Best High Chairs for Older Babies 2019

Are you looking for the best high chairs for older babies? With so many factors such as style, material, compactness, portability, and comfort, it’s a daunting task to find the right high chair. However, you may not need more than a short guide on what to look out for and how to select the right chair to arrive at the best one.

Choosing the best high chairs for infant or toddler will ensure that the chair can grow with your baby and as well keep up with heavy usage. Before we list out the best high chairs, we are going to take you through some of the things you need to know to choose the right model out of the thousands out there!

Buyer Guide on the Best High Chairs for Older Babies

Here is what you need to consider when shopping for the best high chair for older babies.

Ease of Use

You are going to use this product almost every day, or a couple of times per day, so it’s important that the chair you choose should be easy to use. Only buy a chair that is free from anything that could pinch your child or leave marks on his or her body. Below are features that ideal chairs should have, and quirks that you need to avoid.

  • Harness – The harnessing system of the item that you choose should be easy to adjust to ensure that the baby fits well on their chair. It should also be easy to unbuckle.
  • Recline – To ensure that your baby doesn’t fall during or after mealtime, invest in a chair with the best recline feature.
  • Height adjustability – Before you make your decision on the chair that you want, consider where you are going to have your meals with your baby. The chair that you choose should be able to reach the height that you want.
  • Comfort features – Just because you are buying a high chair for an older baby doesn’t mean that you should ignore comfort features. The item that you purchase should allow your child to sit upright comfortably.

Ease of Cleaning

Of course, boys are known to make serious mess compared to girls. Young children will always make a mess. In light of this, it’s wise that you invest in a piece of equipment that is easy to clean.

Given that you are probably going to use the chair several times in a day, ease of cleaning is something that you ought to consider. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a high baby chair that’s easy to clean.

  • The cushions – If you prefer padded chairs, choose vinyl-like materials because they are easy to clean. Also, removable cushions are ideal compared to fixed ones. This is because you can remove and clean them separately, possibly using the washing machine. However, you need to dry them well; they need to be air-dried. Cotton-like cushions are discouraged because they are vulnerable to stains.
  • Base– Sorry but you will have to deal with crumbs. They are going to be scattered all over your floor. This is why you are advised to purchase chairs with huge base. The base will attract the crumbs, and it will be easier for you to clean them.
  • Buckles – Well, small children have a habit of eating food from the ground. To avoid this behavior, choose a chair with buckles that don’t have addition crannies and nooks.

Footprint and Portability

Here we are going to consider the space that chair will occupy and how well the wheels move (if there are any). What you need to remember regarding footprint and portability include:

  • Footprint size– The space available is something that you need to think about when shopping for the best high chairs for older babies. If you are having issues with space, a chair with smaller footprint size is advised.
  • Wheels – The decision to choose a chair with or without wheels depending on your needs. However, you should note that the availability of wheels doesn’t necessarily mean that the chair is capable of moving around. If you buy a chair without wheels, make sure that it has brakes. If you have much older children that can give your child inappropriate rides around the house, make sure that the brakes are working perfectly.
  • Ability to fold – Most of the chairs that can be folded is usually for small babies. However, there are a few brands for older babies that can be folded. There are certain times when you don’t want to see this item around the house, for example, when you are cleaning the house. In this situation, folding the chair will be the most convenient way to store it.

Ease of Set Up

Let’s assume that you have finally found the high chair that is right for you, what’s next? After purchasing, the next step will be to assemble the chair. It’s obvious that you bought the product because you are happy with it, but your happiness can be short-lived once you open the box to see all the parts that need to be assembled.

Well, a much as this may scare the hell out of you, you should know that it’s a do-it-yourself task that’s easy to accomplish. It’s not all the chairs that come with many different parts to assemble; others need some little work to set up.

Also, there is a manual that contains detail instructions on how to assemble the chair. Some chairs may need frequent adjustments to keep them tight. Your baby can be injured badly if he or she falls out of a high chair. In this regard, it’s essential to make sure that all the screws are fixed well and tightened to prevent avoidable accidents.

It’s also parent’s responsibility to adhere to the product’s recommended weight and age limit. The chair that you choose may be ideal for your child’s age, but not for his or her weight.

Overview of the Best High Chairs for Older Babies

Now that you have learnt all the factors you need to consider when buying the best high chairs for toddler or Here are the three top high chairs that you can choose:

Best High Chair for 2 Year Old

1. Boon Flair Pedestal HighChair

Best High Chairs for Older BabiesIf your floor is smooth and you have enough space in your kitchen, this piece of equipment could be a necessary addition to your furniture.


These are the features that you will find interesting about this chair.

  • Removable pad Comes with seat pads that can easily be removed and cleaned. Make sure that the pad is dried well before you use it again.
  • Tray liner – The availability of the tray liner makes it easier for parents to clean all the crumbs that fall on the floor.
  • Fit well under most tables – It’s an easy to operate high chair that fits perfectly under most tables. The height can also be adjusted to fit your table.
    Stable large base- Has one of the largest bases that glide softly in all directions. Include six unique urethane wheels or casters.
  • Foot pedalDo not worry about your child moving around the kitchen because the chair comes with a foot pedal for easy braking.


  • Simple design– It’s one of the simplest high chairs that you will find on the market. Its design is not complicated, which makes it easier to assemble
  • Easy to clean – With this type of high chair, you are going to spend less time and energy to clean it. You can wipe it the same way you wipe your kitchen tables
  • Availability of wheels – If you like your baby near you, choose this chair because it has amazing wheels. You can move it freely around the house


  • No recline option – With the absence of a recline feature; the safety of your baby is in jeopardy
  • Big base– The huge base attracts dirt from everywhere, including your feet. It also occupies more space
  • Hard to adjust pneumatic lift – The pneumatic lift is a vital feature to consider, but it’s not that reliable.

Best High Chairs for Older Babies


Best High Chair for Infant to Toddler

2. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Best High Chairs for Older BabiesThis type of high chair has many features that you will love especially the convertible feature.


  • 4-in-1 seating system – Comes with four different modes of seating, which can easily be adjusted to fit your baby’s seating needs.
  • Double dining – The chair allows you to have two babies sit on it at the same time. Perfect for parents with two children, but one must be an infant.
  • Easy to adjust – The chair features three recline levels and six height positions that can be adjusted easily.
  • One-hand tray – The tray can easily be removed and put back using only one hand.
  • Removable supports inserts – The manufacturers understand that babies grow fast. That’s why the chair comes with a flexible seat back insert that you can change to fit your baby’s position needs as they grow.
  • 3 and 5 point harness – Your baby’s safety is your responsibility. The 3- and 5- point harness guarantees the safety of your baby.


  • 4-in -1 system – As mentioned above, the manufacturer of this product appreciates the pace at which babies grow. In light of this, they have made a high chair that gives you four different seating modes depending on the age and weight of your baby
  • Perfect wheels – Again, if you prefer your child to be near you at all times, this high chair is your best choice
  • Wipes clean easily – A high chair that’s easy to clean is always your best choice. With this type of baby chair, cleaning is as easy as wiping kitchen tables


  • Complicated buckling system – The five-point buckling system is an important safety feature. However, it’s somewhat complicated. The three-point buckling system is better than the five-point.
  • It’s heavy, which makes it difficult to move around inappropriately.
  • Doesn’t fold – If you prefer a high chair that you can fold easily, this type of chair is not ideal for you.

Best High Chairs for Older Babies


Best High Chair for 4 Month Old

3. Peg-Perego Prima Pappa

Best High Chairs for Older BabiesThis piece of equipment is considered to be one of the best high chairs for older babies because of the following outstanding features.


Some of the features available on this high chair are as follows.

  • Recline plus – The chair is equipped with lockable wheels that make it easier for users to move it around. It’s also recommended for parents who want to keep their babies around them at all times. The exceptional recline features guarantee your baby comfort.
  • Adjustable heights – The heights can be adjusted to seven different positions. This means that they can be used with several different tables.
  • Long lasting chair – The chair is designed to accommodate both newborn babies and older babies. This means that you can buy it once your baby is born and use it until they no longer need it. It’s made from tough materials that will give you service for a long time.
  • Pretty – The luxurious padding ensures that your baby feels comfortable, but it’s also stylish. The product is available in many different colors.


  • Made from high-quality materials– As stated above, the product is made from high-quality materials that promise you service for a very long time
  • Easy to clean – Like always, it’s in your best interest to invest in products that are easy to clean. Peg Perego easy to clean seat upholstery makes it easier for you to provide your baby with a clean environment
  • Folds easily – Perfect for parents looking for high chairs that they can fold and carry around easily
  • Auto lock brakes – This is an exceptional feature that is found only on this chair


  • Heavy – The chair weighs twenty-five pounds, which is somewhat hefty compared to other high chairs
  • Expensive – There are many reasons why one would want to invest in this product, but it’s wise to note that it’s somewhat costly when compared to other products


Best High Chairs for Older Babies


Final Words on the Best High Chairs for Older Babies

It’s wise to note that high chairs are products that your baby is going to use almost every day, so you should buy a chair that he or she is going to feel comfortable seating. Considering the three top high chairs reviewed here and the buying guide details discussed above, you are in a better position to find the Best High Chairs for Older Babies.

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