Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies 2019

When you are thinking about weaning your baby from formula feeding, you may find yourself thinking about and researching the best baby bottles for formula fed babies for an easy transition. When searching for the best baby products, you will find it very helpful to read customer reviews on each product before making a buying decision.
A good review of baby bottles can make anyone want to purchase the product. While a bad review of baby bottles can make a parent think twice about buying that model.

There are many opinions out there about different products. If a product has more five star reviews than bad, then I take that as it is a good product for my own baby. So, what about baby bottles for formula fed babies?

The best baby bottles for formula fed babies vary, depending on what your baby likes and what you are looking for in a baby bottle. We will be reviewing some of the best baby bottles for formula fed babies. The product, an in depth description, pros and cons will be included for each of these baby bottles.

This will make the search for this baby product much easier, and will leave you time to focus on more important things.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn about the baby bottles that are worth investing in for your breastfed baby. These bottles have been handpicked based on previous performance and other parents experience with them. In a sense, they have served others well and should do the same for you.

Full Review of the Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies

The following are some of the best baby bottles for formula fed babies that you can choose from now. All you have to do is read the features and the benefits of each one and choose the one that suits your baby’s feeding needs.

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies

This baby bottle is available in two sizes, a 5 ounce and an 8 ounce size, and comes in two different colors, green or pink. This baby bottle is designed for the modern baby.

The nipple is designed to feel natural to your baby, and just about replicates a breast. This is helpful for newborn babies and babies who are breastfeeding as well. If baby is switching from breast to bottle, this bottle is a great choice for the transition because it the nipple feels so natural to them.

The Comotomo baby bottle features a wide nipple that has air vents that help prevent gas, colic, and spitting up. The air goes in and milk comes out. The air vents make sure there is good air circulation to prevent a gassy baby.

The Comotomo baby bottle features a wide opening, so it is easy to clean. The bottle brush is not necessary with this bottle, as it is wide enough to clean by hand.

One of the best features is the feel of the bottle. It is soft and squeezable, and it is made that way so that baby can touch and feel something that is comforting. It is made of silicobe, which is 100% free of chemicals such as BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.

These baby bottles are leak proof and durable enough to boil or stick in the dishwasher easily. The Comotomo baby bottle has different nipples for any baby stage starting from newborn to big kid. There is even a nipple that grows with baby.

The only con for this bottle would be the price is a little higher than the other baby bottles on this list. But truly the bottle is worth the price as it is one of the best.

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies


2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies

This baby bottle is as close to a mother’s breast as a baby bottle can get. The nipple is made to mimic almost exact how a mother’s breast would feel to a baby. This baby bottle is BPA free, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals from the plastic.

The bottle is named closer to nature because they were made with intense research to make the nipple feel as close to a mother’s breast as possible in a bottle.

Every nipple of this bottle has an easy flow air vent to illuminate as much air as possible, so your baby is less gassy and less likely to spit up. The compact shape of the bottle allows for baby to feed very close to mom or dad, so that baby feels safe and comfortable.

It is even made to be comfortable for mom or dad by providing three easy gripping positions. Finally, these baby bottles are also incredibly easy to clean and do not leak easily. These bottles please both baby and parent.

The one con would be the size of the bottle. It might be uncomfortable to some individuals, but the manufacturer did have comfort I’m mind when creating this one.

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies


3. Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle with Drop-Ins Disposable Liners

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies

This baby bottle also makes it easy to switch between breast and bottle if you choose to. If not, it feels very natural to any baby. The liners allow for the same suck, swallow, and breathing patterns as a nursing baby.

The liners of this baby bottle collapse to allow baby to suck in less air. The less air, the more likely baby will be less gassy and not likely to be colicky.

The shape of the nipples allow baby to have a more natural latch, so that they are able to feed comfortably from birth until 1 year.

The liners are super convenient when on the go or when there is just no time to be washing baby bottles. The liners are disposable. Simple to just throw old liner away and pop another clean liner in, when baby is ready to feed again.

The one con would be needing to buy new liners for bottles all the time. This may not be a good option for environmentally conscience parents, but is convenient for not washing so many bottles. Saves water.

All of these baby bottles are free of any harmful chemicals, and are made to feel natural for both baby and mommy. They are all affordable. None of these bottles are not over priced and each of them come with more than one bottle in the pack.

Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies


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Final Words on the Best Baby Bottles for Formula Fed Babies

They are all made with comfort in mind for both the baby and parent. These bottles can be easily found on Amazon and will ship right to your door. Some of them even offer free shipping. Overall, these are some of the best bottles on the market right now as we all know as parents we only want what is best for our babies.

With these review of each model, you should at least have an idea which one is the the right one among the best baby bottles for formula fed babies.

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