Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping 2019

When you are a new breastfeeding mother, you will be looking for many ways of feeding your baby which means you may fall in the category of those mothers who search for the best pump for exclusively pumping.

This is not surprising as many different forms of breast feeding pumps are now released in the market for breast feeding mothers. In order to make the most out of your purchase, you need to ask yourself some questions:

Why you need a Breast Pump?

Most mothers want to feed their newborn baby but the busy schedule often gets in the way of that goal. This is where exclusive breastfeeding comes in. By pumping throughout the day, you provide your baby with milk she or he needs while you are away.

It’s very important that you get the right quality pump for the job that is why we wrote this guide to help you reach your goals. Below you will find some useful tips, tricks as well as the 3 best pump for exclusively pumping.

How Often to Pump and When?

First, you should have a good quality, double electric pump. Newborn babies usually feed 8-12 times a day and it’s recommended that you match that number as much as possible by pumping every 2 hours but not go beyond 3 in between pumping sessions.

The more often the breast empty the more milk they will produce so if you pump at least every 3 hours for 20-15 minutes with the bare minimum of 7 times a day than you should maintain a good supply.

Know What Pump is Right for You

There is a number of breast pumps of different sizes and functionalities but before I get into the top 3 pick here are the styles that are available.

Manual Pumps

A manual breast pump is usually designed with a lever that you can squeeze which creates a suction every time you press the lever. This means you will be powering it 100% without any electric assistance.

The manual is ideal for mothers who don’t pump too often or as a backup in case anything happens to your main pump. It’s also extremely cheap, simple to use and allows you to control the speed and strength of your suction.

With that being said there are also drawbacks since it’s not the most effective breast pump it can make you work harder to get any production which can cause you to become very tired quickly. We do not recommend this style of pump for mothers who want to breast pump more than a few times a week.

Single Electric Pumps

This is a one breast kind of pump, which means that the single electric pump only works on one breast at a time. It’s more affordable than paying for a double electric pump and good for women who want to pump periodically who doesn’t require that much milk production.

We cannot recommend this to mothers who need to be pumping both breasts as it would take twice the amount of time, especially when having to repeat it multi times a day.

Double Electric Pumps (Highly Recommended)

A double electric pump allows you to double your milk by pumping both breasts at the same time. You can also just use one of the pumps individually for those moments you want to just focus on one side.

This is the best option for mothers who will want to pump frequently. Works especially well for work, traveling, busy schedule, and the best pump for exclusively pumping.

Full Review of the Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping

Philips Avent Double Electric Comfort

Best Pump For Exclusively PumpingThe Philips Avent is a double electric pumping machine that offers more comfortable ways to position it due to its unique design. When you turn on the pump it will immediately start up in gentle stimulation mode to encourage letdown but you can switch between three moods from there, low, medium, high settings.

The soft cushion and texture were created to gently stimulates milk flow like a nursing. Philips Avent is comfortable, hygienic, easy to use and simple to clean. It might be the top breast pump but it’s a great fit for woman who looking to.


  • Closed System allows for a hygienic experience
  • Has a preset letdown
  • Cleans Easily


  • No Chance to Run on Batteries
  • You can’t adjust the settings separately

Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping


Preup FDA Certification Double Electric Comfort Advanced Breast Milk Pump

Best Pump For Exclusively PumpingThis pump is designed to mimic breastfeeding while being quiet, efficient, and very simple to use. It has a built-in battery that can be charged using a USB connection and adapter that comes included.

This convenient breast pump has a led display and an easy to USB option so you can conveniently charge it just about anywhere, even your car. Everything is easy to assemble and simple to take on the go.


  • Easy to charge
  • Simple to maintain
  • Great travel size


  • Parts might not be easily replaced if broken

Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping


Angeer Breast Pump Automatic Massage Electric Breast Pump

Best Pump For Exclusively PumpingThe Angeer Breast Pump uses advanced rhythmic design to mimic a more natural sucking to effectively release milk flow faster without discomfort. It also has a nice control display screen that allows you to adjust to that perfect suction that is right for you.

If you are needing a cost-effective double pump that won’t disappoint you then it’s worth taking a look. You get a lot more value then what you pay for with all the unique features that allow you to breast pump how you want.


  • It has very flexible setting
  • Effective and comfortable
  • It is quiet


  • The buttons can be touch sensitive

Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping


Final Words on Best Pump For Exclusively Pumping

If you are looking for a simple cost-effective solution then look no further to Angeer electric breast pump, it has man additional features that make pump a little less painful.

However, if convenience is more of what you are looking for then we recommend the Preup breast pump for its easy capacity to travel with you and even more simple options of charging you can pump anytime while on the go. If you are aiming for a more efficient pump that will get the job done then Philips Avent might be the choice you are looking for.

Some of this might not have a lot of settings but that is not necessarily a bad thing as some women have reported receiving fewer blisters while using a lower setting. We hope this was helpful in providing you an idea of what bottle will be best for you from the list of best pump for exclusively pumping.

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