Best High Chairs For Toddlers 2019

There are a lot of baby high chairs on the market that you can select for your toddler baby but some of the best high chairs for toddlers today include the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair, Cosco Simple Deluxe Monster Chair and Graco Blossom Convertible Seating.

Each of them has varying features and capability and choosing a particular one among them will be dependent on your needs and your baby’s preferences. We will review all of them in this article.

Let’s start!

Buyer Guide on the Best High Chairs For Toddlers

We’re on your side. That’s why this buyer guide will help you determine some of the essential factors to consider before buying a high chair. Here are 3 of those things:

Consider The Type

Before buying the high chair, you should determine first which type best suits you. There are wooden type chairs and also plastic-type ones. The type you pick will obviously vary depending on your needs and taste, but the most important thing to consider when considering the type is attention to space constraints and size.

Not all high chairs can be compatible, compact and foldable enough to fit in your table or car. Not all high chairs can even be used after your child grows. These are some of the most crucial key points in deciding whether the type of high chair you pick will best suit the present and future needs of your baby.

It may also be wise to pick the type of high chair that easily detaches so that when you move around or hide it away for storage, you won’t be needing assistance from anyone. Some high chairs have even one-hand option, where you can easily adjust the tray or its other parts just by using one hand. There are even high chairs you can buy that are so foldable, they may be stored under a dishwasher or sink.

Ease of Wash

Every child will in one way or another be messy when they eat. In picking the right chair, it would be most practical to go for the one that has a feature that gets you to wipe off the mess quickly. The high chair you pick should have corners and crevices that you can reach for cleaning.

To address that, make sure you check the tray, seat harness, and frame of the areas in the high chair that are hard to clean. Otherwise, you maybe putting the child’s health at risk. You should remember that some of the common diseases that plague a toddler’s life have a lot to do with unsanitary utensils and unhygienic eating areas.

Although a little bit of mess is healthy for the child’s immunity, too much of it will be a problem. If there are so many areas in the chair that can’t be reached by wet wipes, you may be better off considering another model.

You may also be better off choosing the model that allows you to put your high chair in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. Just make sure that the high chair you buy is dishwasher or machine-wash safe.

Read 3-Star Reviews

You can know the transparent and trustworthy reviews about the best high chairs for toddlers by reading 3-star reviews. The five star reviews may sometimes be paid by the manufacturers of the high chairs. These reviews may be biased and could not be after the welfare of the buyers.

The real answers to some of the questions you need to know to get the best high chair for toddlers today may only be honestly explained in 3-star reviews.

That said, the one star reviews that you will read may not also be fair because these reviews could be from irate customers who are too emotional to write a fair review. The angry reviews may just be a way for the reviewer to vent out and not to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Overview of the Best High Chairs For Toddlers

#1: Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair

Best High Chairs For ToddlersSome of the product features of this high chair include a removable space saver that you can attach to any dining chair. This is very useful when you have more than one type of table at home, and you only want to use one high chair.

The toddler booster feature is also a neat addition because it allows the toddler to join in the family table, and not be separated from them.

Moreover, this high chair is also a space saver because it can be dissembled and placed in the dishwasher for a thorough wash. Which is why it’s not hard to say that this may be the best high chair for toddlers that you can buy today.

Regarding movability, this high chair will also not stand out because of the difficulty of some customers in rolling it for storage.


  • The good thing about this high chair is that it has a baby wipes container. Toddlers can be messy when they’re eating, so having baby wipes near you will definitely help
  • It’s also good to know that you can stick suction bowls/toys to the high chair’s tray
  • The design of the high chair also allows it to be used even when the baby grows. That way, you don’t need to buy a new high chair that can accommodate the baby’s new size


  • 1. One feature of the high chair that needs to improve is the difficulty of rolling it. A reviewer of the product complained that rolling the high chair is a bit awkward to do
  • 2. There’s also a complaint about this high chair’s reclining seat mechanism. Specifically, the complaint comes from the fact that the rods in the frame don’t easily fit the holes in the recline
  • 3. This high chair’s weight might seem a little bulky for some. This could be a problem when trying to carry it for storage


Purchasing this may be ideal for those parents who want to have suction toys attached to their high chair. However, this product may not be for those who will always transport a high chair around because its bulky weight could be too much of a hassle.

Best High Chairs For Toddlers


#2: Cosco Simple Fold Deluxe High Chair

Best High Chairs For ToddlersThis high chair’s features include an inviting and colorful cartoon design, the ability to quickly fold without removing the tray and an easy-to-clean surface that you can just wipe off using wet wipes. It’s always going to be messy after a baby’s meal, and so the wipeable seat pad in this chair could not be more useful.

Also, the fact that you can easily fold the high chair means that you can hide it away easily, even when you want to bring it with you on your trips. This particular chair also comes with a 3-position adjustable tray, which makes it dishwasher safe.


  • This high chair’s weight limit is up to 50 pounds, so even if your baby is on the weighty side, you can still use this high chair.
  • The small tray of the high chair also makes it easy to transport. In fact, its small size is perfect to fit in the car.
  • There’s also a review confirming that this high chair is very sturdy despite the fact that it is lightweight.


  • The back seat of this high chair is unfortunately not adjustable.
  • The slight recline of the high chair is also an issue for some.
  • The plastic leg corners may not be sturdy enough for some toddlers. A customer even used a power drill just to get them tightly in place.


It’s safe to conclude that this item is ideal for those who want an sturdy but lightweight structure with all the complete features of a standard high chair. However, buyers who want complete adjustability in the recline, tray and legs of their chair may find it difficult to use this product.

Best High Chairs For Toddlers


#3: Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Best High Chairs For ToddlersSome of the key features of this high chair include the machine-washable seat pad that allows for easy cleaning, and the head and body support that’s fit to the size of an infant’s head. This neat feature would be of great use to ensure that the baby’s head is positioned in the seat comfortably.

In addition, there’s also an easily removable tray in this high chair that can be adjusted with the use of one hand. The adjustable footrest of this chair also comes in a 3-position mode, so you can adjust the chair and use it even after the child grows.


  • The good thing about this unit is that the dark grey insert of its fabric portion is removable, so you can quickly wash it after using it for a long time.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • The high chair is also easy to convert from a regular high chair into a booster seat.


  • Tray is not adjustable.
  • The high chair’s leather coating may come off in flaky patches after extended use.
  • There are no replacement covers available in case the underlying materials get too dirty to clean.


It is safe to conclude that this high chair is ideal for those who want a reliable easy-to-wash chair but don’t mind getting problematic issues about its flaky leather coating later on. This is not the right chair for buyers who want complete adjustability as a priority feature.

Best High Chairs For Toddlers


Final Words on the Best High Chairs For Toddlers

If there’s any verdict we can say here, it would probably be about two things. First, to choose the best high chair for toddlers today, you must do a comprehensive and comparative research first, compare customer feedback, read previous user reviews especially 3-star-point reviews, and analyze the features you need from a particular type of high chair.

Secondly, it’s our verdict to say that the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total Clean High Chair for your child is the best pick among the ones listed above.

This is because it seems to be the best high chairs for toddlers in the selection that can allow for easy and thorough wash without compromising its durable, foldable and compact quality, which customers confirmed will last for the longest time.

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