby feel as if you are holding them even when you can’t.

The Bad: Unfortunately the MamaRoo is the most expensive of the baby swing brands. It ranges from $150-$250 which is quite a bit of money for a swing that only holds babies up to 25lbs.

Conclusion: If you have the money, you can not go wrong with the MamaRoo. Sometimes babies can be picky as to how they like to be rocked, but the MamaRoo has all the available options and your baby will love one of them! The MamaRoo may be too much of a splurge for mommy’s on a budget.

#2. Fisher-Price

Best Baby Swing BrandsA long known and loved brand, Fisher-Price is always a great choice for your baby. They understand what babies and parents need and offer a broad range of choices from any budget. Their careful thought and quality products land them in the best baby swing brands list.

There are many swings to choose from under the Fisher-Price brand from fully automated swings that plug-in or use batteries down to the cute little swings you can rock with your foot while you relax with a book. It can be scary to leave your baby in a swing for the first few times while you take time for yourself but with Fisher-Price you can trust that your baby is safe and cozy.

The Good: Fisher-Price is a brand that has been around for many generations. They understand that babies are each different so they offer a wide range of products for moms to choose from. Fisher-Price also has a great choice for every budget and can be found in most stores that carry baby products.

The Bad: Some of the smaller and cheaper options may not last long as babies grow quickly and gain weight fast. If you purchase a small swing when for your newborn you may find yourself purchasing another in a few months when your baby is bigger or if you want more options.

Conclusion: You can’t go wrong with baby swing brands that have been around as long as this one. Fisher-Price cares about their customers no matter their price range and is sure to impress any baby with their cute designs.

#3. Gracobaby

Best Baby Swing BrandsAnother company that has been around for a while, Graco has always offered solid baby products and furniture. They are always placed high on the list for the safety of their car seats and functionality of their strollers. It is no surprise they also stand out in the baby swings brand category.

You can tell by looking at Graco products they are made with care and quality. They always appear sturdy and you would feel safe placing your little one in the gently rocking swings. Graco products are also usually themed meaning you can buy a swing that matches your nursery if you decide to use Graco products to decorate.

The Good: Graco always has quality products usually ranging from $40 -$200 which is a broad range of products. They have a great return policy and guarantee all of their products on quality and safety.

The Bad: This is another brand that babies may outgrow quickly if you buy one of the smaller swing options. Also, many of their products run on batteries and as the baby gets heavier, the swing will slow down under the weight.

Conclusion: The different options available are all solid choices especially if you love matching your baby furniture. All of their products are company guaranteed and easy to return if you happen to not like it. Graco truly cares about their customer’s satisfaction as well as safety.

Final Words on the Best Baby Swing Brands

These are just some of the best baby swing brands that you can look into when buying a baby swing for your baby. Each one comes with different benefits and disadvantages that will ultimately determine which one you will go with. Before making a buying decision from any of these brands, you should research them well enough to be sure they produce quality products.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much because all of these brands are some of the best in the industry. Therefore, all you have to do is to choose between them based on the features and capabilities of their product. It is very easy now for you to choose which product is right for your baby.

With this guide, you should now have a clear understanding of what the popular brands of baby swings are and which one to choose. Finally, it is important to note that the best baby swing brands is one that suits not only yourself but also your baby’s preferences, so you should ensure to check that out.

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