Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft Palate of 2019

When shopping around to find the best feeding bottle for cleft palate or special needs baby, carefully read the manufacturer’s product description and label instructions. It is also a good idea to browse through customer reviews.

Most retailers have these reviews listed on their website. Look up the baby bottle brand desired to see that store’s supply. The customer reviews should be near the product listing. Avoid shopping stores that do not offer reviews.

Remember that each special needs baby is different. What may work for one infant, may be all wrong for the next. A bit of trial and error is a better way to find which bottle perfectly suits baby and parent needs, function requirements, cost budget and any other personal preference.

Buyer’s Guide to Shopping for Special Needs Bottles

Baby bottle manufacturers are more sensitive to special needs babies, along with their specialized feeding requirements and unique needs. It is easier to find these specialty bottles in an array of varying designs. Customers can find various features that each bottle brand offers.

Most have features to limit or stop baby from getting a quick flood when feeding. In turn, the products’ safety valve systems are instrumental in avoiding too much fluid or air being ingested by the feeding baby.

Customers have a choice between specialty bottles that someone else has to manually squeeze, or specialty bottles designed to work exclusively by infant effort.

Most of these popular specialty brands are easily found anywhere that sells a variety of baby bottles. Customers can also find specialized feeders intended for a more precise level of feeding control.

Buying the right bottles for cleft palate babies may take some patience. Do homework before heading out to a store. Many baby bottle shoppers like to shop online. They can easily access the store’s company website to scan information, detailed product descriptions and any available customer reviews.

Very new bottles on the market may not have a lot of reviews. Customers can also look into what the baby experts are saying about this year’s choice in specialty bottles. A quick session online can reveal more listings of proven specialty bottle brands.

Magazines that target parents with special needs often review these bottle types and post their findings in their magazines. Of course, word of mouth from friends, family and co-workers can glean a lot of special needs specific details that parents should know when bottle shopping.

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Full Review of the Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft Palate

1. Medela Special Needs Feeder, 150ml

Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft PalateThe Medela Special Needs Feeder is a wonderful baby bottle selection for babies needing special care during feedings.

These highly recommended baby bottles for special needs baby have durable plastic bottle material boasting a one-way valve embedded within the soft silicone teats.

Excellent choice for babies with neurological problems like Down’s Syndrome.

Also recommended for weak babies and those with cleft palate/lip conditions.

This exclusive one-way valve system helps prevent flooding of bottle contents that often overwhelm the baby.

The teat reacts to even very small efforts by baby when feeding. Premature babies also benefit from the unique design.

  • Perfect design for many special needs babies
  • Unique one-way teat valve prevents gas symptoms
  • Teat shaped especially for special oral needs
  • Some may leak
  • Is not dishwasher safe
Our Verdict
These are great baby bottles for cleft palate babies, and baby experts also recommend these customized designed baby bottles for cleft babies. It aids babies when they are ready to transition from straight breastfeeding. Babies with Down Syndrome that affects their eating habits also love this easy-to-use baby feeder.

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2. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Specialty Feeding Set

Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft PalateMany mothers swear by Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Feeding Set. They are the preferred baby bottles for cleft palate, and these bottles offer precise infant directed feedings.

Other specialty bottles require someone to consistently squeeze the bottle during feedings, thereby allowing enough flow for baby to get the right amount of their feeding.

This bottle encourages the proper neck position that babies should have when drinking from a bottle.

The special included valve ensures a steady flow in amounts that these special needs babies can handle. Offers a positive pressure flow, and these bottles don’t need any vacuum pressure for babies to drink.

These fine bottles are an optimal choice for premature infants, failure to thrive babies and are efficient baby bottles for babies with cleft palate. This model also are perfect bottles for cleft, and they can be very beneficial for mentally and physically challenged babies with oral/feeding difficulties.

  • Better gas and choking prevention with exclusive venting system
  • Easy to clean
  • Fantastic for all special needs babies with feeding challenges
  • The specific valves only comes with this set
  • Removable vent-valves may get lost
  • Fluid may leak from nipples when turned upside down
Our Verdict
This bottle brand has been trusted for a long time. It often makes lists for best specialty feeding bottles. Since the bottle works without squeezing or other manual assist method, anyone can feed the baby properly without detailed instructions.

Nice when leaving baby at daycare where workers are busy and more than one worker may be in charge of feedings. Breast-milk is safe inside this bottle in a refrigerator. Special needs babies are reported to be feeding easier, longer and taking in more of their feedings per customer parent reviews.

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3. Medela Special Needs Feeder Collection Container Set, 80ml

Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft PalateThe trusted Mandela Special Feeder Collection Container Set contains phenomenal baby bottles for cleft palate babies.

This ideal for many oral/feeding needs baby feeder is exceptionally sensitive to these feeding challenged babies tiny feeding efforts. Wonderful for encouraging these babies to feed from a bottle.

Comes with mini-vented nipple for small baby’s oral fit, and flooding/gas/burping incidents are significantly reduced by this brand model’s one-way valve feature.

As babies grow, this brand’s faster flow nipples will keep your baby satisfied at every feeding time. The feeder design is unique, and flow is controlled by parent assist, yet remains more infant driven.

This raved about specialty feeder has better baby feeding action sensitivity than many other baby bottles for cleft palate baby brands. This brand model is highly recommended for a myriad of various feeding special needs.

  • Better controlled flow
  • Has mini nipple with specialty designed vent featuring one-way action ability
  • Terrific first post-hospital feeding container
  • Replacement larger/faster flow nipples may be less soft
  • Some reports of leaking
Our Verdict
Excellent first post-hospital feeding device for most orally challenged and weakened feeder babies. Made for oral and craniofacial abnormal conditions, and are a smart choice for low weight babies, those with neurological symptoms that affect healthy feeding efforts and other physical and/or mental reduced capacity infants.

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Pigeon Baby Nursing Bottle for Cleft Lip

Best Feeding Bottles for CleftMany new mothers like the Pigeon Baby Nursing Bottle for cleft palate and/or cleft lip babies.

With these novel baby bottles for babies with cleft palate, other individuals won’t wonder about a weird looking bottle. This one looks just like a normal bottle.

Many doctors and hospitals recommend this brand, and they are always mom-preferred.

Mothers that have been frustrated with baby bottles for cleft palate in the past, should really check this set out. Babies are able to control rate of flow and amount by their suckling effort.

A baby that doesn’t suck well will find this superb bottle choice much easier. Moms love that babies do not get agitated by not getting anything for their little efforts.

This set has a easy-to-squeeze P-type bottle and softer P-type nipples. Also has matching lids for cleanliness and travel readiness.

  • Well-regarded brand
  • Allows easier and safer feedings
  • Highly sensitive to baby feeding effort
  • With time, valves may begin to pop-out requiring replacements
  • A bit pricey
Our Verdict
This bottle is pleasing to both baby and mom. Allows more infant feeding control. Safe for sensitive baby use. This is a well-regarded brand with lots of exclusive features. Special bottle and valve design ensures baby safety throughout the feeding session.

Plastic bottle is durable, and replacement nipples are easy to find. This bottle set is recommended often by mothers that have special needs babies. Easy to assemble and clean.

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Final Words on Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft Palate

Always consult with a doctor, special needs expert and other professionals to ensure that the specialty bottle that is intended to be used is appropriate and safe for your unique baby. Sorting through baby bottles for special needs babies can be stressful unless research is done beforehand.

There are reliable baby bottle brands on the market, and one or more should fit your wishes and your baby’s special feeding restrictions and requirements. Try to find single trial specialty bottles, or smaller and lower cost sets.

This is to trial each pick to save return hassles and money waste. Specialty baby bottles are enabling these precious babes to feed better while parents finally calm down. And with this guide, selecting the Best Feeding Bottle for Cleft Palate should be quite easy.

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