Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces 2019

best baby swing for small spaces

You will agree with me that choosing the best baby swing for small spaces can be very difficult.

There are so many options out there. And, naturally it will be overwhelming choosing what you need for that small space especially if this is your first time.

This is why we decide to research top 5 best baby swing for small spaces for your baby. We have helped you select the top swings based on their quality, popularity among users, general perception about the product, and price.

Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces 2019

Since there are no comprehensive reviews on the internet on this topic, we have decided to go in-depth in each review to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Therefore, we have in-depth review of each product and a buyer guide in the right direction.

The table below shows the top 5 best baby swing 2019 on the market. Each model is handpicked and carefully selected based on its capacity to function well in a small space.
ModelRangeWeightPricePrice and Review
Graco Glider LX
Gliding Swing
5.5 to 30 Pounds18 Pounds$$$Price and Review
Ingenuity ConvertMe
Ridgedale Swing
Birth to 9 Months9 Pounds$$Price and Review
Fisher-Price Deluxe
Take Along Swing
Birth to 25 Pounds1 Pound$$Price and Review
Comfort & Harmony
Cozy Kingdom
Birth to 20 Pounds7 Pounds$$Price and Review
Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy
Jungle Portable Swing
Birth to 25 Pounds17 Pounds$$$ Price and Review

Best Baby Swing For Small Spaces Buyers Guide

best baby swing for small spaces

There are many things you need to look at when you are shopping for the best baby swing. However, when you are looking for a portable baby swing for a small space, you need to look at specific features and specific areas to ensure you don’t waste money and suffer buyer’s remorse later on.

Bigger swings don’t translate into the best choice. When you are looking for a portable swing, you need to consider your room space, price, and your child’s comfort. Any additional feature after these three are a bonus for you. Let’s explain these things in details.

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  • Space: The first thing you need to consider is the space or area you want to use the swing. If you have a specific area in mind — like the kitchen, you need to select a swing that is compact and portable. If you can get the smallest size for this space, then go for it as long as it is of high quality and the right price. Most time, you may not be able to get exactly what you want. In this case, look at the specifications and see if it is close to what you are looking for.
  • Price: When you are looking at specific features on a baby product, you should have a budget in mind (or price if you like). Although certain features may require that you have a decent budget if you want high quality product that will fulfill exactly what you are buying it for.

    Fortunately, most portable baby swings have a decent price and you don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts to purchase them. The baby swing models we have in this article have different prices ranging from $50 to $120. This is very affordable. And if you don’t have a great deal of cash, you can choose one of the cheaper ones and go with it.

  • Safety and Comfort: When you are buying products for your baby, always buy based on the safety and comfort features. Even if a baby swing is cheap and meets your criteria, you shouldn’t buy it if does not have a good safety rating. If possible, your baby’s comfort and safety should be your first priority when you are making a buying decision.

    You shouldn’t compromise this at any time. This is why we review each product extensively. We like you to see downsides and the positives of the product and choose base on your gut feeling. We have helped you done the research and made sure each of the products have high safety and comfort ratings. You just choose one that suits your preferences.

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1. Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing – Best Swing for All Babies

best baby swing for small spaces

The Graco Glider LX comes with 6 gliding speeds that allow you to keep the pace of the seat with your baby’s mood.

This is a good feature for you if you have a troublesome boy or girl.

Sometimes, all you need to keep your baby entertained is a little swing here and there that matches the mood.

Once this is done, you can go about your daily routine since the swing will become a partner to your baby.

The Graco Glider LX features varieties of melodies and a couple of nature sounds to keep your child company while you are busy in the kitchen.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to be around for this sound to work. Just rock your baby a few times and put on the entertainment. Then all you need is occasional check to ensure your baby is safe, which is what you should if you are a busy mama.

Your baby loves to play and toy items can be the best companion to facilitate that. To make this possible, Graco has included an adjustable toy bar just above the child with two conspicuous soft toys so that your baby can stare and shout at them.

The bar is adjustable so you won’t have any problem when you need to access the baby. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to be around your baby all the time for it to play on it’s own.

Although this baby swing is compact, it is also roomy. The swing comes with plush body support to comfort your child when it’s in the swing. And with the three adjustable recline positions, you will never find it difficult to set a comfortable position for your little one.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry or stress yourself when you leave your child in the swing. Thanks to the five-point harness system, your baby can enjoy hours of play and relaxation in a secure and safe environment.

Some people love the Graco Glider LX for its sturdy construction and cute aesthetics. While some users enjoy the efficient swing motion and the ability to recline the swing to a suitable position for their child.

Now is the time to talk about the downsides of this product. The music on the glider is a little harsh and sounds screechy as evident many complaints from users. If you are banking on the music then this may not be the swing for your baby. Other than this, this is a good swing for the price.
  • The weight recommendation is for use with a baby from 5.5-30 lbs
  • You can use batteries to power it or plug it in
  • It comes with 2-Speed vibration setting to keep your baby relaxed
  • Graco Glider LX has plush body support and 3-recline positions for the comfort of your baby
  • This product is available in 4 colors: Peyton, Affinia, Allison, and Raffy with different prices

Overall, this is a nice baby swing for all babies. It comes with the option to use batteries and an option to plug in. This provides ample options for you to keep your baby comfortable anytime whether you have access to electricity or not. It also allows you to quickly glide an older baby to sleep without all the fuss.

  • The weight recommendation is for use with a baby weighing 5.5 lbs to 30 lbs
  • It comes with vibrations
  • Adorable toys to help your baby relax
  • The back is adjustable so that a small baby can fit in properly
  • Indicator lights maybe too bright at night
  • Music is screechy

best baby swing for small spaces

2. Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing – Good for Fashion and Style

best baby swing for small spaces

The Ingenuity ConvertMe swing is not only a fashionable baby swing but one that is rich in features that will help keep your baby secure, safe, and comfortable.

With the ability to convert into a bouncer-style seat, this swing will leave you with some leftover dollars after purchasing.

Thanks to the SlimFold technology championed by Ingenuity, you can fold up the swing (completely flat) when your baby is ready to walk.

This is also a nice feature that allows you to effortlessly store the baby swing without taking up too much space in your storage area.

You will also be able to enjoy Hybrid Drive technology which is designed to improve the battery life of the swing. This is a welcome development if you are already thinking of possible options to use the swing when you don’t have access to electricity.

No more fear of where to keep your baby when you are going on a picnic or vacation. Unlike other swings, the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale allows you to easily stock up toys for your baby to play with. It features a uniquely designed toy bar with a loop for adding more toys.

The bar also pivots out of the way, allowing you easier access to your little one. Some users appreciate the ability to put the swing together with ease, something some competing models are lacking.

This swing is praised for being quiet and portable, however, the speed is a bit slow and the vibration is not very encouraging.

The head cushion is minimally adjustable. This means that it will not be very comfortable for newborns or a small baby. If your baby is small, this may not be the best option for her.
  • There are no option to plug in, you have to use batteries
  • The maximum weight this swing can accommodate is 20 lbs
  • It is available in 4 colors: Grey+white, Orson+grey, Sahara Burst, Seneca with different prices
  • The swing can be converted to a vibrating seat

Overall, this is an attractive baby swing for you. If you like to keep baby products to match with your home color palette, you will fall in love with the Ingenuity ConvertMe swing. It is designed in a fashionable color palette that can easily go with your home decor.

  • The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing is made from super soft materials so that it is comfortable and easy on your baby
  • It includes pleasant and variety of sounds to keep your child entertained and soothed
  • With its small size, you can easily keep this baby swing in any room
  • It is not difficult to move from one room to another
  • The safety straps on this swing lack proper alignment

best baby swing for small spaces

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing + Seat – Colorful and Full of Features

best baby swing for small spaces

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along is an all-in-one convertible swing and seat designed to accommodate your growing child.

It comes with a plush seat, soothing sound system, and soft newborn insert.

This swing promises to keep your child company and provide a serene environment both for resting and sleeping.

It can be completely folded so you can take it along with your baby to the babysitter, granny or your favorite vacation location.

It features the Smart Swing technology, which helps you find the perfect position for your little one.

The swing includes 6-speed variations starting from low to high, which can detect your baby’s weight automatically and adjust to the appropriate position for maximum support and comfort.

This means that the swing will adjust as your baby grows and provide just the required speed to accommodate your infant.

Most importantly, it can transition from a swing to a stationary seat with soothing sound and overhead toys to keep your tot well entertained.

While a few of the users complain about a poor battery life, majority are happy and content with the Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing. Some users loved that it is portable and leaves a small footprint. This is a great option for those that lacks enough storage space.

The vibration option is well received among users. It can be used alone or with the swinging motion and helps your child go to sleep.

There are downsides to this swing, although minimal. There are no charger or any option to plug in and use without battery. Moreover, some customers have found it a bit stressful to fold up or store.
  • The weight recommendation for Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing is from babies up to 25 pounds
  • The only option available to power this swing is batteries. C batteries are required to make this work
  • The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along can easily be converted to a stationary variation baby seat
  • You can carry it anywhere with ease with the smart overhead handle
  • It is available in 2 colors: Multicolor and Pink+white with different prices

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing is compact, lightweight, and easy to fold for storage and travel — when not assembled, you can easily fit it into a suitcase with other items (like diaper bags, baby blankets, etc) when you are traveling.

  • It comes with a lovable and attractive style and colors
  • The vibration is stable and allows your child to fall asleep easily
  • It has very strong batteries with durable life span so that you don’t worry about the absence of a plug in option
  • The C batteries are screwed in so you have to unscrew every time you want to access the batteries

best baby swing for small spaces

4. Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing – Best Swing Under $60

best baby swing for small spaces

The Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Swing is one of the portable swings out there that is designed with maximum comfort in mind.

It comes with plush body support to keep your child relax and comfortable and is designed to be used on the go.

When it’s folded, Cozy Kingdom Swing closes in properly and compact so that you don’t leave your baby’s favorite companion when you are traveling.

The Cozy Kingdom Swing features a Whisper Quiet technology that ensures your child’s quiet time is not intrude on.

This means that the swing motor works quietly and underground, so you don’t need to worry if your child can sleep in the swing.

The True Speed technology on the Comfort & Harmony Cozy Swing ensures that the 6-swinging speeds are consistent as your baby grows older and gains additional weight. With this, you won’t be looking for another swing when your baby grows bigger, saving you extra money and time.

The swing has a seat as well as head support to keep your child in a relaxed position while your continue your work in the kitchen. The seat cover and head support are removable so washing them should be easy.

If you take your personal hygiene very serious, you can wash other parts of the swing with a damp cloth and warm water.

Although this swing comes with many useful features, it suffers from some drawbacks. It may not be appropriate for small and newborn babies. If you have a bigger or older baby with some neck control, this may be the right swing for the baby.
  • The weight recommendation for the Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Swing is from babies up to 20 pounds
  • This baby swing works only on C batteries with an estimated 3 hours of operation
  • It is available in 4 Styles: Cozy Kingdom, Felicity Floral, Penelope Petals, and Sunny Snuggles with different prices

Overall this is a nice swing for the price. It is comfortable, safe, and secure for first time owners and pro users. If you want a swing that is easy to operate, has a good price, and operates quietly, this is it.

  • Small footprint
  • You can either recline this swing or slant upright
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Collapsible feature for frequent traveling
  • Makes clicking sound when changing speed, which may startle baby out of sleep

best baby swing for small spaces

5. Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle Portable Swing – Most Compact of All

best baby swing for small spaces

The exceptional feature about this swing is that it is easy to fold, lift, and move around the house.

It provides a safe environment for your baby to relax in while you go about your daily chores in the kitchen and around the house.

The Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy swing features a weight-sensing technology that analyses your baby’s weight and match it with a swinging speed that your baby will like.

This technology can keep the speed consistent as your child grows so that you don’t buy baby swings frequently.

The swing has an overhead bar with two low hanging toys that your baby can stare at or play with. You can remove the bar whenever you want to take out the baby.

  • This baby swing can only be used with C batteries and the estimated battery life is 24 hours
  • The recommended weight limit for the Bright Starts Bitsy Portable Swing is from babies put to 19 pounds
  • Bright Encouraging tags to keep your baby company
  • Weight adapting technology

The swing is furnished with 5-point harness system and non-slip legs to provide maximum comfort for your baby. You can remove the seat cover with ease for washing in your washing machine. It is folds easily and shuts off features that you don’t need to save your battery life.

  • High quality construction
  • Timer
  • It is easy to fold up and set up again
  • Portable
  • Good battery life
  • Frame needs unscrewing for washing
  • Very close to the floor

best baby swing for small spaces


Final Words on the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces

The best baby swing for small space should be safe, secure, well-made, easy to use, and priced reasonably. However, it may be difficult to find products that combine these features. Most times, you have to conduct a serious research, taking several hours.

Moreover, we have helped you cut out that research time needed to make the right selection. All the top 5 portable baby swing on this article pass our test and we researched them extensively before inclusion into the article.

These compact baby swings are all popular, highly rated, and priced reasonably. All you need to do is to select any one of the best baby swing for small spaces that you like.

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