Best Breast Pump Brand of 2019

So, you just had your baby and are now looking for the best breast pump brand? Wow, congratulations! If you are not a mother yet, soon you will have your baby too. As you already know, breastfeeding is one of the beauties of having babies.

However, with the demands of life, there will be times when you will be away from your baby. Commitments such as work and travels sometimes make it difficult to breastfeed. In moments like this, breast pumps come in handy. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a lot of brands out there that you can look into.

Review of the Top 5 Best Breast Pump Brand

Here are five of the best breast pump brand to consider:

#1: Medela

best breast pump brand

Medela was founded in 1961 in Switzerland. It has its largest market in the United States of America for over three decades now. This company produces three different category of products: breastfeeding, suction, and neonatal.

In its breastfeeding category, Medela has hospital grade breast pumps, breast care products, pump cleaning products, personal electric and manual breast pumps among others. In almost all of its breast pumps, the brand uses 2-phase expression technology which was invented by Dr. Peter Hartman, a famous lactation scientist.

This technology makes the pump mimics the baby’s sucking which result in a smooth pumping process plus expression of more milk in a record time. Actually, this is what makes Medela pumps different from others.

Generally, Medela products rocks. If you are lucky enough to get one, you will appreciate the comfort and its effectiveness. Medela is one of the best baby bottle brands out there. So you should check with them. The products listed here and many others make Medela the go-to for breastfeeding products.

Medela’s Popular Products

  • Freestyle double electric pump – very comfortable to use and fits in your hands. It has a high level of performance and its lightweight which helps to increase mobility. Also, it comes with a digital display, memory, timer and even a backlight to aid night vision. Within a few minutes with the Freestyle double electric pump, you’ll be having more milk for your baby.
  • Harmony single manual pump – designed for mothers who love traveling. Also, you can use it as a backup for your electric pump. It is comfortable to use and comes with 2-phase expression technology.
  • Harmony pump and feed set – this pump comes with everything you need to breastfeed your baby, such as Calma feeding device and nursing pads. Best fit for mothers who travel a lot.
  • Symphony electric pump – designed to help you throughout the breastfeeding season. The pump has technology that imitates the sucking of a baby.

Pros of Medela’s Products

  • Their products have 2-Phase Expression Technology that makes pumping smooth, comfortable and effective
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • Comfortable to use
  • Helps to maintain the hygiene

Cons of Medela’s Products

  • Some of its products are heavy, meaning it might be difficult to carry them especially when you are traveling
  • The company has ceased to produce some of its products in bulk, making its spare parts difficult to get
  • You’ll need to purchase additional products separately

#2: Hygeia

Best Breast Pump Brand

Hygeia products are somehow new to the market, but surprisingly, they are getting more popular than some of the pioneers in this industry. In fact, it is the first brand ever to allow a free trial to breastfeeding mothers. When you buy Hygeia product, you are given a period of up to three weeks to try it and return it if you don’t like it.

All of their products have been cleared by FDA as safe for human use making them one of the best breast pump brand around. Overall, many mothers have fallen in love with Hygeia products and many of them trust the company.

Hygeia’s Popular Products

  • EnJoye LBI Breast Pump – it has internal rechargeable battery. And it runs on both battery and electricity.
  • Hygeia Enjoye Cordless pump – enables you to operate it on an internal battery with up time of up to four hours. The pump also mimics your baby’s sucking behavior and enables you to adjust the speed and pressure.
  • The EnHande Manual Breast Pump – is a one hand manual pump.
  • Hygeia Q – it is a hospital grade performing, personal use, and double electric breast pump. Just like the Enjoye pump, it mimics the baby’s sucking pattern. This particular one is ideal for working mom.
  • Disposable Nursing pads and external battery supply – you can use it with 8 AA batteries.

Pros of Hygeia’s Products

  • Their products are affordable
  • Allows you to adjust the speed and pressure for additional comfort
  • Comes with closed system that prevents contamination from bacteria
  • Available for both double and single pumping
  • Easy to wash and put it back together

Cons of Hygeia’s Products

  • Since it is new to the market, its spare parts are not yet readily available
  • Expensive to some mothers with low income

#3 Ameda

Best Breast Pump Brand

Ameda manufacturers specialize in breastfeeding products, breast pumps and other medical products. In 1956, Einar Egnell developed Ameda SMB, which was the first hospital-grade electric breast pump.

In the category of Mothers and baby care, Ameda stocks many products including personal use and manual breast pumps, breast care products, breast milk storage bags, breast pump accessories and many others. Besides their products, Ameda offers exclusive support to mothers.

They teach them best practices for keeping their babies healthy and active. Ameda also has some of the best brands of baby bottles. Ameda brand products are the best, and they were designed with mothers’ needs in mind. Many moms are happy with Ameda products, so you should try them too.

Ameda’s Popular Products

  • Ameda one-hand manual breast pump – it one of the most straightforward pumps to put together after cleaning. The pump is perfect for nursing mothers who are looking for an alternative breast pump as a backup.
  • Nibble shield product
  • Ameda Purely your Ultra Breast Pump – it is a great and powerful pump. Imagine pumping while talking on the phone without the other person knowing what’s going on, how comfortable is that?
  • Washing nursing pads from Ameda
  • Ameda Lite – it is a long-lasting pump that will be there when you need it most. It is simple to clean and offers unrivaled comfort the moment you get used to it.

Pros of Ameda’s Products

  • They are affordable and of high quality
  • Their products functions smoothly
  • They are portable and with rechargeable batteries
  • The products are faster and expresses more milk in less time
  • Comes with car adapter
  • The customer service is excellent, and you can ask for replacement anytime

Cons of Ameda’s Products

  • Markings on the bottle wear off quickly making it hard to tell the content amount
  • Some of its products don’t have let-down/massage buttons. But you can perform manual nipple stimulation
  • Hard to get its spare parts. You will need specialty stores to get parts for your Ameda products
  • No distinguishable cycle speeds. This makes it hard to know to differentiate the suction levels

#4: Ardo

Best Breast Pump Brand

Ardo Medical AG is owned by a Swiss family. The company has dedicated its resources to producing and distributing top-notch breastfeeding products and medical equipment. In fact, Ardo brand is available in over 30 countries worldwide.

This is because they focus on reliability and impressive product designs and quality to maximum their user’s benefits. Ardo leverages its vast experience in developing breastfeeding aids, suction products, as well as neonatology. Ardo is the ally in your breastfeeding season. Their sense of quality and hygiene is best experienced with one of their leading products.

Ardo’s Popular Products

  • Ardo electric breast pump – it is an utterly reliable pump, thanks to Vacuum seal technology. It is safe and fastest and keeps the milk away from the pathogens. The pump is designed to attend to your unique personal needs.
  • Amaryll – is the Ardo’s manual breast pump that brings together quality and reliability. It was designed to be gentle, effective and serve you better.
  • Breast pump accessories – and they include Double pump set, Amaryll Kombikit, Easy Freeze, Optiflow, and others. Ardo’s products are made from quality BPA-free polypropylene and topped up with vacuum seal technology to guarantee safety and hygiene.
  • LilyPadz – they do not slip or wear out, and they are reliable. Best fit for mothers who love playing sports, swimming, or enjoying going out.

Pros of Ardo’s Products

  • Ardo produced their products without compromising the quality
  • The products are designed to meet your unique needs
  • They offer unrivaled guarantee with great customer service
  • They are safe for both mother and the baby
  • Quiet and efficient

Cons of Ardo’s Products

  • May seem expensive to some mothers, but the price is justified by the quality

#5: Playtex

Best Breast Pump Brand

Playtex Products Inc has been in infant feeding industry for over four decades now. Perhaps due to its wide range of produces including infant care, skin care, and feminine care. But they introduced the Nursing Necessities products back in 2007.

Their infant products lines include reusable baby bottles brands, diaper disposal systems, breast pumps, infant carriers, mealtime products, and pacifiers. Playtex has always been there for its customers. They produce products that solve their needs satisfactorily and produces top baby bottle brands.

Playtex Popular Products

  • Playtex Diaper Genie Complete – the product comes with an ultimate odor lock system and built-in carbon filters to assist against absorbing strong odors.
  • Cups & Mealtime – these are unique Playtex cups, plates, bowls and utensils that help your kid learn to eat and drink without being aided.
  • Playtex Gentle Glide 360 Tampons – there is no other tampons out there that match this one. it is a great fit and safe tampon.
  • Embrace Double Electric Breast Pump – it is comfortable and practical and has a bigger storage space.
  • Playtex 3 Pack VentAire Standard Bottles – Playtex is among the best brands of baby bottle in the market. The bottle has a comfortable nipple for the baby to suck. They do not leak.

Pros of Playtex Products

  • Easy to use hence works for everyone
  • The pump is lightweight and affordable
  • Easy to hold when feeding your baby
  • Their products feature lots of supporting accessories like insulated bags and cooling storage
  • Pumping is fast with Playtex products

Cons of Playtex Products

  • The pump produces noise when pumping. This makes it uncomfortable when in public place
  • Their spare parts are not widely available

Final Words on the Best Breast Pump Brand

When choosing breast pumps, you should decide on features that appeal to you, and also you are comfortable with. Which brand did you find most suitable for you?

With this guide, you should now have a clear understanding of what the popular brands of breast pump are and which one to choose. Finally, it is important to note that the best breast pump brand is one that suits not only yourself but also your baby’s preferences, so you should ensure to check that out.

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