Why You Need to Monitor Your Child Throughout the Year

Do you know how important it is to monitor your child throughout the year?

Do you know what you need to look at in your child every year?

If you don’t know, then your baby may be missing out a lot. There are many things you need to look at in your child. This include the physical formation and the learning situation of your baby child. No matter how busy you maybe, you need to set time aside for your little one.

The following are the things you need to consider annually for your baby. I hope you will gain a lot after reading this article.

Regular Health Checkup

monitor your child

Depending on the health status and your child’s age, regular health checks may be needed every year. This usually starts from birth, 1-4 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 6-9 months, 18 months, 2-3 years, and then 5 years old. At this point, regular checkup and annual inspection is recommended.

During the weeks and months that follows the birth of a child the routine checkups is usually intensified by most parents. Most hospitals also recommend regular checks. However, as time goes on, most parents may relax and reduce the routine checks.

And this may be dangerous for the health of the child. As the child ages, it needs more and more monitoring and one of this is to ensure that regular health checks is constant and consistent. When you are consistent with this, you will not only have a healthy child but a strong one that is free from avoidable diseases.

This checkup will ensure that your baby is growing and developing properly. Moreover, if there are problems, it will be easy to catch them early. And there will likely be a better chance for treatment. This will also give you an opportunity to ask your health care provider questions about how you can better care for your baby.

Most importantly, you will learn from your visit if your baby is feeding well, growing well, developing normally, and you will be abreast the last information regarding children’s health in general.

Optometrist Eye Care

baby eye care

With proper supervision of most children, most eye problems can be treated immediately they are identified. Some parents may discover that their baby is developing some symptoms which may change the appearance of the eye. As the child develops, it may be exposed to different diseases such as myopia and hyperopia. And if care is not taken at this stage, it may get worse.

As a parent, unless you can easily identify the symptoms, you may not be aware if your child is development some eye problems. If the problem is prolonged more than it should be, it may eventually damage your child’s line of sight. In fact, some children have gone on to put on glasses and the sight will only get better with that. And these children are fortunate; for those that are not so fortunate, the most likely result is eye damage.

Eventually when this happens, then the blame will be on you and not on your child. Some parents have learnt this the hard way. If you want to avoid this, then it is important that you ensure all your children have regular eye checks every year. This will ensure that you see that everything is fine.

Most eye care experts recommend that a eye exam should be done for your baby at 6 months. In any case, if your baby develops eye problem, such as a minor infection, the doctor can spot it at the early stage and then treat it. And if the problem is more serious, such as myopia, you will be referred to an ophthalmologist.

Sometimes, a baby can develop eye problems because of a long history of eye problems in the family. And for fortunately for you, eye care don’t require too much work on your part.

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Regular Visit to the Dentist

baby dental care

Almost every child will experience tooth decay. Some locations are more serious while others are less serious. For this reason, you need to ensure regular tooth check. You don’t have to wait until the problem develop to certain extent before seeing the dentist.

As the popular saying goes “prevention is better than cure” especially when it comes to the concept of treatment. Moreover, regular checks by the dentist will remove the possibility that your baby will develop tooth decay. Fortunately, the money you will spend on this visit will be much more lower compared to when you go for treatment after the problem has escalated.

The rule of thumb is that your baby should visit the dentist immediately after the eruption of the first tooth. This is called the first dental visit and is usually very short.

The dentist will not just check the appearance of your baby’s tooth but also if there is any problems with the jaw, oral tissues, and gum. If no problem is found, then you will be educated on basic oral health.

Changing Shoes As Your Child Grows

baby shoe

While some babies find it very easy to change and wear new shoes, others may find it irritating. Whichever group your child falls in, it is imperative to change shoes for him/her every year.

Most especially during beginning of every school year, take your child to a shoe store and purchase new sets of shoes for him/her. Moreover, as your child grows, it may get involved in sports like football, running, basketball, etc., which may necessitate the provision of strong shoes.

Meeting the Teacher of Your Child Regularly

Parents and teachers can complete each other. As a parent, you can help the teacher best understand your child’s habit, preferences, learning patterns, and ability to comprehend and understand material. If you show that you are concerned about your child’s learning and that you pay full attention to it, then the teacher will most likely feel more concerned about your child.

Tracing the Milestone of Growth

Since you have a wall at home, you can make use of this to trace the growth of your child. You need a pencil, a measuring tape, a chalk. Once you gather this, you can have your toddler stay close to the wall with its back and then draw a line each time. Leave the marked area and do this every year. Your child will grow to see these strokes and feel great. Most children like to see how much they have grown.

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Participate in Charitable Donations

Participating in charitable donations should not only be a thing for the parents. It should also be extended to the children too. You need to let your child understand the situation in other countries, especially in Africa, is much worse than that in your country. So every year, give them the opportunity to participate in this donations through their pocket money or what you set aside for this purpose. This will develop the concept of good help and charitable disposition in your children.

Final Words on How to Monitor Your Child

This article sums up some of the things you need to do to check your baby as it grows. During the process of carrying out these activities, you will be able to learn more about your child and establish a strong relationship with it. This is particularly useful for first time parents as it gives you the experience you need to handle the next child properly while making sure you monitor your child.

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