Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding of 2019

If you are a new parent, there is a probability that you have been searching for the best baby bottles for breastfeeding to help your baby transition from breast to feeding bottles. If this is so, you will find this guide is a useful as only the top bottles for breastfed babies are gathered.

As a result, you don’t have to spend thousands of minutes or sleepless nights researching the right bottles. Nursing a newborn child is a task that requires extra care and caution especially in the first six months of breastfeeding.

Some parents, due to unavoidable circumstances, may prefer to feed their children using baby feeding bottles. This brings to light the importance of buying and using the best baby feeding bottles.

As a parent, when buying baby bottles for feeding baby, it is advisable to ensure that the safety and well-being of your child are considered. The following is a breakdown of the best baby bottles that you should consider purchasing just in case several circumstances prevent you from breastfeeding your child naturally.

Full Review of the Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding

#1. NUK 14099 Pink Penguins Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for BreastfeedingThe NUK Pink Penguins Baby Bottle is one of the best baby bottles for your child thanks to its perfectly shaped nipple that makes it hard for the child to distinguish it from your real nipple.

Unlike other types of suckling bottles that lacks an inbuilt Anti-Colic Air System, this NUK baby bottle has the Anti-Colic Air System which functions by reducing gas and colic split-up in the bottle.

What this means is that air will be flowing through the bottle rather than through your child’s tummy as it with other suckling bottles.

For the best suckling experience for your child, make sure that the cooling system is right under the child’s nose and the unique drinking hole is positioned at the top. This will allow more air to flow in and out of the bottle.

The NUK Air System prevents vacuum build up hence allowing your child to drink continuously although some users may find it expensive as compared to other suckling bottles which retail at half the price and with the same features

Different Nipple Sizes

As a way of accommodating the general population of women, this baby bottle has two different nipple sizes and three fluid flow rates.

Size 1 is suitable for babies as young as a day to 6 months while size 2 is ideal for children above the age of 6 months. The flow rate in size 1 is slow to medium while in size 2, the flow rate is fast. Also, the silicone nipples promotes a slow flow of liquid hence allowing the child to suckle the fluid based on her/his pace

BPA Free Materials

With this baby bottle, the safety of your child is guaranteed. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that the bottles are made from BPA free materials which protect your baby from consuming harmful toxins.

Perfect Fit Silicone Nipple

The NUK baby bottle comes equipped with a Perfect Fit silicone nipple with a soft zone that provides comfort to your child during drinking.

  • The shape of the nipple changes during suckling the same way a mother nipple changes
  • It has three different flows which function by increasing fluid flow
  • The bottle is dishwasher safe
  • It is BPA free
  • The bottles only support the Perfect Fit Nipple but not the NUK Simply Natural Nipples
Our Verdict
Equipped with some of the best baby feeding bottle features, the NUK Pink Penguins Baby Bottle is an ideal feeding bottle for your child and a great product to give you the peace of mind that you deserve when feeding your baby.

Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding

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#2. Avent Natural 9-0z Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles for BreastfeedingThe Avent Natural baby bottle is another state-of-the-art suckling bottle that has been designed with your baby in consideration.

The Avent Natural baby bottles come equipped with natural slow-flow nipples which combine bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

The natural shape of the nipples provides a natural latch-on capability which allows your child to feed without being interrupted.

The nipples have been built using petals that enable them to move along with the sucking habit of the child.

These features make this bottle one of the best baby bottles for breastfeeding babies.

Apart from this, the petals also reinforce the overall shape of the nipple and protect them from collapsing when the child is feeding.

It has precise measurements on its side hence giving you the freedom to measure the amount of fluid your child deserves without necessarily guessing

Anti-Colic Air System

Just like the NUK baby feeding bottle, the Avent bottle has an inbuilt Anti-Colic Air System equipped with two anti-colic valves which function by making the feeding process comfortable for the child.

When the child is feeding, the valves release air into the feeding bottle rather than into the child’s tummy as it the case with other baby feeding bottles. This, in turn, reduces discomfort and colic build-up associated with suckling.

Ergonomic 9-ounce Bottle

The Avent Natural baby feeding bottle gets its name from its natural nipples as well as its 9-ounce fluid holding capability.

Its ergonomic design has been designed in such a manner that it offers ample space for cleaning and provides a physical appearance that makes it easy for the child to hold while feeding. As a 9-ounce bottle, this baby feeding bottle has clear measurements engraved on its side.

  • It has fewer parts which make it easy to assemble and use
  • The bottle is fully compatible with other components of Avent Natural bottles
  • It is made up of polypropylene materials which are BPA free
  • The bottle has a wide neck which makes it easy to fill and clean
  • Because it’s dishwasher-safe, you can clean it quickly along with other kitchen utensils
  • Due to its 9-ounce nature, some parents may find it a little too small for a significant amount of fluid
  • At times the air system vent might fail to work hence making it hard for your child to feed
Our Verdict
Overall, this feeding bottle is versatile enough to accommodate your baby feeding desires. Thanks to its ergonomic design and its anti-colic feature, the Avent Natural baby bottle stands out as being the best bottles for breastfeeding.

Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding


#3. Avent Classic Newborn Bottles

Best Baby Bottles for BreastfeedingThe Avent Classic Newborn Bottle is another versatile and state-of-the-art baby feeding bottle from Philips which is characterized by the following features.

This Avent Classic feeding bottle has a formula dispenser that also functions as a snack cup.

The notion behind this is attributed to the fact that when you remove the stay-in-place lid, you are left with a snack cup that can be used to store dry food or drinking fluid for your child. This is very useful, whether you are at home or on any travels where you take your baby with you.

If your child is aged between 0 to 6 months, this is the ideal feeding bottle for your child. This can be attributed to the fact that it comes with a set of silicone pacifiers which have extra holes to protect your child’s sensitive skin as well as prevent irritation when feeding.

These pacifiers are of different shapes namely flat, orthodontic, and symmetrical to ensure that your child’s teeth, palate, and gums are well protected.

Bottle Brush for Simplified Cleaning

Unlike other feeding bottles which require you to wash them using the normal washing materials, this feeding bottle comes with its own washing brush which reaches the hard-to-clean sections of the bottle.

This, in turn, gives you the peace of mind that the feeding drink that your child is going to take is fresh and not contaminated with the previous leftovers which were not cleaned out.

Bottle-to-First-Cup Trainer

This Bottle-to-First-Cup Trainer allows your child to train herself/himself on how to suckle. This has been made possible by the soft spout and nipple products as well as simplified handles to promote quick learning.

The good thing about the handles is the fact that you can detach them and attach them to another larger bottle hence equipping your child with more learning options as they grow.

Inclusive Products

When you purchase this feeding bottle, you will be provided with two (2) blue 9 oz. Classic Bottles with slow-flow nipples, one blue formula dispenser, 2 blue 4 oz. Classic bottles, 1 blue bottle-to-first –cup trainer, and 2 blue Free Flow pacifiers for children aged between 0-6 months.

With these bottles for feeding baby products, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to using them.

  • The Avent Classic Newborn bottle has been clinically proven to reduce any form of colic
  • It provides your child with learning options
  • The bottle is BPA-free thanks to the polypropylene material used to assemble it
  • Features a formula dispenser that can hold up to 9 ounces of fluid
  • It’s easy to wash it thanks to the bottle brush
  • It can only hold a maximum 9 oz. of formula
  • At a retail price of more than $50, some users may find it expensive
Our Verdict
All in all, the Avent Classic Newborn bottle is a must-have for any parent who would love to see their children grown and learn to be independent feeders.

Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding

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Final Words on the Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding

When searching for the best baby bottles, it is of the essence to equip yourself with the right information on what you are looking for specifically. The notion behind this is based on the fact that I have seen a good number of people purchase the wrong products simply because they were not versed with the product.

When buying bottles for breastfeeding, it is important to consider the age of your child, the formula to be used in the bottles, the price, and most importantly, the materials used to manufacture the feeding bottles.

When you put these points into consideration, I am quite sure that the chances of you buying the wrong breastfeeding bottles will be close to nil. This means that you will be on your way to selecting the Best Baby Bottles for Breastfeeding that’s suiting for your baby and easy on your wallet.

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