Can Baby Sleep in Swing All Night? — Q & A

baby sleeping in swing all night

After scouring the forums and looking over at some moms discussions, we see that people are asking, “Can baby sleep in swing all night?”

Well, this is a good question from mothers who are very caring to their baby. If you have experienced the same and now looking for answers, you have come to the right place.

Do you have a baby that likes sleeping in the swing? If yes, you may be wondering if this is okay or not and that’s totally fine. As a caring parent, you can’t assume things, especially if your child is at a stage when it needs lots of attention.

When this behavior occurs, the thoughts that come to mind is if it’s normal to let a child sleep in the swing all night. Could there be negative effects when a baby sleeps in his swing more than it sleeps in its crib?

At this stage, you should know that there is nothing strange about this at all. In fact, this behavior is common with some kids. And most of them will pass this stage and eventually transition into sleeping in their cribs.

However, there are two possible explanations for this. Fortunately, these are not negative in themselves. The first is that you have a wild child. A child of this nature wouldn’t find comfort except in such an environment.

Or your child might have just fell in love with sleeping in the swing, which is not out of place too. Instead of worrying about the normalcy of this action, grab as much rest as you can. You may be feeling bad now because you don’t want your child to experience any discomfort.

Can Baby Sleep in Swing All Night

This is great.

But you could also cause little one some discomfort if you take him/her away from the swing at that particular time because he may not like to leave it. So allow your baby to enjoy the sleeping on the swing for a few weeks.

During this period, try to take your child from the swing to the crib when he/she is fast asleep. This will help make the transition to the crib easier and quicker. The period of transition differs from child to child. So, you don’t need to force it.

What if you have a baby sleeping in swing all night? There are a couple of things you need to look at. I will take a look at each below:


Ruining a child’s posture and it’s ability to sleep in the crib later are some of the concerns of parents who ask this question. If you have this concern too, then you are not alone. By leaving your child in the swing to enjoy a peaceful sleeping period, you are in fact helping the child. The only issue I see with this is that your child may want to be rocked to sleep later on.

This is okay as far as I’m concerned. First, the child will outgrow it. Secondly, it’s your burden as a parent to accept that. When you do, your child will love you for it. And the emotional connection between the two of you will become stronger.

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If you asked, can baby sleep in swing all night? I will give you the following answer:

When you place the child in the swing, ensure his head is not falling forward. That can lead to suffocation. Even though I agree you can keep your baby in the swing, I don’t recommend you do it often. That is why I mentioned somewhere in this article that you should transfer your baby to the crib when LO is fast asleep.

Safety-wise, you need to be careful if your child already crawls and sits up on his own. Your little one can crawl out at any time, so pay attention to that. Moreover, this is something you should watch out for if you have an older baby.

The best way of preventing unwanted movement is to strap your baby in the swing. However, don’t leave your baby and go outside just because he is strapped in.

Health wise, your child still has flexible bones at the time of using a swing. And most pediatricians don’t have issue with a child sleeping in a swing — provided the mother is watchful. Try to induce your baby to take naps during the day in the swing. Then try to make it sleep in the crib at night.

This can help you establish some kind of balance. In addition, try to wean your baby from the swing gradually especially if you have noticed that your child likes to sleep a lot in the swing.

Before you buy a swing for your baby, read everything you can find on the swing. A good step is to read the Consumer Product Safety Commission list of recalled products to see that the swing your want to buy is not listed there.

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One mom concluded that:

I am the type of momma that does whatever it takes as long as my lo’s are happy and healthy so I would think it would be okay occasionally but not to do it all the time or he wont be able to adjust to sleeping in crib when you need him to…

You can see from this statement that the mother is really caring and watchful over the child. However, she doesn’t want to be overprotective that the child’s preferences is overlooked.

Another mother simply want to keep her little one in the swing because he sleeps longer in there. And upon asking her Pediatrician about leaving her child in the swing all night, her actions were confirmed.

However, the fear of this mother would be for the child to crawl out. This is what you want to watch out for. At this stage, the bones are still flexible. However, you must absolutely watch out for when you child is strong enough to escape from the swing so that you can make a full transition to the crib.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics 2011 Guidelines, it is not safe to allow your baby sleep in the for extensive periods of time especially if the baby is under no supervision by you.

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) concludes that sitting up for long periods (such as sleeping overnight in the swing) can increase your child’s risk to SIDs.

The guideline only recommended short periods of supervised swinging during the day. This does not mean that baby swings are unsafe. They can be God sent to many mothers, especially those that are very busy or if the baby is fussy in the early weeks (link to reflux article).

Other Mothers on the question “Can Baby Sleep in Swing All Night?”

Another mother, Sara Bobkin, gives her advice:

My daughter napped in her swing until she was 8 months old. I fought it in the beginning bc I didn’t want her to be ‘spoiled’ by it. …I gradually reduced the speed and once she was sleeping in a non moving swing for a couple weeks into the crib she went. She slept through the night from 4.5 months (sporadically before then but then we hit the 4 month regression) and we haven’t looked back. Naps took longer but now she sleeps in her crib like a champ. I understand the AAP warnings and the supposed SIDS risk but it worked for us and i will probably do the same with my next child. I firmly believe now when they are ready for the crib ill know and it will be relatively easy to make the transition. Hopefully the next one liked the swing!!

It can be clear from the above that the recommendations and advice from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatricians) should be properly understood. And this is a mother, Sarah, that not only put their recommendations in mind but also tried to understand her child before settling on her final decision.

Consequently, you should not take all the advice from here — or elsewhere — without first consulting your baby before finally settling on a decision. When you know your child’s preferences, you will be able to make a decision that falls in the interest of you and your child.

Final Words on “Can Baby Sleep in Swing All Night?”

And another mother who understands her baby will say:

Mine sleeps in her swing all night. I do not wake her!! Normally she will sleep 6-8 hours. Every so often she will sleep 9 hours and last night she slept 10! If she sleeps 6-8 hours then after eating she will sleep another 1-3 hours in which we will put her in her crib. After sleeping a long time she won’t sleep more than 3 hours whether she’s in her swing or crib. But I’m scared to try having her in her crib for the initial sleep because she never slept more than 2-3 until we put her in her swing. I think I will try the crib after 3 months to see how it goes. But that’s in a couple weeks! So I’ll see if I’m ready to try by then.

This shows that the baby can be safe as long as you understand your baby preferences and how baby swing works. I hope this article has answered the question, can baby sleep in swing all night?

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