Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing Review

The Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing offers lots of features to help you soothe, relax, and comfort your baby, all in a small package. Thus, the swing comes with great things in a small package.

This swing offers you the options to power up with batteries to save money or plug-in directly to the power outlet. Both have their advantages and your choice of one will depend on your preferences and needs.

There are equally 6 swing speeds to suit your baby’s mood and side-to-side swaying motion to keep your him relaxed.

  • Small frame design fits any location in your home
  • Plug-in option enables you to save money on batteries
  • To be used with infants from 5.5 to 30 pounds
  • Five-point harness system to secure your baby
  • Entertainment points to soothe and calm your child
  • Six swing speeds to match your baby’s swinging mood
  • Luxurious head support and deep seat to keep your baby serene and relaxed
  • Gentle side to side motion for your baby’s comfort
  • It is available in two colors, Abbington (grey) and Stratus (blue)
  • 1-year warranty

Having children is one of the most gratuities of life. While some people are denied this blessing, others have so much of it. And if you are reading this, you are likely in the second group.

Now you are making preparations to take good care of this little being at your disposal. One of the bravest things you can do for your youngster is to protect it and help it grow with lot of care.

This necessitates that you constantly be at its beck and call. However, you get tired, torn, and fatigue at times, especially if you are working on the side.

To free yourself up more, you need some baby products that will serve as your personal assistants. And a baby swing is one of these products you will want to consider. In this article, we’ll go through the features of one of the best swing on the market: Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing.

Graco Simple Sway Swing Review

Design of the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

If you have only small space to keep this swing, it is normal that you worry about its design. However, the Graco Simple Sway swing has an efficient design which gives the swing a small footprint.

This means that it won’t take up too much space where it is placed. And if you intend moving it around the house, the design allows for that too.

This unit is different from other swing because not only is it easy to put together, but it also does not feel flimsy when it is fully assembled.

Moving your little one in and out of the swing is not stressful and transition from the swing while your baby is asleep is as easy as it can be. One of the advantage of this swing is that the print is neutral and so can fit in almost any environment.

Most importantly, you will be able to pass it along when your baby eventually outgrows it. The recommended weight limit for this swing is for baby from 5.5 pounds to 30 pounds.

In general, this is an ideal weight range for most babies. If your baby exceeds this limit before using this swing, then this unit will be unfit for your baby. Before purchasing this product, ensure that your baby’s weight does not exceed the recommended weight limit.

The swing operates quietly. You don’t have to worry about hearing your child’s wailing in the next couple of minutes after putting her quietly in the swing.

As you know, if the motor of the swing is quiet, your little one will not only sleep sound during nap time but will also enjoy its swinging time as there will be no white noise.

There are just six swing speeds on the swing and most parents may not even go above the 4th setting. With enough option, you can easily tailor the speed to the mood swing of your little one.

You may want to use a higher speed when your baby is light but a lower speed when he has just eaten. You can use higher speed when he is awake and reduce the speed when he naps.

Moreover, if you still have a youngster (weighing less than 7 pounds), you should stay with the lower speeds. Then when your kid approaches 10 pounds, you can experiment with the higher speeds.

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Gentle Swaying Motion

Thanks to the smooth side-to-side motion, the Graco Simple Sway relaxes, comfort, and soothe your child. It is comforting to have an alternative for soothing your baby aside using your hands, especially if you get fatigue quickly.

This feature can also come in handy when you want to work on an important project and have your little close-by without any distraction.

Compact Swing

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing reviewThe Graco Simple Sway is unique in its own way because it is not one of those that needs rearrangement of your living room before they can be assembled and put to use.

Although Graco Simple Sway is a full-size baby swing, it has a footprint such that it does not require abundance of space to work.

As you can see, the seat achieves a striking balance between being a full size swing and saving space.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant if you can spend some times in the outdoor reading or enjoying the quiet breeze while your baby is just beside you?

Option to Plug-in or Use Batteries

Unlike other swings that operates on batteries, this unit will give your baby all the love when it’s plugged in.

Most of the time, batteries don’t cut it when you want your little get the full experience of a baby swing.

Although some people will argue that batteries are better because they save power cost.

This is not all too glaring as you would still expend some costs in battery replacement and when the batteries are down and you don’t have replacement, you or your baby might suffer at that point in time.

If it happen that you are trying to soothe your baby 2am and you find all the batteries are dead, you know the frustration that can come out of this. However, in the case of the Graco Simple Sway, just plug it in and your are good to go.

Soothe Your Baby

Soothing your baby is the most important function of a baby swing. Any swing that is deficient in this department should be discarded. The Graco Simple Sway swing comes with two speed vibration settings that is dedicated to keeping your baby relaxed.

You can also select the pace that satisfies your baby’s mood at any particular time. This feature can be turned off/on when needed. And with ten melodies and five nature sounds you can delight and amuse your child steadily.

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Roomy and Plenty of Support

If you have a larger or bigger baby, then rejoice because this model brings with it lots of features and one of them is a generous and broad seat.

Most time, your baby needs a lot of room in order to be comfortable and this becomes even more important if you have a bigger baby on your hand.

The roomy seat will provide all the comfort and relaxation your baby needs during swinging and nap time.

A removable and machine washable head support is also included so that your baby can get the maximum support from head to toe.


Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing reviewAlthough a baby swing can help you hold your child while you focus on other things, you should never neglect your baby or jeopardize the safety of this helpless creature.

To prevent this from happening, this model comes with a security system that keep your baby in position amidst swinging motion.

The harness system is a very important feature in a swing. If there is non, then there is little hope for securing your child, especially if he/she is still very young.

In order to prevent any hazard or accidents, this unit comes with a built-in five-point harness system.

If you don’t know this before, it is a collection of straps and fabrics that helps to secure your baby tightly to the seat so that your baby don’t slip out during nap or swinging motion.

  • Two-way power option
  • Efficient design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable price
  • Simple design
  • Higher weight limit
  • It operates quietly
  • Plug-in option to save money and stress of using batteries
  • It has a bucket seat to accommodate heavier and larger babies
  • The fabric is easy to clean and very soft.
  • Smaller footprint to fit anywhere in your home
  • Relax baby with 2-speed variation
  • Soothes different moods of baby with 6 swing speeds
  • Deep and luxurious seat and body support helps to keep your baby relaxed and comfortable
  • The head support doesn’t provide reliable support for baby’s head
  • No mobile movement – less visual stimulation for baby
  • The seat to doesn’t recline
  • The seat is very large

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This seat is suitable for both new and experienced parents. Moreover, it is fashionable, durable, and compact so that it is a great option for those who travel a lot with their kids. Not only does it provide enough seat space for your baby, Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing also provides a serene environment for your baby to relax and nap.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

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