Best Infant Travel Bed 2019

If you look on the internet, there are plenty of options for travel cribs but few have taken the time to present reviews on the best infant travel bed. However, unless you want to stay home for the next year after your child is born, you need travel bed reviews to help decide which is the best baby travel bed.

Your specific needs and desires will impact this decision greatly, and with all of the additional expenses that children bring, you do not need to end up spending money on the wrong purchase. Still, a travel bed for infants can take many forms.

That is why we have put together a list of the best baby travel bed accompanied with thorough travel bed reviews. Then we put together a buyer’s guide, so that you can easily navigate between the different qualities and select the travel bed that is right for you.

Best Infant Travel Bed Buyers Guide

What is an Infant Travel Bed?

A travel bed is simply a portable crib which has the benefit of folding up easily so that you can take it on travels without stress. This means that the bed is portable and lightweight and can often be carried as a hand luggage. They offer a safe, serene and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby on the go.

This does not mean they cannot be used at home. In fact, they are very useful at home too since you can store them easily (because of their small size when packed) and transfer them to different part of the home without too much squabble.

Most infant travel bed are designed for babies below the age of 2. And most of the items on our list consist of these. However, if your little one is above the age of 2, then you might want to look at toddler travel bed instead. They have more capacity and the right size for toddlers.

What to Look for In the Best Infant Travel Bed

Ease of Use

One thing that most parents love in baby products is the ability to set them up fairly easily. No matter how much time you have on your hands, you won’t want to spend hours just assembling the best travel crib.

Therefore, it is important to cross check the model you are buying. If people are complaining that it is difficult to set up, then you know you should keep looking. But if there are generally positive reviews in terms of setting up the travel crib, then that signals a go ahead to purchase.

Another thing that is equally important is how easy it is to fold and put away the crib. Most baby travel crib fold up easily and are easy to store because of their compact size. We have included those that fulfill this criteria in our list.


The weight and size of a travel crib — when assembled and dissembled — is an important consideration. You need to put these two factors into consideration. A travel bed should be spacious and accommodate your child when its assembled. But it should not be too big that it cannot go into a suitcase or the trunk of your car when dissembled.


It is recommended that all baby travel beds meet or exceed the American Standard for travel cribs. Any crib that fails to pass this test is not safe for your baby.

Having said that, we try as much as possible to ensure we only review the products that meet or exceed the safety standard for travel cribs. Another thing to consider is that some units are safer than others. There is no harm in going for those that are rated as the safest.

Another important you need to do is to follow Safe Sleep Standards. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your baby may be exposed to certain hazards even if you are using the safest baby crib.


After the safety of your child, the next important factor is the comfort of your child. In order to ensure that your baby enjoy maximum comfort, you need to purchase a crib that contains adequate padding and sufficient air flow.

The mattresses used should also not be too thin that they make your child uncomfortable. If you are not sure, you should read individual reviews or ask other users if the travel bed can provide abundant cushioning for your baby when placed in the unit.


This factor is important, but it can also be a bit of a push-pull situation. Essentially, you need the bed to be large enough for your infant. However, at what point is the bed too big–especially for infants under 6 months.

On the flip side, a larger bed can accommodate your child even after their infant years and into their toddler stage. Of course, a larger bed will be more difficult to pack up and take on the go. Even if a large bed is able to be rolled or folded up, it is unlikely to be done so into a smaller profile than a smaller bed could.

Aside from the potential difficulties larger beds present when packing them up, they may also present similar difficulties when unpacking them. The larger the bed, the more space you need wherever you intend to set it up. Moreover, a larger bed will also weigh more and be far less likely to have a handle that allows you to carry it with your infant still inside.

Ultimately, you are going to have to decide which qualities are more desireable. A large bed will extend the lifespan of the product and is more versatile, but a smaller bed actually accomplishes the tasks that a travel bed is intended to.


This is somewhat similar to the dimensions, except the answer is almost always the same: the lighter the bed the better. As a travel bed, you do not need any extra weight to make transportation more difficult. Furthermore, there are only a few factors that should reasonably increase the weight of a travel bed.

One of the primary considerations that may force you to opt for a heavier travel bed is the materials. While it is not necessarily the case, higher quality materials can be heavier than lower quality materials–this is especially relevant if the bed comes with padding.

Another aspect of a travel bed that will influence the weight is related to the previous one but expands on it a little bit: the frame. Some travel beds have a frame which is separate from the lining and provides additional support.

While this can makes things easier setting up or incase your child moves around while lying down, it will also increase the carrying weight and thus somewhat limit the intended purpose of the bed in the first place.

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This is a consideration for which there is no easy answer. Depending on what your preferences for weight, stability, and comfort are, the materials used will vary greatly. For example, does the bed stand up on its own or does it have a secondary frame.

If the bed stands upright without a frame, then the bed’s primary material will necessarily need to be stiffer. A stiffer material will inherently be more dense and subsequently heavier.

Of course, if the bed has a secondary frame, the bed’s primary material can be less dense, and thus, lighter. Still, the frame’s material will then need to be considered as it will add weight.

The material of the bed will also affect its collapsed profile. While a bed without a secondary frame will generally be made from thicker, heavier material, this can be accomplished without having to give up too much in malleability.

As such, even travel beds without a frame and thicker material will often be able to fold in on themselves, potentially even rolled up to a compact profile.

This becomes far less likely when you have a secondary frame. These frames are often made from either metal or plastic. Regardless the material choice, chances are the best that frame can do is fold in half.

If you are lucky, it may be able to fold into thirds. Either way, a collapsed travel bed with a secondary frame is likely to have a larger profile than one without a secondary frame.

Finally, as alluded to earlier, the materials, in conjunction with the design, will ultimately determine the stability of the bed. Rarely will a bed without a secondary frame, regardless the materials used, be as stable as a bed with a secondary frame.

Depending on the age and general activity of your infant this may be more or less relevant. However, as your child starts to develop, this will become far more relevant.

Reviews of the Best Infant Travel Bed in 2019

1. Travel Portable Bassinet Diaper Bag – 3 in 1

best infant travel bedThe 3 in 1 by Lullababy is an incredibly convenient travel bed and ideal for the best infant travel solutions.

This travel bed can also be used as a changing table with its waterproof and stain-resistant material that easily wipes out if your child has a mess.

Moreover, when it is in travel-mode, the 3 in 1 collapses into a travel bag that will hold all of your infant’s general needs like diapers, bottles, toys, and the like.

However, this versatility will cost you, and the Lullababy is definitely on the more expensive side of travel beds. Moreover, to ensure that the material does not absorb water, it necessarily does not allow airflow, making this one of the least breathable travel beds on our list.

Finally, this bed is not nearly as comfortable as some others and will require additional padding.

  • All round natural formulation
  • Soothing ingredients
  • Some users find the scent too strong

best infant travel bed

2. LulyBoo Baby Lounge To Go

best infant travel bedThe LulyBoo offers a classic design in a market that seems to go minimal. First, this travel bed is much more comfortable than most of the others reviewed on our list.

The soft sides and bedding are comfortable for extended periods of rest.

Moreover, this travel bed features a toy bar for entertainment and a canopy to protect your child from the sun.

Unfortunately, the plush material does make this bed a tad heavy, though it is by no means one of the heavier beds on our list.

Also, the material, while exceptionally comfortable, is not at all sturdy, so this travel bed may not be suitable for infants learning to move around.

  • Comes with a toy bar
  • Features a protective canopy
  • One of the more comfortable travel beds available
  • A bit more expensive than one would prefer
  • Not suited for infants who are starting to move around
  • At almost 3 pounds, this is pushing the limits of lightweight compared to the other models

best infant travel bed

3. KidCo P4012 PeaPod Plus

best infant travel bedThe KidCo Peapod represents our first travel bed which is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

In fact, this may be the ideal travel bed if you want to take your infant camping.

With a large size and mesh walls, your infant will have plenty of room to move around and not need to worry about overheating.

Moreover, the cover of the PeaPod is UV protected, so your child will not have to endure harsh sunlight.

However, all of this specialization does come at a cost, and that cost is in fact the highest on our list. Moreover, this travel bed is not exactly light either at 3.5 pounds–though it is not the heaviest.

Finally, while infants who are learning to move will find the stability adequate, those who can actually crawl may potentially be able to unset the travel bed.

  • The UV-protected cover is great for outdoor use
  • The entire bed comes fully assembled
  • Despite its large size, this bed actually folds up to a small profile
  • 3.5 pounds is on the heavy side for a travel bed
  • The most expensive travel bed on our list
  • The frame is not at all firm enough for moving infants

best infant travel bed

4. BRICA Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

best infant travel bed

The Brica seems to be a bit of a hybrid travel bed.

It features the smaller profile and open top of many of the other beds on our list, but comes with a durable mesh body and a sturdy frame.

Altogether, this makes Brica one of the more sturdy travel beds that does not give up anything in terms of breathability.

Moreover, this travel bed is still extremely affordable.

However, like other travel beds with a secondary frame, the Brica’s collapsed profile is not the best–though it does at least fold in half and comes with a carrying handle.

Still, the mattress is substandard, and though the frame is sturdy in general, the siding will not hold up to infants beginning to move around.

  • Mesh panels allow for superior airflow and breathability
  • The Four-point Safe-T-Lock frame provides excellent stability
  • 2.4 pounds, while not the lightest, is still reasonably light
  • Though it folds in half, the travel profile is still a bit large, though thin
  • The mattress is not as robust as you might prefer
  • A fairly short lifespan limits the use of this bed

best infant travel bed

5. kilofly Original Instant Pop Up Portable Travel Baby Beach Tent

best infant travel bed

If you are looking for an outdoor travel bed and do not feel like paying out through the nose for one of the KidCO PEaPods, then the kilofly may be the best option for you.

Moreover, aside from being the least expensive travel bed on our list–regardless the type–this is also the lightest travel bed featured.

Furthermore, it comes preassembled and pops opens and folds shut fairly easily.

However, this is far more of an outdoor travel bed than the KidCos as the padding is not at all sufficient or comfortable for extended rests on firm surfaces.

Moreover, there is very little keeping this travel bed upright should your infant be able to move around.

Though, if you are outdoors, it does use 2 stakes to prevent the travel bed from getting upended.

  • Comes preassembled and expands on its own
  • The lightest travel bed on our list
  • The least expensive travel bed on our list
  • Probably one of the least stable travel bed on our list
  • Not suitable for infants who are moving around
  • The padding is not suitable for extended rests

best infant travel bed

6. Boxum Baby 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet

best infant travel bedThis travel bed is nearly identical to the bed in our number 1 spot made by Lullababy.

However, Boxum sets itself apart in an ignoble way by also being 50 percent more expensive than the lullaby.

When the Lullababy is already twice as expensive as most of the other travel beds on our list and the Boxum does not actually bring anything new to the table in terms of materials, versatility, or design, it is difficult to justify the increase in cost.

Still, like the Lullababy, this is perfect for those seeking the best infant travel solutions.

If you are looking to nitpick, which is really what you have to do with these 2 products, the Boxum does at least provide a couple inches more clearance of width. However, it is also ⅓ of a pound heavier.

One notable advantage the Boxum has is a thicker mattress, but that does not necessarily justify the increase in cost when a thick blanket will often do and cost less.

  • Provides great versatility as a travel bed, diaper bag, and changing station all in one
  • Folds up into one of the more convenient travel packages compared to other beds on our list
  • Much easier to clean than a lot of the other beds reviewed
  • 4.6 pounds is pretty heavy for a travel bed
  • A fairly expensive travel bed
  • Not the most breathable or comfortable

best infant travel bed

7. KidCo P3012 PeaPod Infant Travel Bed

best infant travel bed

Our list is veritably filled either with travel beds from the same manufacturer or travel beds which use the same type of design.

The former is true in this instance as this PeaPod by KidCo is simply the non-”Plus” version.

However, if you are looking for a relatively equitable outdoor travel bed, then this one may have you covered.

This PeaPod brings most of the same features that the previous model did. However, it is also about 25 percent less expensive than the previous model.

Unfortunately, it is also less breathable than the Plus model. Considering this is intended as an outdoor travel bed, you may opt for the more expensive model.

  • The UV-protected cover is great for outdoor use
  • The entire bed comes fully assembled
  • Despite its large size, this bed actually folds up to a small profile
  • A fairly expensive travel bed
  • Not nearly as breathable as the previous KidCo PeaPod
  • The frame is flimsy and will not hold up to curious children

best infant travel bed

8. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

best infant travel bedAll things considered, the SwaddleMe has a great deal to like about it. It is primarily made from polyester which is both light, breathable, and comfortable.

It comes with a sturdy metal frame to prevent the infant from being able to get out. Moreover, the mattress is decent and even comes with its own fitted sheet.

However, this is also one of the heavier travel beds on our list. At 6 pounds, this bed will not travel nearly as easy as some of the other models on our list.

Moreover, because of the metal frame, this bed’s travel profile is much larger than most.

In fact, this bed does not even fold in half, though it will collapse flat. Still, the real drawback is that this bed is only suitable for children up to 3 months old. That age limit severely reduces the value of this travel bed.

  • Uses a sturdy metal frame for extra stability
  • Comes with a mattress pad as well as a fitted sheet
  • The mesh sides allow plenty of air to circulate
  • Will not collapse into as small a profile as many other beds on our list
  • At 6 pounds, it is one of the heavier travel beds on our list
  • Has a fairly short lifespan, suitable for only 3 months

best infant travel bed

9. Summer Infant Travel Bed

best infant travel bed

The Summer Infant and SwaddleMe beds almost seem to take a similar concept in completely opposite directions.

First, this bed does not feature an external frame. Normally, this might necessitate the use of thicker materials, but Summer Infant gets around this by using nylon.

Nylon provides an embedded frame that is lightweight and will stay upright.

However, this frame is more than window dressing as even a baby who can move roll over will be able to knock it down. That is likely why this travel bed has been rated as only suitable for infants up to 15 pounds.

Ultimately, with a weight limit so low, even an amazing folding profile and nifty toy bar cannot make up for its failings.

  • Incredibly light at only 2 pounds
  • Folds up completely and can be carried over the shoulder with a strap
  • Comes with a carrying handle that doubles as a toy bar
  • Only suitable for infants up to 15 pounds
  • Nylon, while easy to clean, is not the most comfortable or breathable material
  • The mattress is only 1” thick and not firm

best infant travel bed

10. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper, Deluxe

best infant travel bedOur second SwaddleMe is nearly identical to the first, though it does come with some unique advantages not found on many infant travel beds, let alone the other SwaddleMe.

Still there is primarily a single difference between this model and the original SwaddleME: the addition of a clip on unit that plays soothing sounds, provides a night light, and vibrates at 2 different speeds.

Aside from that, this is the same exact travel bed as the other SwaddleME. In fairness, this is an incredibly useful addition.

However, it also doubles the cost of the travel bed.

Were this bed designed for infants to be used as they got olderat least to 1 year old or sothis might not be so bad. However, since this SwaddleMe has the same age restriction of 3 months, the price cannot be justified as a great value.

  • Uses a sturdy metal frame for extra stability
  • Comes with a mattress pad as well as a fitted sheet
  • Comes with a clip on unit that plays sounds, vibrates, and serves as a night light
  • Will not collapse into as small a profile as many other beds on our list
  • At 6 pounds, it is one of the heavier travel beds on our list
  • Has a fairly short lifespan, suitable for only 3 months

best infant travel bed

Final Words on Best Infant Travel Bed

As you can see through our infant travel bed reviews, finding the bed that is right for you will ultimately come down to determining which factors are most important. Sadly, there is no infant travel bed which does everything right. Instead, you have to choose a quality or feature and expect to sacrifice others.

This is never so relevant as the choice between stability and portability. The most stable travel beds have a secondary frame that is made out of inflexible materials. This forces a larger profile, even when compacted. However, the more flexible materials offer the least stability. In the end, you will be forced to choose between the two.

I hope you have gain a value from reading the best infant travel bed for baby, and if so, kindly share with others.

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