What Do Your Children Want? Give Them These Six Things

What do your children want? Do you know them?

Most parents simply complain they don’t understand what their children want. Sometimes, you can’t really be a good parent by just reading books on the subject. You may have to experience things yourself. And one of the best way of learning this is to follow the guidelines of previous generations of parents.

How do they teach their children? How do they train you? Most of these things can’t be found in the leaves of a book. However, with experience and word of mouth and painstaking research, we have come up with some ideas that will help you not only learn how to train and teach your children but also how to help them grow well.

When you are through with reading this article, you should have one or two things that you can do to help your baby develop good relations with you.

Experience is the best teacher

These ideas have been proven to help with parenting. When parents asked about how to train their children effectively, they almost always get the same answers to these questions, regardless of their background or country.

Although family environment of children are different and the family structure is not the same, majority of the items here cut across borders. If you are a mother, you should pay particular attention to these things since you are closer to the child. But if you are a father, then please pass this on to your wife so she can learn one or two things.

1. Tell Your Child a Story

Do not miss the beauty of telling your child a story every night. Don’t allow them to go to sleep without enjoy a personal story period with you. You don’t have to make a story on your own. There are many publications that comes with lots of children stories that you can purchase and read from every night.

There are many advantages to doing this. With this, you can teach your child morals, build up their self-esteem, how to understand and respect elders, help them better understand this world, allow them to learn the history of the world, and most importantly, the story of your own ancestors. Also, doing this every night will develop  a strong relation between you and your little one. At the same time, he/she will feel loved and be closer to you.

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2. Don’t Forget The Intimate Expression

A little kiss or peck on the chin will go a long way in cementing your love in your baby’s heart. Let your child hug you too or even kiss you. There is no way words can describe the kind of deep feelings your little one will develop for you when you engage in this regularly.

One of the factors that ensures that the younger ones respect and even be closer to them is how they are treated. If you treat them in a way that they feel loved, then your parenting woes will be completely eliminated or reduce to the nearest minimum.

If you look at the stories of those who commit suicides in various places, you will discover that they often feel lonely or unloved moments before committing the atrocious act. This can be prevented greatly if those who are around them show them some love.

3. Treat Your Child Fairly

Often times, we forget the rights these youngsters have on us. We give them little time. And we even find it difficult to listen to them when they are trying to fill our time with their mind.

One thing I will advice you to do is to try as much as possible to give time to your children. If you spend several hours working, don’t you think you should spend more time playing, discussing, accompanying, and talking with your child?

Most time, you don’t have to do more than to adopt some psychological patterns to create a deep love between you and your little. Let your child be free with you. Let it enjoy quality time with you when you are not working. This will help you better understand your child and your child will understand you better in return.

4. Be Happy Together

what do your children want

You will be surprised how many parents have ruined their lives of their little ones because of the way the relate with them.

No matter how bad I’m feeling in a day, I don’t show these to the youngsters.

Even if you are pissed off from work, you don’t have to let your child know.

When you meet, smile and have a hearty discussion about what goes on in the outside world. Let your children know that you are happy to be back home with them.

Show your child that you are genuinely interested in their things, such as toys and good television programs.

Accompany your tot to the playing ground and play together. Let your children feel you are into them and that you pay full attention to them when you are around them.

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5. Plan Your Trips Together

It is a disservice to your children if you do everything at their back. Even if you don’t plan on implementing things they tell you to do or how you should plan, you should still ask them to come discuss and plan about your next trip.

From here, they can tell you what they will like to see, where they would like to go and probably ask you things that they will do when you land. Weekend trips, holiday or vacation trips should excite your children. So giving them the opportunity to talk about it and plan together will give them more confidence.

6. Spare Some Time

Even if you are usually busy with work, you can write note to your children. When they read your message, they will feel your love, even if you are not with them at the moment. By just reading your message, your child can feel your presence. And they will even understand that you are always with them whenever you are away.

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Final Words on What Do Children Want

There are many other tips, ways, techniques that you can use to develop a strong relationship between you and your children. We have selected some of the most important ones and we have tried to explain as succinctly as possible. Parenting is not only about buying abundant of toys and objects for your children. It is about creating a strong link with your children.

When done correctly, it will soften your children’s heart for you and with this, you will be able to train them easily. Therefore asking yourself, “What do your children want” and providing relevant answers will benefit both you and your children.






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