Best Baby Swing Reviews of 2019

best baby swing reviews

Looking for the best baby swing reviews in 2019? Read on…

Different babies have different needs. A baby girl does not develop the same way as a baby boy. As such, their swings should reflect the differences of each. Furthermore, a sleeping swing will present a more focused set of needs than a swing designed for a baby’s sex.

That is why we have put together a list of baby swing reviews focused on the different features you should look for depending on your baby. We have also included buyer’s guides for each type of swing that singles out specific features that are more relevant to each type of swing and what makes them important.

Best Baby Swing Reviews 2019 with Complete Buyer Guides

best baby swing reviews

The Best Baby Swing for Girls

Do you have a baby girl you need to buy a swing for? Then you should read this guide on best baby swing reviews. In the following paragraphs, you will learn about all the features you should look for when searching for the best baby swing for a girl. And to make it easier for you, we have selected from the plenty options available those swings that have these features for you.

How to Buy the Best Baby Swing for Girls — The Complete Buyer Guide

Audio Features

Every baby loves a swing with excellent audio features, but baby girls may actually benefit from them a bit more. This has to do with the way the brain develops differently in boys and girls.

Whereas boys are more likely to develop hand-eye coordination and spatial understanding a bit quicker, girls will generally develop verbal skills earlier and demonstrate a better grasp of language when they do.

Both sexes of babies will benefit from any included melodies, as these will entertain your child. Likewise, a swing that features nature noises can both provide entertainment as well as soothing qualities—especially white noise sounds.

However, a swing that either includes or allows the addition of vocal audio tracks will appeal to a baby girl far more than baby boy. This will not only keep your baby girl preoccupied, it will also aid in her development as well.

Unfortunately, it is not nearly as common for a swing to include vocal audio tracks as it is for simple melodies and nature sounds. As such, it will often be incumbent on you to provide vocal tracks, and a swing which is able to connect to your smart device will do just that.

Toy Rack

Toy racks are fairly ubiquitous on high end baby swings–regardless the style or gender. It is convenient if you can lay your baby down for a moment or a nap, and a toy rack is there to keep them entertained either during the break or after they wake up.

While this features will benefit either a baby girl or a baby boy, it does present a unique advantage for baby girls. Baby boy’s will generally develop gross motor skills, the skills responsible for full-body movement and locomotion, quicker than girls. As such, a baby boy is likely to reach for the toy rack sooner.

However, once he gets ahold of the toy, baby boys have little to do with it–except maybe try to pull it down. Baby girls on the other hand, develop fine motor skills, the skills involved in finger movement and dexterous control, quicker than boys. In this instance, you will want an elaborate toy rack that features a wide variety of toys to challenge your baby girl’s rapidly developing fine motor skills.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear Ballerina Cradle ‘N Swing

best baby swing for girls

The Fisher-Price Snugabear takes the top spot as the best swing for girls, because it provides a wealth of great features without presenting any major flaws. It is important to note that we are not suggesting the mamaRoo is an inferior product. In fact, it has some distinct advantages over the Fisher-Price.

However, the Fisher-Price provides the best swinging experience available–and this applies to both boys and girls. Of course, boys have slightly different needs than girls, so the best swinging experience itself may not be your top priority.

Regardless, the Snugabear comes in an adorable color palette with an included toy rack that features cute ballerina bears which rotate on a motorized mobile. Moreover, the seat can be turned 90 degrees to provide either a front-to-back or side-to-side swinging motion, depending on your baby’s preference.

The swing also features 6 different speeds, so every baby can find a pace that soothes them best. Moreover, the motor features a smart swing technology that adjusts its swinging motion to accommodate your baby’s weight as she grows.

Throw in 16 different audio tracks of melodies and nature sounds, and your baby girl will be entertained or soothed, making this an ideal swing for napping or just taking a break. To make things even easier, the Snugabear also features a 120 volt adapter, so it can be powered by an outlet or batteries.

  • The smart swing technology allows this swing to maintain its quality motion by sensing the weight of your baby and adjusting
  • With a cradle set that features a reclined position and machine washable padding, your baby will be clean and comfortable
  • With a toy rack that rotates as well as a mirror combined with an expansive collection of audio tracks, you baby will be entertained for hours
  • The motor is fairly loud compared to other swings, so this may not be the best sleeping swing, though this is not always the case
  • It is a fairly large swing, and there really is no way to shrink its profile
  • If you power it the Snugabear with batteries, be prepared to change them regularly as this swing is a power hog
Our Verdict
The Snugabear is actually the best all-around swing on the market and has mountains of baby swing reviews to prove it. Though, rambunctious boys might be better served with a swing that focuses on stability and safety. Still, the Snugabear provides a reliable motor with an impressive toy rack that will aid in your daughter’s fine motor skill development. Unfortunately, it is rather large and relatively noisy–even at the outset.


best baby swing for girl


4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing

best baby swing for girls

While being an excellent swing in and of itself, the mamaRoo makes it on our list for a feature you will not find on many other models: connectivity. The mamaRoo has the ability to connect with your smartphone.

This allows two incredibly useful and convenient options. First, you can control the mamaRoo at a distance with the swing’s app. However, what really makes this swing great for girls is the custom audio tracks you can play through your smart device. Give your baby girl’s verbal skills a head start by piping in speaking lessons.

In terms of the swing, the mamaRoo provides a couple features that are also rare to find elsewhere. The first involves the swinging motions. The mamaRoo comes with 5 different swinging motions. While this may not seem impressive, some of the motions like “car ride” and “ocean wave” are unique and not found on other models.

The second quality of the swing that is excellent is the reclining positions. With an adjustable slider, the mamaRoo can technically recline to an infinite variety of positions. This enables your child will find the position that suits her best.

On the downside, the mamaRoo is fairly expensive, even compared to the other high end swings on this list. At over $200, you will have to think carefully about whether or not the connectivity and additional swinging motions are worth it.

  • Connects to your smart device, which allows you to control the swing from a distance and play custom audio tracks
  • Features a wider range of different motions than most swings, including a couple that are not featured on other models
  • The reclining positions are infinitely adjustable, allowing you to find the position that best suits your baby
  • Even in the high end swing market, the mamaRoo stands out for being fairly pricey
  • Is not as easy to disassemble and take on the go as some of the other swings–even the larger ones
  • Must purchase the “Infant Insert” separately, or your infant may be too small to fit comfortably
Our Verdict
The mamaRoo offers some unique features that cannot be found on other models. The numerous swing motions and infinitely adjustable reclining positions provide plenty of variety to keep your baby girl comfortable. The smart device connectivity also allows an infinite audio selection, though this swing will come at a cost which is only exacerbated by the need to purchase an infant insert separately.

best baby swing for girls


The Best Baby Swing for Boys

Do you have a baby boy you need to buy a swing for? Then you have come to the right place. In this section, you will learn about what to look for in a baby swing and how to determine if a swing is suitable for your baby boy.

You will also learn the most important features you should look for in the best baby swing swing for a boy. And to make it easier for you, we have selected from the plenty options available those swings that have these features for you.

How to Buy the Best Baby Swing for Boys — The Complete Buyer Guide


This quality will be more relevant to boys for one reason and one reason alone: movement. By this, we are not referring to the swing’s movement, but your baby boy’s. He will likely start to move before a baby of of the same age, and he will almost certainly move with more force.

While baby boys do not actually develop any quicker than baby girls, they do often exhibit some of the characteristic personality traits that distinguish the two sexes. One of those traits that weighs heavily here is aggressiveness.

Even as an infant, boys will have a tendency to display subtly more aggressive behavior than girls. This often translates to rougher, sudden jerking movements which can put a strain on the swing. As such, it may be in your best interest to purchase a swing which has a wide, stable frame.

Of course, this quality is often undercut by the next consideration, whether or not the swing has a bouncer, so you will have to gauge for yourself what you feel is more important and the general physicality of your baby boy’s movements.


Baby boys are a handful, and they often start to develop motor skills a bit quicker than baby girls. Because of this, if you purchase a swing for a boy, you would do well to make sure it has some features that cater to this quicker development.

A toy rack can provide entertainment while giving your baby boy something to reach for as he develops hand-eye coordination and dexterous motor skills. Of course, a toy rack can provide many of the same benefits for girls as well–even if they may not make use of it as quickly.

However, one feature that will stand out for boys is the ability of your swing to double as a bouncer. This is especially important if your boy demonstrates an accelerated development with motor skills.

A bouncer allows the swing to grow with your child and find use well beyond the point you may no longer use the swinging function at all. Moreover, an excellent bouncer will allow your baby boy to expend plenty of energy so that he will actually sleep when it is time for the swing to swing.

Graco Glider Elite Baby Swing

best baby swing for boys

Graco produces a number of high quality swings and makes a few appearances on this list in different categories. Because of their dedication to a durable and safe product, Graco even captures both spots as our best baby swing for boys. However, each swing focuses on satisfying a different need.

The Glider Elite does pretty much everything that the second place swing, the DuetConnect LX, does and more. First, it doubles as a bouncer, which is important because as you baby boy grows, he will want to move around more. The bouncer extends the life of the Glider Elite past the point where your baby no longer needs a swing.

However, the swinging motion may be a bit of a mixed bag depending on your baby. Unlike other swings which usually incorporate some form of vertical motion into the swing, the Glider Elite provides a forward and backward motion exclusively. While this is generally an acceptable motion and much easier on the swing’s mechanism, some babies may prefer the traditional swinging motion.

Still, in terms of safety, it is pretty difficult to top the Glider Elite. The seat utilizes a secure, yet comfortable, 5-point harness to ensure that your baby does not try to get out. An infant insert to hold your baby’s head securely is also included–something you have to purchase separately for some swings.

  • Lots of safety measures including a 5-point harness, an infant insert for head stability, and a safety harness to keep your baby boy in the swing
  • It can double as a bouncey chair for when your baby boy wants to boogie
  • Can be powered by either batteries or an outlet
  • There is a fair amount assembly required, and it will take you some time to complete
  • Not a traditional “swinging” motion may not suit all babies’ preferences
  • Does not recline flat which may not allow all babies to sleep as easily
Our Verdict
In terms of catering to baby boys and their desire to move around, the Glider Elite provides the most stable and secure swing you can find. With a wide base and numerous safety features, your baby can wriggle as much as he want without fear. However, that security does come at a premium of space. Also, the swing is less focused on variety of motion and total comfort.

best baby swings for boys


Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer

best baby swing for boys

Much like the Glider Elite, the DuetConnect provides that all-important bouncer option that allows a growing baby boy to move and develop without requiring you to purchase a separate piece of equipment.

However, the DuetConnect is not quite as stable as the Glide Elite. This is not to imply that the DuetConnect is unstable or unsafe, but the broad and square frame of the Glider Elite is pretty much as good as it gets.

On the flip side, the DuetConnect does provide a much smaller profile compared to the Glider Elite and requires far less assembly—though some assembly will still be required. Moreover, the DuetConnect demonstrates Graco’s commitment to child safety by using the same 5-point harness as the Glider Elite and also including the infant insert to stabilize your baby’s head.

The overhead toy bar is actually a point of improvement for the DuetConnect as your baby will be able to not only reach for more toys, but develop hand-eye coordination with a moving mobile. With 6 speeds and 2 vibration settings, your baby is also sure to find a swinging motion that suits him.

Like the Glider Elite, the DuetConnect features the option of being powered either by batteries or an outlet. However, the DuetConnect is far easier to transport as the seat is detachable and the frame folds up.

  • Much easier to assemble than the Glider Elite makes things easier on you
  • At a smaller profile than the Glider Elite, finding a place for the DuetConnect should be a snap
  • The seat is incredibly roomy and offers plenty of space for your baby to grow
  • The swing may make a clicking noise at higher speeds
  • The motor will slow down a bit as your baby grows and gets heavier
  • The base is stable, but not nearly as much as the Glider Elite
Our Verdict
If the Glider Elite is too cumbersome or too much work to put together, the DuetConnect offers a suitable substitute. While not quite as stable as the Glider Elite, it does provide plenty of security with a strong frame and the same safety features. However, the motor is not quite as powerful and may develop a clicking noise over time. It will also struggle to keep up pace as your baby gets heavier.

best baby swing for boys


The Best Baby Swing for Sleeping

Are you looking for the best baby swing for sleeping? Then read this guide carefully. Being able to select the best baby swing for your baby to sleep in can be a tough decision thing for you. You have to consider the safety of your child, the capacity of the swing, and your child’s sleeping patterns. Getting one of these wrong may lead to the bad consequences.

This is why we have decided to research the best baby swing for sleeping and select those that are best in the category. In the following paragraphs, you will learn the most important features you should look for in the best baby swing swing for sleeping. And to make it easier for you, we have selected from the plenty options available those swings that have these features for you.

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How to Buy the Best Baby Swing for Sleeping — The Complete Buyer Guide


As with all swings, safety is the primary concern. However, if you plan to use your swing exclusively for sleeping and do not intend to simply use it to give yourself a break throughout the day, you do not have to focus so intently on this quality.

Just ensure that it meets the appropriate standards and move on. You are generally looking for a 5-point harness and an infant insert to support your baby’s head, depending on the age.


Different babies prefer different motions. Some babies like to be rocked while others prefer to be swung. Even within the singing motion, there are variations and not all babies will agree on which is the best.

The most swings for soothing will provide numerous speeds at which they swing. However, the best swing for sleeping will also allow the seat to turn 180 degrees for a side-to-side swinging motion.

While this may not be the preferred motion for every baby, you do not want a swing without it if your baby prefers it.

Another motion to look for with a sleeping swing is a rocker. Keep in mind, a rocker will require you to manually move it, but it is still a great feature to have if your baby does not want to swing.


Not every type of swing needs vibrations. A travel swing, for example, can eschew vibrations altogether to focus on easy portability.

However, every swing for sleeping that is worth its weight will include a vibration setting. Along with numerous swinging motions, vibration settings allow babies to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

The best baby swing for sleep will generally include multiple vibration settings, because not every baby prefers the same thing.


Unlike with swings for baby girls, the audio of a sleeping swing should offer more white noise, often described as nature sounds, than melodies. Melodies may help some babies fall asleep, but white noise has been scientifically proven to help all humans fall asleep—regardless their age.

If the swing offers smart device connectivity, all the better; though, keep in mind, it is the option of more types of white noise that make this an attractive feature.

Graco Duetsoothe Swing and Rocker

best baby swing for sleeping

In its final appearance, Graco takes another number one spot, this time as the best baby swing for sleep. However, swings that are designed for sleep are generally a bit less durable than other baby swings.

One of the main reasons for this is also their greatest strength: swinging versatility. The more positions and motions a swing can accommodate, the more strain your baby puts on the swing. Some of the sleeping swings will show wear and tear on the motor while others will suffer potential frame damage.

We ranked the Duetsoothe first, because it generally shows its wear in the motor. While neither are desired, the motor showing trouble is at least safer than the frame losing structural integrity, and safety is always the primary factor–regardless the type of swing.

The Duetsoothe offers 180 degrees of seat angle adjustment allowing your baby to swing front-to-front or side-to-side. Moreover, multiple vibration speeds provide different settings to help easy your baby into slumber.

Unfortunately, extended use of the swing will often lead to a squeaking sound as it moves. This is especially pronounced if you regularly use the highest speed setting for hours at a time. Another issue with the motor arises as your baby grows.

The heavier the baby, the power it takes to move the swing. With a cumulative effect, the Duetsoothe’s motor will often swing slower and with shorter motions as your baby gets heavier.

  • Offers a 180 degree seat angle, so it can swing front-to-back or side-to-side
  • A 2 speed vibration option aids putting your baby to sleep faster, longer
  • Doubles as a rocker, in case your baby prefers a different motion
  • Extended use over a period of time may produce a creaking sound when swinging
  • Larger babies may find the seat a bit small and poke out over the edges
  • As your baby grows, the motor will not swing as fast
Our Verdict
So long as you do not constantly run the Duetsoothe at its highest setting, you will find a swing perfect for putting your baby to sleep. The numerous speeds, swinging motions, and vibrations offer a wealth of options sure to relax your baby into peaceful rest. However, as your baby grows, the motor may struggle to keep up, potentially making more noise than is comfortable and slowing down under the strain.

best baby swing for sleeping


Ingenuity Inlighten 2-in-1 Cradling Swing

best baby swing for sleeping

The Ingenuity, like the Duetsoothe, suffers from a similar issue, though it is expressed differently. Whereas the Duetsoothe’s motor runs down over time, the Ingenuity’s frame has been known to bend as the baby gets bigger. Considering safety is the primary concern for a baby swing, even the smallest chance of the swing falling presents too much a risk to be ranked number one.

That being said, the Ingenuity is not at all an unsafe product. In fact, within the confines of its weight limit, the Ingenuity is perfectly safe. However, swinging your baby at the highest speed setting in a variety of positions will eventually lead to wear and tear on the frame and compromise its structural integrity.

As a swing, the Ingenuity performs similarly to the Graco. Both feature a seat that can turn 180 degrees to allow both front-to-back and side-to-side swinging motions. Unfortunately, the Ingenuity does not feature vibrations modes, so you will have to determine how much your baby prefers that before buying.

Still, the Ingenuity does use a motor that is known for its durability and quiet. Regardless the length of time or settings chose, the Ingenuity’s motor will perform perfectly. As an added bonus, the Ingenuity can also connect to your smart device which opens up more options for soothing white noise.

  • The seat swings in 3 different direction, rotating 180 degrees
  • Connects to your smart device for custom audio
  • The seat can double as a rocker
  • The weight capacity is firm, as the frame may bend or break with heavier babies
  • Fairly complicated assembly with instructions that do you no favors
  • Does not fully recline, though it does come with an infant insert
Our Verdict
While the Ingenuity may not be the best choice for parents of large babies or for babies that develop quickly, its whisper-silent motor that does not slow over time allows this swing to remain an excellent sleep swing for the long haul. However, the absence of a vibration mode limits its maximum sleep aid, while the frame is not suitable for heavier babies.

Final Words on the Best Baby Swing Reviews

Choosing the best baby swing for anything can be difficult if you don’t follow a guide. And you can certainly make the wrong decision if you don’t know what you are looking for. In this comprehensive guide, you have learned the features you should look for when buying the best baby swing for boys or the best baby swing for girls or the best baby swing for sleeping.

Each of these require that you carry out some research and have the understanding of how baby swings work generally. However, we have helped you with the research and selected only the best swings that is suitable for each purpose. All you have to do now is to choose one for your little one from the best baby swing reviews here.

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